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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

This November
Hollywood Lights

By Carl Martin Johnson

Some nights the lights would blind her,
Along the Sunset Strip.
Then she’d pray her mind would find her
Before she was swept up in insanity’s trip.

She still had her knockout face.
Her body drove men wild.
But she’d lost much of the grace
She’d had since she was a child.

Her lover had moved on
Hurt deep by her faithless ways.
She missed the love that was gone.
Not at night, but in the days.

Now she woke up with strange men.
Didn’t bother with their names.
Real love would not come again.
She was only playing games.

She would never be a star.
When not high she would admit it.
Each lustful sin would scar,
But to forget she would commit it.

Day by day she’d age.
‘Til one day she’d be alone.
Loneliness would be the wage
She’d earn for the life she’d known.

In early dawns she’d sit and cry,
Soul bleeding from Fate’s sharp bites.
She wanted to curl up and die
Beneath the glare of Hollywood lights.




By Carl Martin Johnson


I first saw you in a dream,
Or maybe the dream is now.
I spied you briefly in a stray moonbeam.
No more would you allow.


I saw the starlight in your eyes.
I heard nightbirds sing your praise.
Your fragrance perfumed black silk skies
And blossomed through the days.


Am I sleeping? Am I waking?
Both my lives you fill.
Every breath that I am taking
Is a prayer you always will.




By Carl Martin Johnson


She walked silent in the dawn.
Silver mist flowed ‘round her feet,
And rose up an ethereal swan,
Ghostly guardian discreet.


Her eyes looked neither left nor right,
But someplace far ahead.
She emerged like a specter from the night.
Yet she was alive, not dead.


In the new sun she was fading.
Her blue eyes growing pale.
Corporeal for spirit trading.
Soon a vanished tale.


He swore he would come again.
He was desperate to meet her.
She was in life what might have been.
He would not this time mistreat her.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I’ve found Heaven’s portal.
It is not up in the skies.
At least for this poor mortal,
The path lies through your eyes.

I see Paradise in their smile.
Lights of love within.
Let me gaze inside awhile,
If adoration not be sin.

So my darling, I implore you.
Never close the door.
I have great passion for you,
But in your eyes shines something more



By Carl Martin Johnson

Scratch me tigress! Claw!
Let your nails dig in.
Make our lovemaking raw.
Put great passion in our sin.

Mark my chest with trails deep red.
Brand me as your man.
Create a jungle of our mating bed
As only a tigress can.

Sink your fangs into my flesh
Until I writhe with passion’s pain.
Send my blood run hot and fresh
Then no inhibitions will remain.

With your strong legs wrap me.
Bend me to your lustful will.
With your panther’s heat entrap me.
Use me up, but do not kill.

When you have left me spent,
I will roar and rise again.
The magic of your scent
Makes a lion out of men.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Take my breath away.
Make my still heart beat.
Kiss the night to day.
No fruit grows so sweet.

In your eyes I see forever.
We can go there if we try.
Beyond the twelfth of never
With angels we will fly.

The thrill of our uniting,
The feel of flesh on skin,
Ardor so inviting.
Let our dance begin.

We will breathless lie
Spent from passion’s celebration.
Only you and I
At the center of Creation.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She was a lady… could see.
Men near bowed as she walked past.
If she had bothered to look at me,
I would have been caught in the spell she cast.


I had seen her there before.
I had hoped she’d come again,
So I could feast on her once more.
To only look was not a sin.


The Zocalo was packed.
Men stood still to see her.
Any male she would attract.
Any woman would want to be her.


Her dark eyes were flashing bright.
I would have loved to see her mind.
Had she come from a lovers’ fight?
Would it be passionate thoughts I’d find?


Her full, moist lips were parted.
Her teeth were glistening white.
She’d left many broken-hearted
Under the stars of a Mexican night.


Was she stopping…was she turning?
Was she coming back for me?
Did she feel my ardor burning?
Was it something she could see?


Then she halted and looked ‘round.
My God! I’d caught her eye!
No…she was looking for a sound
Coming from another guy.


When I saw her smiling face.
The brown eyes’ loving beam,
I knew I’d have no embrace,
But I would always have my dream.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I am a woman of the night.
I give the lonely pleasure.
I make sad hearts bright,
In exchange for a bit of treasure.

Every sunrise I’m alone,
No strong arms to hold me.
I’ll end my days alone,
Just like my mother told me.

What I do gives me no shame,
Though it’s a path I didn’t choose.
I dreamed of wealth and fame.
That is a dream that many lose.

In this life I’ve found my place,
And I do the best I can.
I take pride in the warm embrace
I wrap ‘round a needy man.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She turned to look behind her,
Knowing I would follow.
Confident I could find her.
I had no pride I wouldn’t swallow.

Her husband must never know.
She had no plans to leave him.
Nor would she let me go.
Instead continue to deceive him.

She had seduced me first.
I was easy prey.
My eyes betrayed my thirst.
She was certain I would stray.

Perhaps risk added spice,
Excitement to our tryst.
Something tasty to our vice,
That otherwise we missed.

She was in control.
I was her willing slave.
True, she owned my soul,
But she had the charms I crave.

Now I lie here at her side,
Feeling my passion wane.
Wondering why we still must hide,
Refugees from our lust’s pain.


By Carl Martin Johnson

This November love is here.
It came with the Fall.
Someone holds me very dear,
Wants me most of all.

This November won’t be cold.
Her arms will keep me warm.
We’ll watch the leaves turn into gold,
The autumn world transform.

This November I will taste
The first snowflake that falls.
Nor sight nor sound will go to waste.
I’ll hear every bird that calls.

This November I’ll breathe cool air,
Savoring the crisp clean smell.
I’ll embrace what’s living everywhere,
Largest oak to smallest cell.

This November I will cry.
But the tears will be of joy.
For I’m a soldier who did not die.
A man war did not destroy.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Rock me! Rock me!
Hold me in your arms.
Go ahead and shock me.
Melt me by your charms.

I will light your passion’s fire.
Together we will flame,
Sending our love pyre higher,
No inhibition and no shame.

Rock me! Rock me!
Let’s give each other pleasure.
In your smooth legs lock me.
These nights will be our treasure.




By Carl Martin Johnson


Deliver me from evil.
But not from carnal sin.
Let me keep pleasure primaeval
Until old age sets in.


Flesh holds me willing slave.
I love the joy it’s bringing.
Its fruits are those I crave.
Sweet music to my soul’s singing.


I ask only that my sin
Inflict no pain or sadness.
And that every day begin
With a cheery form of madness.


My debaucheries and my trysts
Are sacraments to me.
As I add each new vice to my lists,
More of my spirit dances free.




By Carl Martin Johnson


I knew that you would leave me.
I knew that you would go.
I knew how it would grieve me.
Yet, I loved you so.


I held you in my arms,
Praying you would stay.
Treasuring your charms.
Fearing your loss one day.


Then I felt you going,
In the beating of your heart.
The pain that I was knowing
Tore my soul apart.


I am trying to be brave,
Now you’re really gone.
I wait here by your grave
For strength to carry on.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Seeing you here has fanned the ember
In the cold ashes of my desire.
Sparking me to remember
We once had a blazing fire.

I recall your delicious flesh,
The taste of secret parts.
The feeling, again fresh,
Of love roaring in young hearts.

I see from your own gaze
That you’re remembering, too.
That you miss those fiery days
When I made hot love to you.

Let us seek to be alone
Before this day is done.
Rekindle the flame we’ve known
And our fervor be rewon.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Hide here in my heart with me.
I’ll make room for you.
Here is where love came to be.
Here is where it grew.

We can’t let people find us.
They will see how much we care.
Our passion often blinds us
When we are unaware.

We only have to touch
To be obvious in our ardor.
The attraction is too much.
Keeping secret’s getting harder.

Our eager flames we hide,
Embers fanned by our embraces.
We shelter the heat inside.
Cool the warmth from eager faces.

In my heart we can be free
To let our lovelust roar.
There is only you and me
Behind my heart’s closed door.





By Carl Martin Johnson

All alone at the end of the dance.
By myself when the others have gone.
Wondering if I let slip my chance.
Wondering if I should really go on.


Gifted moments I let pass by
Of love, sweet, faithful and true.
Now I stand here and cry
Regretting what I can’t undo.


Sparkling eyes and wide open hearts,
Whispers beneath the moon.
Doing nothing as my lover departs.
To real feeling I’ve been immune.


I could turn out the lights and leave.
Or perhaps I could try again.
I could sit on the dance floor and grieve,
Or listen to new music begin.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I hunger for your flesh,
The taste, the smell, the feel.
Your memory is fresh,
But I need you real.


Your valleys and your hills
Are such sensuous landscape,
The sight of you brings thrills.
My mouth follows every shape.


When you stand here before me,
I must surrender to your charms.
The passion we are seeking
Is found hot in each other’s arms.


Our bodies, moist and pressing,
Ardor’s noises we are making.
With all Heaven’s blessing,
Great pleasure we are taking.


Feel my tongue caress your ear
Telling poems of lust for you.
How much I hold you dear,
And wondrous things that we will do.


When at last we’re spent,
Together we will lie.
Covered in rich lovers’ scent
‘Til life’s urge again comes by.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Talk to me in riddles.
Talk to me in rhymes.
While the drunken fiddler fiddles,
We’ll commit all lovers’ crimes.

Whisper secrets low,
So no one else can hear.
Only you and I will know
What we hold truly dear.

Seduce me with your eyes.
No words can say as much.
No need for lover’s cries.
I far prefer your touch.

Let your body sing.
Vibrate naked against mine.
Our souls in tune will ring
In harmony divine.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Her candle burned but brief,
Yet glowed golden comet bright.
Death snuck up like a thief,
Turning her day to night.

But the light she shared stayed on,
Leaving loving warmth behind.
Memory of her life like dawn,
Rising often in my mind.

A life’s length is not its worth,
Nor is age alone a treasure.
What a person’s done on earth
Adds up to their measure.

The unselfish aid they’ve spread,
The kindness that they gave,
Saves them being to us dead,
And stands monument over their grave.

I still see her smile
On every happy face.
I pray that in a while
I’ll again feel her embrace.


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