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Slip Softly Past Sad Memory
Blue Star

© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

By Carl Martin Johnson

I saw a blue star in the sky,
Beaming azure light.
I think it was an angel’s eye
Seeking to do good in the night.

I waved to it and sent a prayer
In hopes that it might see me.
Would take pity from way up there
And from my sorrow free me.

I sensed the kind star’s gaze,
Its warmth burning deep within.
Blue fire set my soul ablaze.
I felt the joy begin.

I thanked the gracious star
And the angel it revealed.
My soul bore sadness’ scar,
But the wound itself was healed.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Lean against me, friend.
I’ll make your troubles mine.
I’m with you ‘til the end.
I’ll have you feeling fine.

You will never be alone..
I am always by your side.
By all I will be known
As your guardian and your guide.

I will soothe away your pain.
I’ll fill your heart with cheer.
In the sun and in the rain,
You will always find me near.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I crossed a path in the wildwood.
It ran faint among the trees.
I’d not trod it since my childhood,
But I picked it up with ease.

Where it led I could not recall.
Yet the sight filled me with cheer.
The memory all in all
Made me think that joy was near.

So I followed anticipating
The treasure I’d discover.
My heart was celebrating
As if approaching a past lover.

I trekked all through the day,
Until the path was done.
Then found to my dismay
I was back where I’d begun.

If happiness I would find,
It seems a new track must be tread.
I must leave old paths behind,
And break new trails instead.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Won’t you tell me where I’m going?
I think I’ve lost my way.
Wherever the wind is blowing
I trek from day to day.

My heart needs a goal
For my time here on this earth.
That’s why I have a soul,
Why my mother gave me birth.

There’s a lack that I must fill,
An unknown I’m pursuing.
I’ll wander aimlessly until
I know clearly what I’m doing.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I will hold the lightning.
I will still the thunder.
You will never find life frightening,
Though storm clouds we walk under.

My cloak will stop the rain.
My strong arms will warm you.
You will feel no pain.
I’ll let nothing harm you.

Bravely face the day.
I will make you strong.
The dragon we will slay,
And the world will sing your song.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Come in from the cold.
It’s warm inside my heart.
I have love untold,
And I offer you a part.

I’ll make your spirit glow,
Bring a bright smile to your face,
Let your body know
The zeal of my embrace.

Should you wish to stay,
I will welcome you forever,
Pray you’ll never go away,
And I will leave you never.


By Carl Martin Johnson

This life crosses to the next.
There is no death in dying.
Let not your soul be vexed.
The end is satisfying.

The open gate will close.
Only once will you go through.
Each of us born of woman knows,
One day the toll comes due.

But live life as if immortal.
Death is passage, nothing more,
All men must pass the portal.
Do not fear the door.
By Carl Martin Johnson

I saw you kill my brother; I slew your only son.
We were enemies for years,
Now the bloody war is done,
And the widows shed their tears.

Which side had the right,
Perhaps history will show.
Was it worth the bloody fight?
I think we’ll never know.

Let us pray that we have learned
Few wars are worth the winning.
Carnage in battles earned
Between brothers is mass sinning.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Sing life up to the sky.
Let your heart be glad.
Live well before you die.
Don’t waste time being sad.

May your tears be rare,
Unless they be tears of joy.
And your happy smile a prayer
That nothing can destroy.

By Carl Martin Johnson

I saw a soul who’d lost his way.
He was quite distressed.
To me he said “Oh, help me, pray!
Am I damned or blessed?”

In truth, I could not tell.
There was no indication
If he belonged in the fire of Hell
Or with Heaven’s celebration.

He said “I was never really bad,
Too lazy to be a sinner,
Not a truly evil cad,
Just a weak beginner.”

“Yet I was not much of a saint.
My acts were rarely good.
Guess I showed too much restraint
In doing what I should.”

I said “Friend, I can’t advise.
Nor in Heaven nor Hell you’re wanted.
Take a word, though, from the wise:
Find a house that’s not yet haunted.”

As he vanished slow into the night.
His quandary made me cry.
To have no harbor did not seem right.
It was hard enough to die.

I wondered if this was a sign,
A portent of things to be.
The ghost’s bland life was close to mine.
Poor soul was just like me.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Take care to speak with kindness.
The world has too much hate.
We can injure with our blindness,
And the damage can be great.

If your words cut like a knife,
Take heed the wound’s not deep.
They may not take a life,
Yet the hurtful scar will keep.

Rather use them like a kiss,
To relieve another’s pain,
And spread the soothing bliss
That loving words contain.




By Carl Martin Johnson

In Mankind’s mind a great fire rages,
A conflagration of worst fear.
The flames have roared throughout the ages,
A burning pain of fate unclear.

How cruel to know we die,
Though we hope our souls live on.
Will God hear our cry,
Or will we just be gone?

Is there purpose to our lives?
Will we evolve and grow?
Is our species one that thrives?
How are we to know?

We must search God’s mind.
Enjoin Him to reveal.
If we seek, then we will find
Answers human minds conceal.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Slip softly past my doorway,
Sad memory from my past.
You are just one more way
I find my soul harassed.

I’ll fend off your attack
With remembrances of joy.
Your sorrow they’ll fight back
With thoughts you can’t destroy.

My smile will be my shield.
My sword a happy song.
To sadness I’ll not yield.
My cheerful heart’s too strong.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I feel Life’s gentle kiss
Each morning when dawn wakes me.
I rise quickly to never miss
A moment where the new day takes me.

Each instant I am living
Is one that I hold dear,
Grateful for what life’s giving
As my end in time draws near.

When day fades into night,
Then my dreaming takes me.
‘Til the new sun rises bright,
And again life’s kiss awakes me.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Fear not a person’s angry face.
He may only be sad.
Were you to take that man’s place,
You too might feel bad.

Meet his dark frown with a smile.
Show sympathy, not scorn.
Perhaps in just a little while
A friendship will be born.


By Carl Martin Johnson

He did not lift his gaze
When he passed me on the street.
I stared in shocked surprised.
His face was worn and beat.

Years back he’d been my friend.
We were never much apart.
Friendships sometimes end.
Yet, his sad face broke my heart.

At first I thought to greet him.
Perhaps offer a meal.
But shame would surely eat him.
I knew how I would feel.

So I let him walk on by,
While I turned to watch him go.
Did he live or did he die?
I guess I’ll never know.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The moonlit desert holds me,
Whispers secrets in my ear.
Its vast arms enfold me,
Calming all my fear.

Its beauty begs me stay,
To lie here and admire,
But soon will come the day,
With the sun and its hot fire.

I will come back in the night
When the desert rocks are cool,
And the moon’s white liquid light
Makes the desert floor a pool.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Tell me Winter’s over.
Tell me Springtime has begun.
I long to smell fresh clover.
To have the cold wind done.

I knew the Ice Maid’s beauty,
Let her white cold chill my heart.
I have done my duty,
Now I yearn for us to part.

I long for days that warm,
A sun that’s shining bright,
Even a summer storm
That tears apart the night.

I accept the cold months’ frost.
It’s a price I have to pay.
Yet I find it a small cost
For the joy of a Spring day.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Starlight sparkled in her eyes
When she held me with her gaze.
Every kiss was a surprise
That stoked love’s fiery blaze.

We thought love would never end.
Our passion was so strong.
She was my lover and my friend.
Nothing could go wrong.

Along the way the flame grew dim.
It flickered, then it died.
The great love we all seek
Could not be satisfied.

I pray our love returns,
And again our hearts are one,
That our passion once more burns
Before our life is done.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Be still and feel Life’s flow.
Let its current sweep you on.
Close your eyes and know
Where you’re going and have gone.

Fly high on your soul’s wings.
Make your being soar,
Until your spirit sings,
‘Til you knock on Heaven’s door.

By Carl Martin Johnson

I walked down a quiet street,
One I had walked before,
Praying soft that I would meet
The man I was no more.

I longed to see my youthful face,
The smile that made it shine,
When in my eyes burned the fire of grace
Borrowed brief from the Divine.

Fine ideals then ruled my heart.
Virtue ruled my soul,
Before I made cold guile an art,
And gave my lust control.
By Carl Martin Johnson

Slip into my shadow.
We’ll leave this world behind.
You will not be sad though.
A better world we’ll find.

In the light of our new sun,
My shadow will be gone.
No more need to run.
All day will be dawn.
By Carl Martin Johnson

Speak loud into the dark.
Let your words awake the light.
Let the brilliance of their spark
Set ablaze the black of night.

Choose your words with care.
Their wisdom is the fuel.
Kind thoughts let them share,
Nothing barbarous or cruel.

As the flames burn high
Let sweet verses feed them,
Because you and I
And all God’s children need them.


By Carl Martin Johnson

An angel passed my way today.
I saw his shadow on the wall.
He was busy and could not stay.
So he ignored my call.

I knew he must be occupied,
No time at all to chat.
Or his shadow he’d have thought to hide.
I’m very sure of that.

Perhaps he’d pass another time.
I’d treasure his opinion,
On the value of my rhyme
In the heavenly dominion.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Is that Life’s music playing?
Shall we dance before it ends?
The orchestra won’t be staying,
So we must hurry, my good friends.

Though we each hear a different tune,
All together we’ll step and sway.
The ball will be over soon,
So let us dance today.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Reach back beyond life memory.
Reach back beyond your birth.
Reach back as far as your soul can see
Before you emerged on earth.

Tell me what your mind beholds,
What is spread in front of you.
As another world unfolds,
What comes into view.

You may find the answer there
To who you are and why.
Then go farther, if you dare,
And look God in the eye.

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