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Fight The Madness
Love Song To My Flag

© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

By Carl Martin Johnson

Like the skirts of a lovely dancing girl
My country’s banner flies.
My heart beats fast to see her whirl,
Stars and Stripes ‘gainst azure skies.

Beneath her men have fought and died.
Valiant souls who held her dear.
Patriot hearts she still fills with pride.
In our enemies she strikes fear.

Mothers yet give up their young
To keep her flying proud.
So when I hear her anthem sung,
I’ll stand and sing it loud.




By Carl Martin Johnson


Brother, take my hand.

Let me help you to your feet.

Together we will stand.

We will never accept defeat.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I took a woodland path today,
One I’d not walked before.
It was a bit out of my way,
But I needed to explore.

I had a very important date,
At least it was to me.
I was risking being late,
Yet I felt no urgency.

Autumn colors surrounded, bursting,
Yellow, gold and red.
Nature’s grandeur slaked my soul’s thirsting,
And kept my spirit fed.

The sunlight leaking through was warm,
Flavored with buttery beams.
This new path lured me with its charm,
Lulling me into dreams.

At long last I became aware
That I had missed my meeting.
But I found I did not care.
True joys of life are fleeting.



By Carl Martin Johnson

His only sense was ecstasy.
He was a soul released.
Had he known how joyous death would be,
He’d have envied the deceased.

He would miss those left behind,
But they’d be with him soon.
Uniting all within God’s Mind.
No mortal is immune.

They too would have the Knowing,
As they passed through Eternity’s door,
With the stream of True Life flowing,
Toward becoming More.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Old scars tell my story,
Smoky barrooms, foreign wars.
All my shame and glory,
In the mural of my scars.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I put myself inside God’s mind
In hope of acquiring vision.
My mortal brain was too confined.
I held it in derision.

At first I did not have the skill
Such power to control.
In spite of my determined will,
I’d only a human soul.

Then I filled with Holy Ghost,
Or other gift Divine,
So the ideas I was seeking most,
Once God’s now also mine.

I knew the secret of Being.
I felt eternity.
I was all that I was seeing,
And it was all of me.

Only a single mystic word
Could describe the things I knew.
But spoken it could not be heard,
Though it said all that’s true.

At last I found to my surprise,
My intellect had grown.
I was amazed to realize
The mind searched was my own.



By Carl Martin Johnson

All my pain and all my sorrow
Are the price I pay for living.
If I wish to see tomorrow,
These fees I must keep giving.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The night birds sang a song to me.
They told me not to fear.
They would alert with cacophony
Should the enemy come near.

Their chorus lulled me soft to sleep
Under the blanket of jungle night.
Dreams I had promised my soul to keep
To be ready for the coming fight.

But first I prayed that I would wake.
If not, that angels take me.
It was a treaty I could make.
My birds would not forsake me.

They did not betray my trust.
They raised the warning cry.
Now I fight, as fight I must.
Not their fault if I die.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Sometimes I yearn for days long past,
For memories held dear.
Though such times, I know, can never last,
My heart still keeps them near.

I close my eyes and play the scenes
To my best recollection,
Knowing well as each one screens
That my recall is not perfection.

I must beware nostalgia’s bog,
Lest I neglect the present,
Wandering in romanticized fog,
That my mind has made over-pleasant.

I will stay aware of now.
That’s where my future’s sown.
It is there by what I do and how
That my life is truly shown.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Man is blessed with conscious mind.
Or perhaps it is a curse.
We are the sole life so designed,
But is our knowledge worse?

This precious gift is wrapped in fear,
For we see that we will die,
Unless we hold it as truth dear,
That our souls will death deny.

Is such wondering an affliction,
Or does it fertilize our growing?
Are our thoughts no more than fiction,
Or steps toward the Knowing?

These words from my pen,
Are prayers that Life has worth,
That awareness is no sin,
And we are eternal from our birth.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Come join me as I wander,
We will search for what is true.
While we trek we’ll ponder
This world we’re moving through.

Great mysteries we’ll solve.
Many questions answer well.
When our minds enough evolve,
Discovered secrets we will tell.

As we journey we’ll devour
The marvels we are seeing.
And perhaps one inspired hour
We’ll find the truth of Being.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I wish I was an angel holy,
And I had wings,
And I could fly.

I’d circle ‘round the whole earth slowly,
In rings and rings,
And never die.

Like the light of a silver morning,
I’d spread cheer
To all mankind.

My blessings the world adorning
Far and near
To all I’d find.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Sing to me of the beauty
In the soul of every man
Who when called for warrior duty
Does the best he can.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Cry Havoc ‘gainst the madness!
Shout Fire against the hate!
End Mankind’s rush to sadness.
Turn back ‘fore it’s too late.

Stop the horrid slaughter!
The human life laid waste!
Shield every son and daughter,
Lest they untimely be erased.

Find the evil in our midst.
Exorcise it with no quarter.
Any man by Satan kissed
We will make the Devil’s martyr.

Take up the righteous sword.
Against the Demon wield.
Be a Warrior of the Lord.
He will be your shield.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The last of summer rain is falling,
Quenching the dry earth’s thirst.
I see golden autumn crawling,
Dying leaves that spring had nursed.

Raindrops are washing down my face,
Warm with summer’s cheer,
Holy water, and its grace
Lets me know that I’m held dear.

I turn my eyes to the summer sun,
Teasing bright behind a cloud.
I give him thanks for a job well done,
Though short days soon enshroud.

Now I will watch the falling leaves
As rain turns into snow.
I’ll not be a soul who grieves
When, like summer rain, I go.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Speak softly lest you wake him.
Let passion’s dragon sleep.
Once started you’ll not brake him.
His claws dig in too deep.

He feeds on your desire.
Your ardor makes him strong.
In the hot blaze of his fire
Melt together right and wrong.

Let the heat of love rise slowly.
Day by day increase the flame.
Combine the profane with the holy,
Then the dragon you will tame.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Raise your eyes in the moonless night.
Breathe deep the cosmos’ soul.
Countless glowing points of light
Swim in the black velvet bowl.

Spread your arms along the ground.
Embrace the globe you’ve known.
But to this planet you’re not bound,
Though here Mankind has grown.

Look up into the starlight eyes,
Our mothers’ watchful care.
Our birthplace lies beyond the skies.
Our spirits belong there.

I know one day our kind will learn
To live without our wars.
Only then can we return
To our homeland in the stars.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I am Man, hear my roar.
One of God’s chosen kind.
We are much, but we’ll be more
When our destiny we find.

The universe is ours
To husband and explore.
It is the garden, we the flowers
On the path to Heaven’s door.

One day its portals we will enter,
To reunite with our Creator,
Unique but merged with Divine Center.
Then will the Light blaze greater.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I just saw a dropping leaf,
First bright orange sign of Fall.
But no laments, no tears of grief.
It happens to us all.

Soon the green earth will be covered
With a quilt of gold and red.
And once more we’ll have discovered
There is beauty in the dead.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Let me share a smile with you,
Though I don’t yet know your name.
I’m certain this at least is true:
We’re both players in Life’s game.

You laugh and cry like me.
If wounded, you too bleed.
As far as I can see,
Love is a common need.

So take this smile for now,
As first payment from a friend.
Then, if you allow,
My affection I will send.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The boar stood silent on the hill,
Exuding dignity and power.
He was a beast I could not kill,
Though he the kingdom whole devour.

So I only held my place,
To savor the majestic sight.
Such strength combined with regal grace
I had no wish to fight.

The great creature slowly turned his head
To hold me in his gaze.
If he charged I would be dead.
He would end my mortal days.

I raised my spear in greeting.
I would die, if die I must.
But we were warriors meeting,
And I felt a warrior’s trust.

The animal’s dark eyes locked on mine,
One warrior to another.
‘Tween brute and man the line is fine.
This noble beast was my brother.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Rainbow Rider, Heaven’s child,
A new star shines for you.
At your birth an angel smiled,
And to your side he flew.

God set a comet’s tail afire
To glisten in your eyes.
And more pleasing than the cherubs’ choir
Are your gentle infant cries.

You are special, Life’s new dawn.
The world is grateful you are here.
You are how we carry on.
There is no gift held more dear.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Shall we go back to the Garden?
Is that where our future lies?
Or shall we ask God’s pardon,
And seek destiny in the skies?

In Eden we were nursed,
Until impatient with our lot.
But were we blessed or cursed
With the penance our sin brought?

Perhaps God sent us spinning
Through the chaos of the world
To test our skill at winning
In the dark where we were hurled.

When time and space we tame,
When planets and stars we master,
Our Father will bless our name,
And bring us to Him faster.
By Carl Martin Johnson

I close my eyes and wait
For the silence to enfold me,
And let my soul assimilate
What the winter told me.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Be my friend and I’ll protect you.
I will keep you safe from harm.
Never will I neglect you.
I’ll be your strong right arm.

I’ll wipe away your tears,
Help you endure life’s pain,
Stand with you through all fears.
Not once will I complain.

When you’re down I will cheer you,
Put a bright smile on your face.
If you let me, I’ll stay near you,
Or meet you anyplace.

And when at last we part,
Our affection will endure.
Forever in each heart,
Will our friendship be secure.
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