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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

Spirit Kiss
Lifetimes Ago

By Carl Martin Johnson


Don’t leave me here heartbroken.
Kiss me before you go.
Let us part with sweet words spoken,
As we did lifetimes ago.


We loved and lost back then,
In times far in the past.
Once more we’re what we’d been.
Seems what we grow can’t last.


But afresh our love will burn.
In each life the flame sprouts stronger.
I pray that we will learn
To make the glow last longer.


We will go on forever.
Love will one day be true.
Until the twelfth of never,
I won’t stop wanting you.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Your fingers traced my lips,
Feeling for a loving word,
For a sensuous verb that drips,
One you taste before it’s heard.

A drop of passion fell,
Cupped nectar in your palm.
It would my passion tell,
Soft spoken erotic balm.

You gently touched my tongue.
Your sweetness I could savor.
Your body, fresh and young,
Through fingertips spread flavor.

You found poetry in my sigh.
My breath carried a sonnet.
You sense it if you try.
My heart flows out upon it.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Darling, go your own way.
With a sad heart I’ll go mine.
Let’s make this the last day
We share sweet lovers’ wine.

We had affection deep,
If not the eternal kind.
Now let our romance sleep,
So real love we can find.

We mated hard in heat,
With passion that made us scream,
As we let, burning, our skin meet
In a wild erotic dream.

Left to wonder where it went
When the fervor passed,
Orgasmed and content.
We should have known it could not last.




By Carl Martin Johnson

The sad-eyed hooker walks the streets.
She never sees the sun.
She hopes with every john she meets
That he might be the one.

She’s a princess in her fantasies,
Clean and sweetly pure,
With a knight who only wants to please
And make her feel secure.

Leaning against a post to rest,
She lights a cigarette.
She vows not to get depressed.
Life is not finished yet.

He was coming, she just knew.
Her knight was on his way.
‘Til then all that she could do
Was survive another day.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I am lonely, but I smile.
To help disguise my sadness.
If only for a while,
It drives off the madness.

Perhaps a happy face,
False though it may be,
Will lead me to a place
Where I’ll find solitude’s key.

Somewhere along the way
I pray there’s someone waiting.
If I find her I will stay
And spend life celebrating.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Heat is coursing through me.
Heating body. Heating soul.
What it will do to me
Is out of my control.

I am sizzling with Life’s fire,
Melting inhibitions.
Refining my desire
To love without contrition.

I see flames I cannot feel.
They are bright but do not burn.
Made of spirit, yet still real.
From where they lead I can’t return.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I touch you in the morning,
Soft, before you wake.
Caresses with no warning,
For gentle passion’s sake.

Each breast a soft pink mound,
Rose petal textured skin.
Loving hillocks crowned
Where my searching lips have been.

I watch my fingers trace
Over every vale and hill.
From thighs to lovely face,
Working with erotic skill.

Should I rouse your desire,
Your smile will tell me so.
Then I will light your fire,
Set all of you aglow.

But if you stay in dreams,
My touch will carry on
Until your beauty beams
In the first rays of the dawn.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Don’t you say, never say.
Keep the lie as true.
I’ll trust you anyway.
I’ll pretend I never knew.

I will make my eyes deceive me,
When he holds you in embrace.
I would not have you leave me.
I’ll endure any disgrace.

What worth truth if it bring sadness,
If only a source of sorrow.
Shall I let it cause me madness,
Or close my eyes until tomorrow.

Then truth may be my friend,
May show me that you care.
Then no more must I pretend
That I don’t see what is there.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She called me from a star.
Life form unlike my own.
No matter what we are,
It’s love that sits the throne.

I know that we will meet.
Will intermix our genes.
To make a life complete,
That from the old breast weans.

He will be a being new
Of our two worlds’ creation.
Many wonders he will do.
And be Mankind’s salvation.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Whisper me awake
In the morning when you rise.
Let the first breath that I take
Find me deep into your eyes.

I want you naked in dawn’s light,
Aglow in rosy beams.
A feast for starving sight,
Hungry from night’s love dreams.

My soft touches will reply,
Caress you into bliss.
I will make you moan and sigh.
I will devour your passion’s kiss.

My lips will worship you complete.
You will know my full devotion.
Our bodies together sweet.
Sailing forth on Eros’ ocean.



By Carl Martin Johnson

The ghost comes in the silence to me
At night when I am dreaming.
Her soft touch sets my sad heart free
To ride the moonlight’s streaming.

Her full lips are nectar sweet.
Paradise shines from her eyes.
My body and her spirit meet,
And the cosmos hears our cries.

In my night world she is real,
But gone when I awake.
Yet her presence I still feel
With every breath I take.

One night my sleep will last.
Then she’ll be forever mine.
I will hold her beauty fast
Within our ghostly shrine.



By Carl Martin Johnson

A spirit kissed me on the cheek.
I felt but did not see.
Perhaps she sensed my mood was bleak
And sought to uplift me.

I admit it gave me cheer.
My frown became a smile.
I held that spirit dear,
And begged her stay awhile.

I could taste the scent of Spring.
Wildflowers in the field.
I was brushed by soft-fluttered wing,
Whose wearer was concealed.

Into the night sky long I stared,
Wondering at things unseen.
Admiring brave ghosts who dared
Break past their dimension’s screen.

Now when I’m melancholy
The spirit comes to my side.
She always makes me jolly,
My darling ghostly bride.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Share the sparkle in your eyes.
Shower happiness around.
Let the world see sunny skies.
Feel the joy that you have found.

Inside you burns a light.
Gloomy darkness its glow scatters.
While your cheery soul fuels it bright
To illuminate what matters.

I am grateful that you love me,
And I know your love is true.
God in Heaven above me
Has blessed my life with you.

You lend existence worth.
You make the cosmos smile.
Angels sang at your birth.
Now you make each day worthwhile.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Will I still be wanted
When she sees my tattered face?
Will her mind instead be haunted
By the disfigurement in its place?

She adored my handsome chin.
To her I was a star.
Today the face she’ll see me in
Is monstrous and bizarre.

Yet my heart is still the same,
If hidden deep inside.
Though mirrors stare back in shame,
Dissolving all my pride.

Now she’s standing at my door
With sparkle in her eyes.
They say my beauty is no more,
But her love never dies.




By Carl Martin Johnson

You can ride me if you tame me,
If you break me to the bit.
Then, darling, come and claim me,
If you’re a lover with some grit.

It is true that I am wild.
To the saddle yet unbroken.
Yet I can be beguiled
If love’s magic words are spoken.

Only then may you mount me.
At a gallop we will ride.
In your remuda count me.
I will carry you with pride.

A wild horse will want riding,
If the rider loves the steed.
The bronco will take guiding
If you fill the mustang’s need.



By Carl Martin Johnson

She smiled as she passed by,
Putting my sad heart in danger.
Coquettish twinkle in her eye,
Making a slave of every stranger.

I stood frozen in my awe.
Her beauty paralyzed me.
Face and body without flaw,
Her notice had surprised me.

My heart leapt when she turned.
Her glance gave me new life.
With pure hot love I burned.
Thank God, she’s now my wife.



By Carl Martin Johnson

She died before her song was played.
It was her kind of dance.
I think she would have rather stayed,
If she’d only had the chance.

It was surely not the first song
Praising her sweet being.
Her time on our stage was not long,
But a performance well worth seeing.

She didn’t live to hear a note
Of this piece written for her.
But I pray she knows it was I who wrote,
And that I still adore her.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I hold you in my heart,
Though you will never know it.
We’ll forever be apart.
But my eyes will show it.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Sometimes I feel so damned alone,
Just the universe and I.
Tossed into existence on my own,
No one to see me cry.

My fellow humans stand apart.
They cannot reach inside.
No one there to warm my heart.
No tenderness to abide.

I share no life with those I hold.
No passion, only lust.
My loins afire quickly grow cold
With ejaculation’s thrust.

Why can’t my heart find more?
Why can’t my soul unite?
Will I find real love’s door,
Or is loneliness my plight?



By Carl Martin Johnson

Lonely days are gone.
I’ve put them all behind me.
I’ll just smile and carry on.
I know that love will find me.

Someone like me is waiting
For two souls to be one.
For a world we’ll be creating
With no darkness, only sun.

Soon she will be here.
Each day will be worth living.
Our lives will be held dear
For the love we both are giving.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Come lie with me black cat.
Let me hear you purr.
I will whisper to you that
You remind me of her.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Take new strength from your sadness.
One day it will go.
Don’t let it turn to madness,
Rather add to what you know.

It’s a trial sent to test you.
Overcome it and you’ve won.
Stand firm…don’t let it best you.
Cry once and then be done.

Chew it up and swallow.
Down bravely every bite.
Fill your heart where hollow
With fuel for Life’s fight.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Is that a falling tear I see
In the corner of your eye?
My friend, won’t you look at me?
What has made you cry?

If you’re lonely, I am here.
If hungry, I will feed you.
You are held most dear.
You must know how I need you.

Fear nothing in the night.
I’ll chase all harm away.
Every monster I will fight.
Every dragon I will slay.

But if the tear is one of joy
Let it stay and glow.
Would be a pity to destroy
A glad heart’s happy show.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Kiss me beneath the autumn moon,
Round butter in the sky.
Winter will be coming soon.
The days are slipping by.

You and I are growing old,
Yet young when we two kiss,
In Spring’s fresh breeze or Winter’s cold,
Or on an Autumn night like this.


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