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© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

I Am A Lonely Poet

By Carl Martin Johnson

I am a lonely poet.
My verses pleas to end my pain.
I see truth, but do not know it.
It would drive me fast insane.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Last night I looked up at the stars
As I walked the jungle trail.
I think that they are God’s memoirs,
Telling Creation’s tale.

I wondered how such beauty fine,
So delicate and pure,
Has led to weak souls such as mine
Who must kill others to endure.

In the light the bright stars shared,
A real love warmly streamed.
I could feel that Someone cared.
Into my heart love beamed.

As I marched ahead to kill,
I prayed no enemy I’d find.
For I no longer had the will
To harm others of my kind.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Feel Being’s loving heat,
Lava pumping through your veins
To the rhythm of Life’s beat.
Ride the wildness with no reins.

Sense the Cosmos’ raging tide.
Let it take you with its flow.
Through all the universe glide
And watch reality grow.

Zestfully breathe Creation
Until it fills your soul.
Enjoy Life’s celebration.
Swallow your days whole.


By Carl Martin Johnson

What in God’s name have I done?
Have I let life slip right by me?
My race is nearly run.
Life will soon goodbye me.

I’d better grab tight hold
Of each day that appears.
I’ll embrace them and be bold,
Ignoring all my fears.

There’s still time to sing my song,
To make my time worthwhile.
Yet I don’t have very long
To make my sad soul smile.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The greatest miracle is you.
You share a divine soul.
Look inside and see it’s true.
Only together are we whole.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She bathed the world in silken light,
Spreading love on all below.
Coloring the earth a silver white,
Cool, like liquid snow.

Happy night creatures, wild and free
Swimming past in thick moonbeams.
All the beauty that can be
Inside my magic dreams.

I think I’ll join them in their dance,
Under the moon’s cheerful eye.
I am grateful for the chance
To laugh instead of cry.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Today I didn’t die,
Though people tried to kill me.
The Reaper passed close by.
That sure didn’t thrill me.

The round snapped past my ear.
It was a welcome sound.
It’s the bullet you don’t hear
That puts you in the ground.

So tonight I’ll have a beer,
Toast the enemy’s poor aim.
The end came very near,
But I’m still a player in Life’s game.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I’ve seen wonders in my day.
Seen life from the mountain peak.
But I swear that from today,
No more marvels will I seek.

I’ve looked behind a star,
Dived deep into the sea,
Traveled near and far,
Joined wild herds running free.

Yet the wonder I just found,
Greatest on this side of dying
Is the sight and life-blessed sound
Of a newborn baby crying.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The ghost sat at my side.
I should have run away.
But I had too much pride.
I forced myself to stay.

He gave a friendly nod.
His smile was quite endearing.
Though the situation odd,
There was nothing I was fearing.

“I just had a very close call,”
In a relieved tone he confided.
“I really almost lost it all.
Bus and I near collided.”

Great pity filled my heart.
The ghost was unaware.
His soul and body torn apart.
Just a spirit sitting there.

I clucked: “I’ve listened, my new friend
To the words that you have said.
But you’ve reached your earthly end.
You are well and truly dead.”

The ghost looked at me in shock.
“I have felt strange today.
Guess my mind has tried to block.
Well, I best be on my way.”

On the bench he left a card,
Which I stared at in wonder.
It read: “This ghost disregard.
Even Death can make a blunder.”



By Carl Martin Johnson

She danced in the Spring rain
With beauty and with grace.
No one could see the pain
Behind her smiling face.

Raindrops mingled with her tears.
The camouflage worked well.
To the world she showed no fear,
Or the sad story she had to tell.

But soon the joy soaked through
From the dance into her soul.
She was becoming new.
Her heart was growing whole.

Those who watched her were amazed
At the rapture she was spreading.
They all clapped and praised
As they felt their sadness shedding.

Then the music stopped.
The dancer fell and died.
The people ran to where she dropped.
Many wailed and many cried.

They could not see her spirit fly
To give another town relief.
She would dance and she would die
Until she had taken all Man’s grief.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Come, Life, let me kiss you,
Hold you close in warm embrace.
When you go I’ll deeply miss you
And your sunny face.

We’ve had our ups and downs,
But mostly it’s been great.
Lots more smiles than frowns.
Much more love than hate.

When at last you leave me,
Setting my soul free,
It will sorely grieve me,
Though I know that it must be.

So I will love you dearly.
I’ll treat you as great treasure.
Give thanks for you sincerely,
For the pain as well as pleasure.

And, if I do return,
My poor soul to refine,
Please teach what I must learn
To make the next world mine.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Today big saws cut down my tree,
The one I planted as a boy.
It had worth, perhaps, only to me,
But why in hell destroy?

They tore down the old house, too.
That I didn’t mind.
It was the first home that I knew,
Yet, I’ve left that time behind.

But the tree had been my friend.
From a twig I watched it grow.
It deserved a better end.
It should have grown old slow.

Now a lifeless log it lies.
Only food for winter fires.
A part of my soul dies
As the grand old plant expires.

By Carl Martin Johnson

The earth cried out in pain,
Her skin split and breaking.
Would anything remain,
Withstand the angry shaking?

She twisted and she rolled,
Like a horse who won’t be ridden,
Like a dragon unconsoled
Who from his lair was bidden.

Screaming towns she swallowed whole,
Ravenous in destruction.
Drinking up the planet’s soul.
With fierce vampiric suction.

Only with her hunger sated,
Will she grant humanity rest,
The next apocalypse awaited
By they not yet Satan’s guest.
By Carl Martin Johnson

Do not give over to despair.
Let bright Hope be your sword.
A foul day can turn back fair.
Broken dreams can be restored.

Hope’s brother, Faith, will be your shield,
Deflecting heartache’s blade.
Fight sadness hard and never yield.
Let not your spirit fade.

Be a conqueror of gloom.
A Paladin of joy.
You will feel your strong heart bloom,
And every hopeless thought destroy.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Whisper me awake
In the morning when you rise.
Let the first breath that I take
Find me deep into your eyes.

I want you naked in dawn’s light,
Aglow in rosy beams.
A feast for starving sight,
Hungry from night’s love dreams.

My soft touches will reply,
Caress you into bliss.
I will make you moan and sigh.
I will devour your passion’s kiss.

My lips will worship you complete.
You will know my full devotion.
Our bodies together sweet.
Sailing forth on Eros’ ocean.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I lived a long life yesterday.
Today perhaps I’ll die.
But I’ll be happy anyway.
You’ll not see me cry.

I’ve stood atop the mountain,
The whole world in my view.
I’ve drunk from wisdom’s fountain.
Spread my wings and flew.

I made mistakes, that’s certain.
As both a demon and a fool.
Yet when Night wraps me in her curtain,
I’ll not be recalled as cruel.

Yes, yesterday was good.
It was a life worth making.
And I did all I could
To take what was worth taking.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The left eye of God sees into men.
It looks for goodness there.
It will pass by smaller sin
With its righteous glare.

But great evil cannot hide,
Cannot escape its sight.
Satan’s weeds will all be dried
By God’s great burning light.

The Father forgives you any wrong,
Though you be damned you think.
But his Left Eye holds on you strong.
Don’t cause God to blink.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Was that a soulful sigh I heard,
A ghost voice in the night?
Perhaps a secret, magic word
From a being beyond sight.

It strikes in me no fear.
Sounds from a spirit weary,
Who does not know I hear.
For the tone is sad, not eerie.

I hope the wraith finds peace,
Surcease from all its sorrow,
Lest its wailing cries increase
When I walk here tomorrow.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Take new strength from your sadness.
One day it will go.
Don’t let it turn to madness,
Rather add to what you know.

It’s a trial sent to test you.
Overcome it and you’ve won.
Stand firm…don’t let it best you.
Cry once and then be done.

Chew it up and swallow.
Down bravely every bite.
Fill your heart where hollow
With fuel for Life’s fight.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Sing to me of glory,
Of those who keep us free.
Tell me their fine story.
It means much to me.

Of what stuff are such men made?
Why braver than the rest?
Though they be afraid,
They stand up to the test.

From archangels they were bred,
Special men among the races.
As brothers they have spread.
Despite the colors of their faces.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Above me great clouds hover.
White mountains in the sky.
The firmament they cover
With a magic world raised high.

Must be where the angels stay
And watch down on Mankind.
I’d like to visit them one day,
If the stairway I can find.


By Carl Martin Johnson

On the eagle’s back I ride
When I close my eyes and dream.
I cling to him and glide
Along reality’s seam.

He takes me to the place
Where real and unreal meet
To see Creation’s face
As the worlds become complete.

I see all life below,
Natural and surreal.
All I want to know
About evolution’s wheel.

New forms of life are made
Where the two planes collide.
I watch the fine parade
While on the eagle’s back I ride.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I wake and eat Life’s cheer.
It fills my soul with wonder.
I taste the whole world dear.
I chew lightning, swallow thunder.

Pure energy it releases.
I feel power in my veins.
My potency increases.
Like a stallion without reins.

I will gorge ‘till far past sated.
Let gluttony be no sin.
This new day I’ve awaited.
Let the joy begin.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Is there a reason I am here?
Is my existence only chance?
Did I just appear,
Or was I invited to the dance?

Am I an accidental being
Of a coincidental race?
Is this world that I am seeing
Simply a random place?

If so, I’ll make my own goal,
And that goal I’ll achieve.
I am Man and have a soul.
I’ll make fire before I leave.
By Carl Martin Johnson

I see eternity’s spark
Guiding me to the Light.
A jewel in the dark
A divine island in the night.

A magnet to my soul,
Drawing steady in righteous direction.
Growing to a glowing coal,
As I approach the star’s perfection.

Soon I’ll be set afire
With the great heat of God’s love.
To that end I will aspire.
Another spark in the sky above.
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