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Diana's Bed
Swallowing Sunshine

By Carl Martin Johnson


This morning I swallowed sunshine whole.
I was hungry for its light.
The breakfast filled my fasting soul,
And made my spirits bright.


I love the way it feels
As I digest it with my heart.
It’s the very best of meals
To give the day a start.


All day I taste sun’s beams.
What a joyful flavor!
They spice up the day’s dreams,
So each morsel I can savor.


Now the sunlight’s wearing thin.
Night is falling soon.
I know I’ll be hungry again,
So I’ll take a bite of moon.




By Carl Martin Johnson


Lay your head upon my chest.
We will brave the world together.
First though, dear, you rest.
We may face stormy weather.


But our strength we will unite.
Nothing can beat us both.
We are a team in Being’s fight.
I give my solemn oath.


What can block our way,
Now our hearts are bound?
There’s no dragon we can’t slay
With this love we’ve found.


Press your ear down to my heartbeat.
Hear our wed hearts sound as one.
We two will never part, sweet.
All our battles will be won.




By Carl Martin Johnson


Just now I felt Life’s sting.
It slapped me full awake.
Made me focus everything
On the direction I should take.


In a whirlpool I’ve been swimming,
Closer to oblivion every minute.
Opportunity for relevance dimming,
Of grabbing Life and being in it.


But, this pain of realization
Is a hurt I’ll gladly bear,
In trade for the sweet sensation
That I have worth somewhere.




By Carl Martin Johnson


My words fall like melting snowflakes,
Dissolving fast on the empty sheet,
With the muffled sound a tear makes,
When fact and dream-wish meet.


They drain the sorrow from me,
Cleanse my weary heart,
Lest my deep wounds overcome me,
And tear my hopes apart.


Sometimes the words drip beauty,
When angels guide my pen.
I transcribe only as duty.
My share just a brief Amen.


But, I will keep on trying
Until my efforts grow in worth,
Distilling rage from my weak crying,
Giving value to my birth.




By Carl Martin Johnson


Zarathustra is my name.
I have heard God’s voice.
He has shown me Wisdom’s flame,
Between Truth and Lies a choice.


There is balance to the world.
Good and evil both a part.
Around each other curled,
Vying for Man’s heart.


Every thought I think that’s good,
Every act of mine that’s kind,
Helps Truth be understood,
Moves me closer to God’s Mind.


Old gods will punish me they say.
There will be no place to hide me.
But I will not run away.
I will trust the God inside me.




By Carl Martin Johnson


Great behemoth, ride the storm!
Spit lightning from your eyes.
Inflict most grievous harm,
Nor heed the widows’ cries.


Send my enemies to their death.
Drive their craven spirits fleeing.
Set them afire with your hot breath,
So they curse their very being.


We warriors below embrace you,
Great flying Dog of War.
The cowards will not face you,
Knowing the Fist of God you are.


Drive them to me through the sand.
Tear them with bullet-fangs of steel.
When they near me, I will stand,
And my own teeth they will feel.




By Carl Martin Johnson


I am the last man left,
But I am not a man who’s bending.
No terror, not bereft.
I’ll have a manly ending.


Of my brothers, none remain.
All are dead or dying.
My warcry drowns my pain.
I will not leave life crying.


Here they come again.
They will kill me if they can.
Yet, one man with heart can win.
And I am, indeed, that man.




By Carl Martin Johnson


A cloud rolled over me as I slept.
But it was not a cloud of sorrow.
It was there to soothe a soul that wept,
Promising sunshine on the morrow.


It stroked me gently with angel floss,
Soaked up my tears of heartbreak.
Bandaged the great wound of my loss.
Gave me strength to conquer my soul’s ache.


I could not recall my lover’s face.
Her beauty faded in the mist.
No hurt from memory of her embrace,
Or pain from when we kissed.


When I awoke the cloud was gone.
It had stolen all my grief.
Spirited it off in the golden dawn.
The cloud a most welcome thief.




By Carl Martin Johnson


My eye caught a form flitting past,
The pale shadow of a ghost.
I turned, but it did not last,
So I did not see the shadow’s host.


I felt no unease.
I sensed it meant no ill.
It passed softly, flowered breeze,
Leaving only a lingering chill.


Did the specter want a friend?
Was it lonely for mortal kind?
Had it just met its physical end,
Unaccustomed to being only mind?


I hope it comes again,
With secrets it will share.
Like when does eternity begin,
And where.




By Carl Martin Johnson


The last time the Sun spoke to me
He held me in close embrace.
He said what he most liked to see
Was the smile on a human face.


I said he was the reason
We humans filled with cheer.
That his presence, whatever season,
Made us grin from ear to ear.


He replied: “That’s just a rumor.
And though it hurts my pride,
What makes mankind’s good humor
Comes from what they have inside.”


But he gave me a fresh sunbeam,
With several more to share.
Then left me to my daydream
In a morning clear and fair.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Once honor ruled our land.
Once brave men manned the gate.
We had virtue at command.
Now I hope it is not too late.

As a people we’ve grown weak
In our body and our soul.
Our country’s future will be bleak
Unless we retake control.

We need character to lead,
Strong brave hearts to fight.
Be willing, all, to bleed
For what we know is right.

We have seen our greatness fade,
Become ashamed to use our power.
Blood gifts forefathers made
Evaporate as we cower.

Their “sacred honor” our Founders swore.
We must keep their pledge
With our lives if that’s called for,
And by our warrior sword’s sharp edge.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Kiss me if you dare.
I promise you’ll want more.
Love’s spark will quickly flare.
Passion’s firestorm roar.


By Carl Martin Johnson


The sheets were wrinkled and wet
When I saw Diana’s bed last.
I have not forgotten yet,
Though many months have passed.


The pain cut like a knife
With my vision of her and a man.
That picture destroyed my life,
As only the betrayal of love can.


For long moments I stood shocked.
I could not scream or weep.
Then my memory blocked.
The hurt had driven too deep.


I ran in madness, dripping blood.
I remember running fast.
That I had killed I understood,
And that my life would not long last.


Even the badlands could not hide me.
Although for months I sheltered there.
My soul had died inside me.
My sin too hard to bear.


The sun burned out my eyes.
Left me to wander blind.
I saw only blood red skies.
And Diana’s bed in my crazed mind.


Now the hangman will set me free.
Snap my neck and leave me dead.
The last thing I will see
Is my sweet Diana’s bed.




By Carl Martin Johnson


By my hair he holds my head,
This callow, brazen boy.
Of him I had no dread.
He would do no more than annoy.


His elders would not face me.
Each cowered behind his shield.
They sent a child to chase me.
A baby to make me yield.


I grinned at his advance,
Watched him stoop to gather stones.
I could hardly aim my lance,
For the laughter that shook my bones.


Then a chill ran down my spine.
I saw cold fire in his eyes.
Could the coming death be mine?
Would I be the one who dies?


The rock flew from his sling
And laid me to the ground.
My neck felt the sharp sting
From my sword that he had found.


I know now I was wrong.
Some things could defeat me,
Such as a belief that’s strong,
And bravely sent to meet me.




By Carl Martin Johnson


Sometimes a dream we gain
Seems less than once was thought.
Hardly worth the pain
With which the dream was bought.


Though it was a fine temptation,
Thought worthy of pursuit.
Turned out not worth celebration.
Only unripened fruit.


Still, it’s good to have a lure,
Motivation to move ahead.
It helps us to endure.
Be alive until we’re dead.


So, a dreamer always be.
Let your dreams be part of you.
Keep searching and you’ll see
Some dreams at last come true.



By Carl Martin Johnson


Now at last I’m here.
I have been waiting long.
I’m ready to appear.
To move mankind along.


I’ve been a spirit floating free,
Awaiting a body to own.
One that well suited me,
That fit my style and tone.


Flesh to carry me to my next phase,
Let me think and grow.
Bones to support me many days
Of doing my best to know.


Humanity will be more Man.
I will be more Soul.
Growing together is the plan.
We’ll become a greater Whole.




By Carl Martin Johnson


I am the man who died for you
In every war our nation fought.
I’m the one who paid the price called due
For the freedom which was bought.


My brothers and I do not rest here,
Do not lie in a quiet grave.
But you can see our spark appear
In young warriors fighting brave.


Do not weep because we fell.
It was an honor so to die.
Only let your poets tell
What we did, and why.


Think of us when the bugles play
Every year at this day’s dawn.
And take care lest you betray
The freedom we have won.




By Carl Martin Johnson


Today I’ll find a word
That gets me to tomorrow.
A word as yet unheard
Which soothes my heavy sorrow.


I will sculpt it from a sunlit cloud
Floating past me in the sky.
It cannot be said aloud,
But you can feel it if you try.


First I will write a line,
Then paint a poem around it.
I will cherish this new word of mine.
I’ll be grateful that I found it.


Tomorrow I will hunt again.
With luck I’ll find another.
Perhaps where today’s has been,
I’ll come across its brother.


These words can have no letter,
Nor can they be ever spoken.
Yet there is nothing better
To heal a heart that’s broken.




By Carl Martin Johnson


Life kissed me on the lips just now.
She loves me, so she swore.
Even though she made that sacred vow,
I feel I need much more.


She’s been so close to leaving.
I’ve had to hold her tight.
Nearly left my lover grieving.
Nearly lost the fight.


She renews her promise every dawn
With the new sun’s golden rays.
That oath helps me to move on,
Helps me make it through the days.


At night Life’s soft dark kiss
Promises I will wake.
But should she be remiss,
I’ll be brave for my soul’s sake.




By Carl Martin Johnson


Listen to the wind blow.
Let it howl, let it scream.
Like a demon in his death throe.
Like mad Satan’s rabid dream.


Feel its awesome power,
Feel God’s angry breath.
Watch all nature cower
High clouds to ocean’s depth.


It sings of things immortal,
Of things beyond this world,
Of Eternity’s dark portal,
And galaxies it has whirled.


Leap onto the hurricane’s back.
Ride the wild horse to the sky.
Charge through mortality’s crack.
Knowing you will never die.




By Carl Martin Johnson


Night ghosts blow the clouds around.
Set the bright stars flying.
They race through trees with a wailing sound
Like folks are out there dying.


Touching gently as they pass,
They have no wish to hurt.
Whirling ‘round in a playful mass.
No more than an eerie flirt.


A smooth whisper of your name
Lets you know a spirit wants you.
Accept the courting specter’s flame.
It’s only his love that haunts you.


Lie quiet in the cool soft grass.
Rest your eyes on the moon above.
Watch the magic evening pass,
And absorb the night ghost’s love.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Some light shines brightly.
Some light gently glows.
The stars burn softly nightly.
The Soul’s light ever grows.

When around me all is dark,
I wander blindly, sensing doom.
Until inside I find a spark
That shoots a beacon through the gloom.

But the greatest light of all
Is one we cannot see.
Though it thrashes like a squall
And guides our destiny.



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