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“I'm a failed poet. Maybe every novelist wants to write poetry first, finds he can't and then tries the short story which is the most demanding form after poetry.  And failing at that, only then does he take up novel writing.”

 - William Faulkner -   (American short-story Writer and Novelist)

A Being Of Thunder

A Better Man Than I Am

A Boy’s Dream

A Candle In The Wind

A Challenge To The Devil

A Character In Your Dream

A Chat With The Devil

A Child Passes

A Child's Angel

A Child’s Death

A Child’s Voyage

A Day Well spent

A Distant God

A Dream I Kept

A Dream In God's Mind

A Face Made For The Screen

A Father’s Promise

A Feather Fell

A Final Word

A Fine Gift

A Fine Word

A Flash In The Dark

A Friend Unknown

A Gaul’s Anger

A Ghost Dancing

A Glance At The Mirror

A Glimpse Of Paradise

A Good Dream

A Grave In The Wilderness

A Great Fire In Our Mind

A Happy Day

A Hollywood Night

A Kiss

A Kiss By Moonlight

A Kiss Goodbye

A Leap Into The Sun

A Life Complete

A Lonely Night In Hollywood

A Look Inside Me

A Lost Soul Passing By

A Love I Did Not Know

A Love Note To My Enemy

A Lovely Woman Died

A Man Defined

A Man Like Me

A Man Of Gentle Temper

A Man Worth Knowing

A Man's Valor Tells His Story

A Man's Worth

A Minor God

A Moment Alone In My Head

A New Life  (Each day is a new life)
A New Life
  (In a moment I will sleep)

A Plea To Passion

A Pleasant Place

A Poet For Your Lover

A Poet To His Muse

A Prayer For The Dead And Dying

A Pretty Woman's Tear

A Private Sin

A Reason For My Birth

A Red Rose In The Graveyard

A Rose On The High Plain

A Saving Memory

A Secret

A Secret Place

A Shadow Crossed The Moon

A Shadow Walking

A Simple Man

A Single Star

A Single Sunrise

A Sinner’s Lament

     (A Birthday Card To Jesus)

A Soldier’s Dream

A Soldier's Last Day

A Soldier's Last Minute

A Soldier's Prayer

A Soul Released

A Soul Slid Past

A Soul's New Home

A Star For You

A Stranger Passing

A Stranger's Smile

A Straying Dream

A Teardrop

A Thought

A Thought Was Born

A Walk In The Moonless Night

A Walk With Other Ghosts

A War With Time

A Warning To The Muslims Attacking
   Our Diplomatic Posts

A Warrior Mother’s Farewell To Her Son

A Warrior’s Boast

A Warrior’s Death

A Warrior's Prayer To His Angel

A Whisper

A Woman In My Arms

A Wondrous Dream

A Word For Loneliness

A World Is Born

A Yellow Rose

A Young Man's Passing



Advice To Myself


After Falling From A Dream

After The Battle

After The Darkness

After The War Is Over



Alexander’s Woman

Alexis Mae's Bright Eyes

All I Need

All Mankind In My Heart

All My Loves

All My Pain

All Right, God

All The People, All The Places



Alone  (Is there only me?)

Alone  (Sometimes I feel so damned alone)

Alone At The End Of The Dance

Alone Is Who I Am

Alpha Wolf


Am I

Am I Bound By My Past?

Am I Done

Am I Here Alone


Ambush Serenade

American Veteran

An Angel Walking

An Angel’s Birthday

An Angel's Tear

An Old Yellow Hound

And Then He Sang

Angel Birth

Angel Daydream

Angel Eyes

Angel Falling

Angel Of Vengeance

Angel Passing   (I sensed someone 
    standing near

Angel Passing  (Look at me, passing..)

Angel Tears

Angel's Breath

Angel's Touch

Angel's Wings


Angels Have The Grace

Angels' Tongue




Are You Real?

Arm Yourself, Good Man


Arousing You
As He Died

As She Passed By

Ash Wednesday

Ask Not To Tame My Soul

At The End

At Your Side

Aurora Colorado July 20, 2012

Autumn Bouquet

Autumn Light

Autumn Moonspill

Autumn Sun



Baby Doll

Back Among You

Back Door Man

Back Road Man



Balance Of Life

Banshee On The Wind


Bathing Naked In The Sunshine Of Life
Battle Sky

Bayou Night


Be My Friend

Be Still

Beast In Me

Beau Geste


Beauty In Dawn's Mist

Beauty In Her Mind

Beauty In The Winter Sky

Been A While

Before It’s Too Late

Before The Sun Sets

Before We Were Man

Begone Death

Behind A Star

Behind The Cloud

Behind The Gray

Behind The Sun


Between Sleep And Waking

Beware The Tiger

Beware They Who Speak For Gods


Billy Magic

Birth Day


Black Cat

Black Like Me


Blaze Of Our Hearts


Bless Me, Life

Bless The Woman, Bless Her Child


Blessed Curse Of The Soul
Blink Of An Eye

Blood In The River

Blood Moon

Blood Of Vikings

Blue Dress

Blue Flower

Blue Skies

Blue Skies In My Mind

Blue Star




Born Behind A Star

Borrowed Smile


Breaking Through Infinity

Breath   (Deeply he breathed in)

Breath   (This is an ordinary breath)

Breathe Deep

Breathe Her Name Softly

Breathe Life

Breathe Life Deep

Breathe The Morning Air

Breathe Your Love

Breathing God's Mind

Breathing Life

Breathing Moonlight

Breathing Out Her Heat
Breathing The World




Bridge Over Troubled Water

Brief Candle

Bright Cloud

Bring It, Life


Brother Killing Brother

Brother, Take My Hand

Brother Wind


But For The Grace


Butterfly Ride

By Starlight


Caedes Julius

Can I Come With You
Can I Go Back And Find My Youth?

Can You Hear Me?

Candy Man

Carl The Jew

Carolinas Fighting

Carpe Diem

Catching A Star

Catching Starlight

Cease Fire!

Celebrate This Breath


Challenge To A Blowhard

Challenge To The Minor Gods

Chance At Glory

Chance Waking

Changing  (Every day I'm changing)

Changing  (I feel life dripping from me)

Charlie Walked To School Today

Chase Me If You Dare

Chasing Sunset

Chasing You


Child Of Mine

Child Of Rock


Christmas On The Street

City On A Hill

Clear Mind

Close Quarters Kill

Close Your Ears


Cloud Faces

Cloud Kiss

Cloud Mountain Burning

Cloud Rider

Cloud Shadows

Cloud Stories

Cloud Wings

Cloud World


Cloudy Days

Cogito, Ergo Sum

Cold Dark Of Night

Cold Souls

Coloring My Dreams

Comanche Trail

Combat Jump

Come A Little Closer

Come And Dream

Come Back, Hope

Come, Dear Night

Come, Death

Come Dine With Me

Come Drink My Wine

Come In From The Cold

Come Inside

Come, Life

Come To Me, Muse

Come With Me Into My Dreams


Comet Streaking


Concert In The Trees

Constellation Marjorie Stoneman
    Douglas High School


Courage Be My Friend

Cover Me Night


Creatures On The Hill


Cry Out Loud

Cry Out, My Country!

Crystal Lenses

Crystal Vision

Cursed With Thought


Cycle Of Life


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© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

Dallas: Blue Lives Matter


Damn The Lies!

Dance Wild

Dancing Drops

Dancing To The Silence

Dancing With A Whirlwind


Danger Called


Daring Life


Dawn   (I awoke with the dawn)

Dawn   (Kiss me, Dawn, my love)

Dawn After Battle

Dawn Clouds

Dawn Wind


Dawn's Kiss

Day Is Done

Day Of Birth

Days Long Gone

Days Long Past

Days Pass

Dead Man's Smile

Dear Dying Enemy

Death Bringer

Death By My Hand

Death Comes Knocking

Death I Do Not Fear You

Death In A Far Land

Death In The Cantina

Death Is Not My Master

Death Of A Brother In My Arms

Death Of A Confederate Soldier At

Death Of A Mercenary

Death Of A Raindrop

Death Of My Dog

Death Of The Diplomat's Guard

Death, Show Me Your Face

Death's Angel

Death’s Arms

Death's Cold Eye

Death’s Laugh

Death's Sting



Deliver Me From Evil

Demon Gale

Demon Kiss

Demon Raging

Desert Rose


Desire’s Dragon

Desires And Demons




Deus Vult

Devil Walking

Dewdrops On September Morn

Diana's Bed

Did I Cause That Tear

Did I Hear God Laugh

Did You Make Me Just To Die

Different Gods

Different Points Of View

Disguised Heart

Distant Mountain

Distant Thunder

Do I Have Purpose

Do I Know You?

Do I Make A Difference?

Do Not Stay Huddled On The Earth

Do You Feel Me

Dog Barking In The Night

Done Is Done

Don’t Look Back

Don't Look Behind

Don’t Look Down

Don't Say

Dragon At The Gate

Dragon Tide


Dream Lover

Dream Magic

Dream Lust

Dream Song

Dream Spirits



Dreaming I bought Mona Lisa

Dreaming My Past

Dreaming The World

Dreams I Cannot Keep

Dreams Slipped By

Dreams That Disappoint



Dressed Only In Our Laughter


Drinking Life

Drinking River Water

Drip Down Sundrops

Drip Life

Dripping Life

Dripping Sundrops 

Dripping Words

Drop me, Lord

Dropping Leaves

Drunk On Starlight

Dust    (Dust settled on the butterfly)

Dust    (Dust covers my emotions)

Dying Ground

Each Life Has A Special Song
Eagle Watcher

Earth Alive


Eating Life

Eating The World

Echos Of Visions



El Cid

Elegy For My Mother

Embrace God, Do Not Kneel

Emma On the Mountaintop

Empire Of Lost Souls

Empty Tomb

En Grand Seigneur



End At The Beginning

End Of The Dance



Escape Of My Damned Soul

Et Tu, Brute

Eternal Instant

Eternity's Spark


Every Birth



Execution Of A Mercenary Soldier


Eyes Of A Blind Poet

Eyes Of God

Eyes Shut


Face Bravely Your Demise

Face The Sun

Face The World With Me

Face To The Wind

Fade Soft Into The Night


Fading Beauty

Fading Words

Fairy Ships

Fall Gently On Me, New Day

Fallen Warriors

Far Away

Farewell, My Lovely

Farewell To A Tree

Farewell To Kindness

Fate’s Highway


Fear Moves On

Fear Not The Angry Face

Fearing Life

Feast Of Love

Feel Me

Feel The Earth

Feel The Heartbeat Of The Earth

Feel The Living




Fight Me, Life!

Fight Now!

Fight The Madness

Fight The Tiger

Find Me

Finding Joy

Find Someone



Fire Inside

First Flight

First Love Remembered

First Love's Flame

First Sight

Flee From The Memory

Fleeting Life

Fleeting Loves

Flower In Full Bloom


Flowers In The Desert

Flowers In The Grass

Fly High!

Fly Past, Life

Flying Into The Sun



For Now

For This Moment

For You




Free Fall

Freedom Fight (To the Oppressed
     People of Venezuela)


Friend Life

From Afar



Gazing At The Sky

Gentle Breezes

Gentle Springtime Breezes

Gentle Wind (Flow over me, you gentle)

Gentle Wind (I feel the gentle wind)

Get Back Temptation


Ghost Hour

Ghost In The Mirror

Ghost In The Well

Ghost Moon

Ghost On A Bench

Ghost Riders

Ghost Shadow

Ghost Town

Ghost Voice In The Night

Ghost Wind (Ghost wind blows through)

Ghost Wind (The Ghost wind blew the)


Ghosts On The Dawn Wind



Gloom, Pass By

Glowing Dawn

Go Softly Down The Road

Go Your Own Way

God Blinked

God Made Man A Growing Seed

God, Send Me A Fear

God Strolled Through My Soul

God, You Cannot Hide

God's Laughter

God's Memoirs

God’s Soul

God's Wonder


Going To Wichita
Gold Dust Woman

Golden Lightdrops

Golden Sunrise


Good Sins

Good Thoughts

Goodbye To Unhappiness


Grab Life

Grandeur In The Storm

Grant Me To Be Kind

Grasp The Dawn

Great Golden Sun

Great-Grandad The Lawman

Great Soul

Green Leaves To Gold

Greet Warm The Falling Night

Gringo Guerrero

Guard The Gate


Guardian To His Charge

Guide Me Death

Gun Run





Happiness Attack

Happiness Flew Past Me
Happy Morning

Hard Life

Hard Times   (I've seen hard times in..)
Hard Times   (Long as I remember)


Haunted By A Face

Have You Seen My Love's Heart?

Have You Seen My Sweetheart

Hear The Candle
Heartbeat   (Hear my heartbeat)

Heartbeat   (I close my eyes)

Heartbeat's Sound


Heat   (Heat rises as our bodies slide)

Heat   (Heat is cursing through me...)

Heaven, When You Call Me

Heaven's Portal

Hello, Life  (Life, Don't You Know Me?)

Hello Life  (Hello, Life, my trusted friend

Hello, New Year

Hello, Silence, My Old Friend


Her  (Her soul glows through her eyes)

Her  (The sidewalk crouches at her feet)

Her Baby’s Father

Her Beauty Betrays Her

Her Ear

Her Eyes

Her Grandfather

Her Laughter

Her Lips  (Her lips were moist with...)

Her Lips  (I found heaven on her lips)

Her Look

Her Song
Her Touch

Her Walk


Here I Am


Hero's Legion

Hidden Sunshine

Hide In My Heart With Me

Hiding Words

Him Or Me?

His Child

His Mother’s Son

Hold Me

Hold Me Close, Sweet Night

Hold Me Life

Hold Me Up, My Brother

Hold My Hand

Hold The Day

Holding Back The Dawn

Holiday Greetings to ISIS

Hollywood Lights

Hollywood Nights

Hollywood Streets

Holy Murmur

Homage To A Gunship


Home Past The Stars

Homeless Spirits Passing By


Honor The Warrior

Hope   (Hope is a bird with golden...)

Hope   (He looked up at the sky)

Hope   (Fluttering within my grasp)

Hope Blossoms

Hope Is There

Hope Snuck Up

Hope Woke Me

Hope's Bright Flame

Hoplite At Rest

Hot Blood

Hot Desert Wind

Hotel Purgatorio

How A Soldier Dies

How An Angel Dies

How Could You Know?

How I Died
How I Survived The War

Humanity's Worth


Hunting For Love

Hunting The Words


Hurry Sundown!

Hurry Sunset

Hush, My Son


I Am A Dream

I Am A Lonely Poet

I Am A Portrait

I Am A Wave

I Am Captain

I Am Inside You All

I Am Life

I Am Lightning

I Am Man

I Am Me

I Am My Past

I Am Near

I Am One Of You

I Am Only One

I Am Part Of All

I Am Passing Here And Scribbling

I Am Sin

I Am Still Living

I Am That Star

I Am The Paladin  

I Am The Storm  (My enemy best fear)
I Am The Storm  (I am the storm)

I'm Off To Find My Way
I'm Ready

I Believe In Magic

I Blinked

I Can Feel The Cosmos' Beat

I Cannot Be Killed

I Can't Stay

I Close My Eyes And Wait

I Could Grasp The Evening Star

I Cry Out In The Night

I'd Do It All Again

I Danced With The Wind

I Didn't Know

I Did Not Want To Wake You
I Died For You Today

I Don't Think I'll Die

I Drank The Sea

I Dreamed You Alive

I Dreamt A Dream

I Eat The World

I Embrace You, Friends

I Fall Soft Into My Dreams

I Feel The Dead

I Felt Life Smile

I, Fool

I Fought The Storm

I Found A Wonderful Line Of Verse

I Glimpsed The Special Word

I Have An Ugly Face

I Have Been Here Before

I Have Seen Your Face In Winter

I Hear Spirits Whirring

I Heard God Laugh

I Heard The Cosmos Scream

I Kissed The Face Of God

I Left A Letter For You

I Live Fully

I Live In The Journey
I Lived A Long Life

I Looked Inside And Saw God There

I Looked Out At The World Today   

I Lost Someone

I Love The Storm

I Made A World

I Need A Friendly Star

I Pen Verses That Are Not Mine

I Pulled A Comet From The Sky

I, Quixote

I Saw A Ghost

I Saw A Ghost This Dawn

I Saw A Ragged Man Today

I Saw A Soldier Die Today

I Saw Emma Dancing

I Saw God This Morning

I Saw Hope Fly By

I Saw Him

I Saw Hope Today

I Saw Jimmy Die

I Saw Magic

I Saw The Enemy Crying

I Saw You

I, Scribbler

I See By Starlight

I See Tomorrow

I See You

I See You In The Dawn

I Set The World In Motion

I Sit Here And Wonder

I Sold My Soul In Hollywood

I Stand Unbowed

I Swallowed The Sun

I Think God Whispered To Me Then

I Took The World To Bed

I Touch You

I Walk Unseen

I Want To Be A Shooting Star

I Want Your Touch

I Was An Angel
I Will Eat Life Today

I Will Find It

I Will Help You

I Will Keep My Honor Whole

I Will Lie With You In Flowers

I Will Live

I Will Meet You
I Will Not Die Today

I Will Walk With You

I Will Win Today

I Will Worship With My Lips

I Wonder

I Write The Words

I Write To Touch Your Heart


If I Blink

If I Die That You May Live
If I Don't Fight

If I Fall

If I Have Time

If I Looked Into Your Heart

If I Loved You

If I'm Not Here In The Morning

If I Sleep

If I Sleep, Don't Wake Me

If My Soul You Wish To See

If Our Leaders Are Too Weak

If We Kiss, Will Then You Tell?

If We Must Fight

If You And I Had Not Been Born

If You Are Leaving

If You Find Me

If You Kiss Me  (a song)

If You Love Me, Say

If You See Mary

If Your Soul Unites With Mine

I'll Find You, God

I’ll Take You There




In A Dream

In And Out Of Dreams

In Honor Of Our Veterans

In My Heart

In The End

In The Glow Of Dawn

In The Long Run

In The Morning Light

In The Night Rain

In The Quiet

In The Raindrops

In The Shadow

In The Shadowed Light

In The Soft Light

In The Still

In This Desert I Drink My Tears

In Your Eyes


Infinity’s Secret

Initials In The Tree


Initiation To Reality



Inside Me

Inside The Mind Of God

Inside The Storm Cloud

Inside You

Inside Your Mind


Into The Fire



Is It You

Is Man All Alone?

It's A Good Day

It’s Coming   (It's coming, I can feel
    it. The reason I am here.)

It's Coming   (It’s coming, I can feel
I smell power in the air.)


Jack Talbot

Jealous Life

Jenny's Yard

Jimmy's Sleeping  (A Song)

John Jacob

Johnny Was A Soldier Born

Johnny-Boy Died Well

Join Me

Jolly Maggie

Josemaria’s Walk

Joseph, My Nephew


Joy  (Sweet joy, you can't escape me)

Joy  (Reach inside for joy)

Joy Can't Hide

Joy In The Morning

Joy Of Life

Joy Was Hiding

Juan Arturo



Jump Up  (Jump up! New morning's

Jump Up!  (Jump up! Chariot’s

Jumped From The Sun

Just Get Me Through The Night

Just Like Me

Just Living


Kick It Down

Kill The Demon

King Words

Kingdom Of The Dead

Kiss Me Beneath The Autumn Moon

Kiss Me If You Dare

Kiss Me In The Morning

Kiss Me, Life

Kiss Me Softly, Death

Kissing Life

Knife Fight

L.A. Freeway

Last Breath

Last Fight

Last Look

Last Man Left

Last Of The Summer Rain

Last Taste

Laugh With Me

Laughing At Mortality

Laughing At The Devil

Laughter Hiding

Lay Your Body Down

Lean Against Me, Friend

Leave, Sadness


Legacy    (We hold no man foe)

Legacy    (I feel it in the air tonight)

Lend Me A Hand, God

Let Me Dream

Let Me In

Let My Living Have Some Worth

Let My Soul Fight

Let Your Words Flame

Letter On The Trail



Life Blowing Past

Life Breath

Life Bright

Life Courses Through Me

Life Does Not Own Me

Life Drops 

Life Fight

Life Flame

Life Flew By

Life Flow

Life Flows Quickly

Life For Breakfast

Life Goes On

Life, I Need Your Help

Life, I Saw You Coming

Life In Dreams

Life Is A Disease

Life Is Worth The Pain

Life Kiss

Life Leaves No Prisoners Taken

Life Loud

Life Lullaby

Life Magic

Life Music

Life Party

Life Passing

Life Power
Life Slips By Me

Life Songs

Life Sower

Life Speed

Life Teasing

Life Waits For Us

Life Whispers

Life Woke Me This Morning

Life, You Do Not Own Me

Life's Face

Life's Flow

Life's Gentle Kiss

Life’s Spice

Life's Sting

Life’s Water

Life's Worth






Lifetimes Ago


Lift My Heart

Light From A Distant Star

Light In The Distance


Like Wounded Wolves At Bay

Like You, Lord

Lips Of Fire

Listen To The Quiet

Listen To The Angel's Voice

Listen To The Wind Blow

Little Man

Little Spark

Live Bravely

Living Bold

Lone Ambush

Lonely Days Are Gone

Lonely Man's Mask

Long Time Coming

Long Way Home

Look And See Me

Look At My Life

Look For Me In The Dawn

Look For Me In The Sunset

Look For The Spark

Look Into My Eyes

Look Into The Sun  (If you look into)

Look Into The Sun  (Don't dare look)

Look Into Your Mind

Look Not Back

Look Now

Looking At The Midnight Sky

Looking For You

Looking Into My Soul

Lord, Wake Me Soon

Lost Chance

Lost Dream

Lost Memories

Lost Pieces Of My Soul

Lost Soul

Love And Cold

Love, Briefly

Love Flowing Down

Love I Have Not Met

Love In Anger
Love Is Today

Love Late

Love Lust

Love Song To My Flag

Love Walks Away

Love Words

Love's Flame

Love’s Last Dance

Lover Friend

Lover In The Night Storm

Lovers In Heaven

Lovers’ New Year


Lucifer Alone

Lucifer Repents

Lucifer's Angel

Lucifer's Lament

Lucifer's Regret


Lying Quiet In The Jungle Night




Madness   (Is this Madness I see)

Madness   (Sanity I found wanting)

Magic Things I Knew

Make Me Brave

Making An Angel Cry

Mama Grande

Mama’s Little Guy


Man And The Mountain

Man Hands

Man Of Violence

Mangas Coloradas

Mankind Brothers

Mankind's Destiny


Memorial Day 


Memories To Trade

Memory Of Innocence

Memory Of Love In Spring Grass

Memory Of Thanksgiving Past

Mend My Heart

Mercenary, Treasure Seeker

Message In The Thunder

Message To The Bold


Mexican Release


Michael's Sword


Midnight Eyes

Midnight Ghosts

Mike's Kite

Mild Men

Mind Music

Mind Wings

Missed Glory

Mix Your Words With Mine

Mollie's Farm


Moment With My Enemy


Momma Went To Heaven

Mommy's Star

Monarch Migration

Monsoon Patrol

Montana Wind

Moon Cloud

Moon Dance

Moon Kiss

Moondust And Teardrops

More Than Meets The Eye

More Worlds To Conquer

Morning Haze

Morning Laughter

Morning Mist

Morning Star

Morning Sun

Morning With My Love


Mother's Death


Move On

Moving On

Mr Bosley’s Time

My Advice To The Sun

My Ancestor's Taunt

My Ancestral Neanderthal

My Angel Lover

My Being

My Birth

My Birthday

My Bleeding Pen

My Blood Is Ink For My Verses
My Body Serves My Soul

My Burning Soul

My Child

My Cloud

My Death

My Disguise

My End

My Enemy’s Eyes

My Eyes Wide

My Falling Words

My Father Sleeping

My Father's Grave

My Favorite Color

My Friend The Tree

My Ghosts

My Heart Has Empty Places

My Homeless Brother

My Instant

My Last Spring

My LIfe Parallel

My Life Song

My Lips Will Give You Pleasure

My Lost Soul

My Love Sleeping

My Love's Tempest

My Love’s Touch

My Memory Friend

My Mountain

My Mouth Will Serve And Praise You

My Odd Path

My Only Day

My Passion Refined

My Raindrop

My Recent Death

My Reputation

My River Lover

My Self-Evaluation

My Sister’s Ghost

My Sleep

My Soul's First Dawn

My Star

My Sweet Summer Is Gone

My Tattered Face

My Time

My Tongue’s Touch

My Tree

My Verses are Fool's Crying

My Wildness

My Words To You
My Words Will Not Stop Evil Men

My World

Mystery Of Life


Natalia Pushkina  (Pushkin’s Wife)

Neanderthal Blood

Nectar On Your Lips

Neither Beg Nor Yield

Never Look Behind You

New Day   (I see the new sun rising)

New Day   (I see the new dawn glowing)

New Day Sun

New Day's Birth

New Day's Call

New Eyes

New Man Dying

New Night

New Son

New Wind At Dawn

New Year

New Year, My Love

Night Falls In Colors

Night Fighter

Night Ghosts At Play

Night Lullaby

Night Recon

Night Scene

Night Sounds

Night Spirits

Night Tree

Night Voices

Night Whisper

Night Whispers

Night Wind

Nightbird Sing To Me



No Death In Dying

No One At The Grave

No One Can Hear Us

No One To Catch Me

No Prisoners

No Slave

No Sun To Warm Me


North Texas Rainy Day Blues

Not A Bad Day

Not Alone

Not Magic

Not Now, Death

Now I am Awake

Numbered Days


Oaths Of Love


October Comes

Ode To A Shot Of Tequila

Ode To The Cross At Mount Soledad

Off Switch 

Old Blue

Old Dog Running

Old Friend

Old Joey And His Blues Guitar

Old Love

Old Man Dying

Old Man's Eyes

Old Men

Old Scars

Old Song

Old Tracks

Old Woman Passing

Older Than My Father

Omaha Beach

On An Angel’s Back

On My Way To War

On The Eagle's Back

On The Road

On The Road To The City Of Angels

One Man


Once Honor Ruled This Land

One Chance

One-Legged Dancer

One More Hill

One More Minute

Only Dreaming

Only Love Endures

Only Man

Only Me

Ordinary Men


Orphan Thought

Our American Experiment

Our Bodies Touching

Our Home

Our Nation's Quest

Our Warriors

Outside Heaven's Door


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