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“I'm a failed poet. Maybe every novelist wants to write poetry first, finds he can't and then tries the short story which is the most demanding form after poetry.  And failing at that, only then does he take up novel writing.”        - William Faulkner -   (American short-story Writer and Novelist)

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© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved


Panic's Panther

Paris, 8 January 2015 -
   To The Enemies Of The Republic

Passed By Time

Passing By On My Way

Passing Friends

Passing Shades

Passing Souls

Passing Through


Passion Of Lovers’ Souls

Passion’s Bed

Passion's Dragon

Passion's Flame

Past Lovers  (Your past will always...)

Past Lovers  (All the lovers in your 

Past, Present, Future

Patriot's Ghost




Perfect Day

Perfection Of Man


Phantom Lover


Piece Of God's Soul


Poems From My Grave


Poet's Spark

Poets, Arrogant And Vain

Polly's Eyes

Poor Fool
Poor Lost Soul




Prayer Before Battle

Prayer To My Angel

Preachers Of Hate


Price Of A Poor Man's Immortality


Prisoner Of Words

Promises To Keep

Puppy Love


Put Your Hands On Me


Quiet Village


Rag Doll



Rainbow I

Rainbow I



Random Words

Ranger In The Rain

Reach Back

Reach Deep

Reach Out

Reach Out And Touch Me

Reach Out, Lord

Reach Out To The Light

Reach Up


Reaper, Not Today



Red Clay Road

Red Clouds At Dying

Red Dress Woman

Red Horse Rider

Red Wine Of War

Reflection On Leaving

Reflections Of Times Past

Refuge In My Dreams

Remember Me   (I hope that you

    remember me)

Remember Me   (When I found him)




Resurrection Of The Warrior


Return Of The Warrior



Ride A Star With Me

Ride Me

Ride The Tide Of Being

Ring The Bell 

Ripples In The Stream

Rise Up   (Rise up! Rise up singing!)

Rise Up   (Venezuelans,rise up singing)



River Girl

Rock Me In Your Arms

Rock On!

Roll Past Me, River

Rose Moon



Run Away With Me

Run Quickly To The Dawn

Run Toward The Crack Of Guns

Running In The Shadows



Sad Soul Crying

Same Soldier


Sarah's Smile

Save A Place

Save Your Dreams

Scream Life

Scribbling Silly Verses

Search Hard


Searching For The Knowing 

Searching For Sanctuary

Secret Love (My lovers lips are warm)

Secret Love  (My lover is not mine)

Secret Places In My Mind

Secret World

See, Poet

See The Heat

See Them In My Eyes

See What's True

Seed Of Greatness


Seeing A Star's Light




Sgt Jackson

Shadow Across The Moon

Shadow People

Shadow Riders


Shall I Fight?

Shall We Dance

Shall We Fight?


Shared Smile

Sharing Hope

Sharing Life


She Bathes In Moonlight

She Comes To Me In Moonlight


She Is Lurking

She Moves In Beauty

She Walks In Darkness

She Walks On The Wild Side


Shout Out


Silence, My Teacher

Silent Songs Of Angels

Silent Streets

Silent Words

Silver Moon

Sinful Heart

Sing Beauty In The Morning Sun

Sing Life

Sing Softly

Sing Sweetly

Sing To Me   (Sing to me of beauty)

Sing To Me   (Sing to me a melody)

Sing To Me Of Glory


Sinning Fun With You

Siren Song


Sit Beside Me

Sky Diamonds


Sleep, My Baby

Sleep Came Gently

Sleep Fast

Sleepers Awake


Sliding Between Dreams

Slink Past Me Death

Slip Gently Into Night

Slip Past The Dragon

Slip Silent Spirit

Slip Softly Away

Slip Softly Past Sad Memory

Small Pleasures


Smelling Life

Smile Maker

Smiling Eyes

Sneaky Happiness



Soft Loving

Soft Rain

Soft Twilight Wind

Soft Wind Of The Ghost

Softly Sing Your Song

Softly Spoke The Wind

Softly Spoken Lies

Soldier Dying

Some Days
Some Days The Words Are There

Some Light

Some Loves Die Hard

Someone To Hold Me

Something Good Is Coming

Something In The Air

Something With Me

Something's In The Air

Sometimes There Is No Word

Song At Waking

Song In The Wind


Soothing Moonlight

Sorrow  (Great sorrow oft will over...)

Sorrow (There’s no word for the...)

Sorrow, My Love

Soul Flight

Soul Flowers
Soul Lovers

Soul Of Mine

Soul Song

Soul Wind


Souls On Fire



Southern Woman

Sparkling Winedrops

Speak Freely

Speak Gently To The Night Wind

Speak Into The Dark

Speak Kindly

Speak Soft Life

Speak Softly

Speak Softly In The Twilight

Speak Softly To The Wind

Spirit Kiss

Spirits In The Woods

Spirit Lover

Spring Coming

Spring Coming Soon

Spring Sunshine


Stand  (Stand....Let no man move you)
Stand  (Will good men make a stand)

Stand  (If I do not stand and fight)

Stand Against The Wind

Stand Fast

Stand Fast Against The Storm

Stand Firm

Stand Proud

Stand Up To Life

Star Bound

Star Lover

Star Ride

Star Toucher

Star Whispers  




Starlight Dreaming

Starlight Love

Starlight Shadows


Starstuff  (We are made of starstuff)

Starstuff  (Man reaches upward for)

Start Again

Start The Music

Stealing You

Step Into My Mind

Step Lightly Past My Door


Stolen Love

Stop And Look At Me

Stopping At The Enemy’s Grave


Storm Coming

Storm Riders

Strange Language In My Brain

Stranger Souls


Strength From Sadness

Stuck Words

Summer Night

Summer Rain


Sun Kiss   

Sunbeam  (Long Version)

Sunbeam  (short)    

Sunbeam Rider


Sunrise, Let Me Drink You In


Surging Life


Swallowing Sunshine

Sweat Of God’s Brow

Sweet Bird Of Youth 

Sweet Chariot

Sweet Elusive Sleep

Sweet Lust  (Sweet lust oozes o'er)

Sweet Lust  (Sweet lust overcame me)

Sweet Maggie

Sweet Sally Sleeping

Sweet Silence (I crawl into the silence

Sweet Silence (Sweet Silence, I can)

Sweet Sin

Sweet Summer Rain

Sweet Soul Slipping By

Sweet Sounds

Sweet Words

Sword Of Hope


Take Me

Take Me With You

Take Shelter In The Night

Take Your Breath Away

Talk To Me

Tarry Not

Taste Me  (Taste me, let me feed you)

Taste Me  (Taste me, taste my desire)

Taste The Morning

Taste The Sun

Tasting Her

Tasting Life   (Life has different flavors)

Tasting Life   (He awoke and tasted life)

Tasting My Love Words

Tasting My Words

Tasting Secrets In The Wind

Tasting You

Tears At Twilight

Tears In The River (A Song)

Tell Me

Tell Me That You Love Me

Tell me Winter's Over

Tell Me Your Troubles

Telling My Story

Temporary Victor


Temptress Night


That Cloud There

That Moon

That Star Up There

That Star Up There Is Mine

That Sun

There Is No Death In Dying

These Are Not Tears

They Who Ride The Storm

They're Coming

Things I Left Behind

Things I Lost Along The Way

Think Of Spring

This Day

This House Is Falling Down

This Illusion

This Is Your Life

This Life

This Moment (This moment I am here)

This Moment (I'll hold this moment in..)

This Moment In The World

This November

This Planet Is My Place Of Birth


Thoughts I Cannot Rhyme


Thunder And Lightning


Tigress, My Lover


Time's Frenzied Dance



Tired And Weary

Tired Soul

To A Dying Comrade

To A Dying Friend

To A Love Long Past

To An Injured Friend

To Be A Man

To Be Alone

To Brave Charybdis' Strait

To Change My Land

To Hold The Rose

To Kill The Dragon

To My Daughter

To My Enemy

To My Growing Child

To Risk In Love And Lose

To See You

To Tame The Word

To The Enemies Of My People

To The New Child

To The Islamic State “Caliphate”

To The Terrorist

To The Woman I Forgot To Tell "I Love

To The Woman Who Took My Youth

To Those Who Cross My Mind

Today   (Today I am alive)

Today   (Today the dragon I will fight)

Today I Didn't Die

Today I Lived Full

Today I Saw The Sun Rise Bright
Today Is All I Own

Today's A Day Of Cheer
Today You I Embrace

Today Will Be A Good Day

Together  (Lay your head upon my chest)

Together  (At best times we all act tog...)

Together For Eternity

Toll For Me, Bell

Torches In Eternity's Mist



Touch Me  (Touch me. Let your fingertips)

Touch me  (Touch me softly with your..)

Touch Me In The Morning

Touch Me Softly

Touching You

Touching You In The Morning

Trade As Friends

Transmigration Of A Soul


Treasured Days

Trust In My Fellow Man


Trying To Break Through


Tumbling Teardrops




The Abandoned House

The Abandoned Photograph

The Abyss

The Ambush

The Amateur Sinner

The Angel From My Nightmare

The Angel In The Cloud

The Angel Waking

The Angel's Shadow

The Angry Wind God

The Arena

The Artist’s Eyes

The Attack

The Autumn Wind

The Awaited

The Awakening

The Baby's Cry

The Ballad of Wichita Bill

The Balloon

The Bang

The Bath

The Beaten And The Damned

The Beauty Of His Last Breath

The Beauty That Men Do

The Beggar's Smile

The Beginning

The Being Inside Of Me

The Big Cat's Track

The Bird

The Bird's Song

The Black Dog

The Blind Boy

The Blind Girl

The Blinking Light

The Boar  (I ride the red-eyed boar)

The Boar  (The boar stood silent on the)

The Body Human

The Boot

The Bottle

The Bravest Man

The Break

The Breath Taken

The Bridge

The Bright Star

The Bubble
The Bug

The Butterfly

The Butterfly's Secret

The Button

The Carousel

The Castle

The Catwalk

The Cave

The Chair

The Challenge

The Charge

The Child's Hand

The Circle Closes

The Click

The Closing Door

The Cloud's Gaze

The Clown

The Club Of Lost Souls

The Company Of My Kind

The Compromise

The Conscious Mind Of Man

The Cosmos' Beat

The Courtesan

The Coward

The Coyote

The Crippled Warrior

The Cries Of A Dying Star

The Crossing

The Crossover

The Crow

The Current

The Curve Of Her Back

The Cycle

The Dance

The Dancing Girl

The Dark

The Dawnwalker

The Day

The Day Love Was Born

The Dead Patrol

The Dead Soldier

The Deaf Boy's Music
The December Woman

The Declaration
The Desert

The Devil's Breath

The Devil’s Water

The Devine Conversation

The Disappearing Path

The Door  (The Path was not well-trod)

The Door  (The door was open, I came in)

The Dragon

The Dragon Comes

The Dragon's Eye

The Dragon’s Maw

The Dream Place

The Dreamer

The Dried Flower

The Eagle Falling

The Ear

The Elusive Word

The Ember

The Empty Cave

The Empty Grave

The End Of Things

The Endless Revolution

The Enemy Within

The Eye

The Face Of War

The Failed Haunting

The Fall  (I feel the air rush past)
The Fall  (She made sure I'd see her)

The Fallen Warrior

The Falling Branch

The Falling Eagle

The Farm

The Farmer

The Fat Girl

The Fat Man

The Fence

The Few

The Field

The Fire    (dedicated to West, TX)

The Fire    (Sparks flew up and high)

The Fire    (for the anti-communist...)

The Fire In Her Eyes

The Flame

The Fleeting Word
The Fog

The Flood

The Fool

The Fork In The Trail

The Found Key

The Foundling

The Fountain

The Fury

The Gallows

The Garden Or The Stars

The Gate

The General of Gran Cielo

The Ghost

The Gift

The Good Thief

The Graveyard

The Gray Stone

The Great Fire Of Our Being

The Great Wind

The Greatest Miracle

The Hand   (It was only the hand that I..)

The Hand   (The old prisoner wiped away)

The Hanged Man

The Hanging Tree

The Hangman

The Hard Man's Soft Love

The Hat

The Hawk

The Heartbeat

The Heartbeat Of The Universe

The Heat Of Being

The Heat Of The Night

The Hero  (What does he have)

The Hero  (The medal gleamed so)

The Hidden Man

The Hidden Word

The Hiding Verse

The Hill

The Hole In The Universe

The Homecoming

The Hooker

The Horror

The Horror In My Eyes

The Hour

The House On The Bad Side Of Town

The Howling

The Howling Wind

The Human Spirit

The Hunt
The Hush

The Idea

The Island

The Janitor

The Jihadi Stabbed Me

The Journey

The Joy Of The Journey

The Jungle, My Friend

The Jungle Night

The Key

The Killing Field

The Kiss

The Laggard

The Lame Dog

The Last Battle

The Last Dawn

The Last Fight

The Last Flower

The Last Goodbye

The Last Leaf On The Tree

The Last Moon I'll See

The Last Of It

The Last Spark

The Last Tear

The Last Time I Saw Sophie

The Laugh

The Leader

The Leaf

The Left Eye Of God

The Left-Handed Hoplite

The Lesser Star

The Lie

The Life I've Led

The Life Spark's Dimming

The Light Inside You

The Limp

The Little Cloud

The Little King

The Little Knight

The Little Sin

The Locked Door

The Loneliness Of Holy Things

The Long Curve Of Your Spine

The Long Way Home

The Look

The Lottery Ticket

The Love I Missed

The Lover Who Saved Me

The Lynch Mob

The Magus

The Man Beside Me

The Man I Was

The Man In The Picture

The Man On The Trail

The Man Under The Tree

The Marble

The Mask

The Meeting Place

The Memory   (The memory shone dim)

The Memory   (There's a memory growing)

The Mercenary Soldier

The Mexican Woman

The Minor Poet

The Minute

The Missed Flight

The Mob

The Moment  (The Moment is what...)

The Moment  (This would not come again)

The Monster In My Eyes

The Moon’s Howl

The Moonlit Desert

The Morning Of The Signing

The Morning Sun

The Mountain

The Mountaintop

The Muse

The Muse As A Girl

The Music

The Music Box

The Mystic

The Names

The Names Of God

The Needle

The New Kind Is Born

The New Man**     [=original version]

The New Man**     [=newer version]

The Next Step

The Night Fighter

The Night Knows

The Night Moves In Me

The Night’s Secret

The Nightwatchman

The Old Beauty

The Old Cowboy

The Old Lion

The Old Man

The Old Man Died

The Old Man's Scars

The Old Man's Welcome

The Old Veteran

The Only Chance

The Open Gate

The Opened Heart

The Orphaned Thought

The Other Side Of Dawn

The Paladin   

The Panther Inside You

The Parts of Me

The Passerby

The Past

The Patch

The Path

The Path Better Seen

The Path I Once Trod

The Path I Walk

The Peaceful Night

The People In My Dreams

The Picture

The Place Where God Hides

The Place Where Souls Are Born

The Poem Of Your Life

The Poet

The Poet As Fool

The Poet Speaks In Rhymes

The Poet's World By Starlight

The Poetry Of Your Fingers’ Touch

The Posse

The Price Of Refuge

The Protector

The Quick Tear

The Quiet

The Rabbit (The eyes were wide with fear)

The Rabbit (The rabbit looked me in the)

The Raid  

The Rain   (The rain slapped me awake)

The Rain   (I felt the rain wash over me)

The Rain People

The Rainbow

The Rain Came

The Rains Came

The Reason   (I am alive for a reason)

The Reason   (Some days I only sit and)

The Reason For Creation

The Reasons

The Red Dress

The Red-Eyed Beast

The Red Horseman

The Red Sun

The Red Wolf

The Revelation

The Rhinoceros

The River  

The River's Dare

The Road Kill

The Rock Outside My Door

The Rung Bell

The Sad-Eyed Whore

The Sad Reflection  

The Scar

The Scar On My Face

The Scarred Man

The Scream  (It rolled in long notes from)

The Scream  (The universe gave out a...)

The Searcher

The Second Bottle Of Mescal

The Secret Place   

The Seed

The Selfish Part Of Me

The Sentinel

The Serpent’s Tooth

The Shadow

The Shared Smile

The Shared Umbrella

The Ship Of Life

The Shootist

The Sigh

The Signal

The Signature

The Silence  (The silence spoke to me)
The Silence  (I sit here in the silence)

The Silent

The Slave

The Smell Of War

The Smile

The Smile On Ivan's Face

The Sniper

The Softness Of A Sad Soul

The Soldier Come Home

The Soldier's Eyes

The Soldier’s Grandmother

The Soldier's Letter

The Soldier’s Moon

The Song

The Song Of Life

The Sorrow Eater

The Soul Inside Me

The Sound

The Sound Of One Hand Clapping

The Sound Of Starlight

The Space In My Heart

The Spark

The Spark Inside

The Sparkle In the Blind Man's Eyes

The Sparkle In Your Eyes

The Spirit Is Free

The Stand

The Star

The Star Looked Back

The Starred Night Sky

The Storm   (I defy your fiery spears)

The Storm   (Storm looked down upon)

The Storm's Gift

The Storm's Love

The Story Of The Flame

The Stranger

The Street

The Sun And I Rising

The Sun Came Out

The Sun Will Shine Again

The Sunrise In Your Eyes

The Supper

The Sweet Smell Of A Shooting Star


The Tear  (The sights lined up, the target)

The Tear  (The tear welled slowly in the eye)

The Tear In Your Eye

The Teardrop

The Tempest

The Thief

The Thought  

The Thought Shared

The Touch Of Jeanne d’Arc

The Track

The Treasure That Is A Friend

The Tree Where God Sings

The Trees

The Tunnel

The Turning

The Tyrant

The Unblown Balloon

The Universe Inside Me

The Universe Is Watching Me

The Unopened Door

The Valentine

The Veteran

The Victor

The Vision

The Voice

The Vote

The Vulture Circles

The War Knife

The Warm Breath Of God

The Warrior’s Lives

The Wasted Moment

The Watchful Ghost

The Wave

The Whaler

The Whirlpool

The Whirlwind

The Whistler

The Whore

The Widow And Her Boys

The Wild Inside

The Wind

The Wind's Secret

The Window

The Wing

The Winter Moon

The Wishing Well

The Wolf And The Flower

The Wolf Cub

The Wolf's Song

The Wolves Came Whispering

The Womb

The Wonder

The Wonder Of This Tree

The Woodland Path

The Word

The Word In Hiding

The Word That Saves Me

The World Twirled On My Finger

The Worldbeat

The Wound

The Wounded Angel

The Wrong End Of The Telescope


Uncle Billy

Under A Moon Cloud

Under Passion's Sun

Unseen Arms


Vampire Streets

Vanished Fear
Vanishing Dawn




Vigilante Del Pueblo


Voices In The Quiet



Wages Of Sin

What I've Done Is Done

Waiting At The Gate

Waiting For The Fighting

Wailing Wind

Waiting   (The same table every night)

Waiting   (He would wait until the dawn)

Waiting For The Storm To Pass

Waiting For The Sun

Waiting For The Thunder

Wake Me   (Wake me up when it's all done)

Wake Me   (Wake me when this life is done)

Wake Me If I Sleep

Wake Me In The Morning

Wake The Courage

Wake Up Now


Waking Among The Dead

Waking To Thoughts On John Donne

Walk Boldly Into The Sun

Walk Into The Storm With Me

Walk Into The Sun

Walk Softly Past My Window

Walk With Me

Walk With Me Awhile

Walk With Me Now

Wander With Me


War Drum

War Flowers

War Song

War Wind



Warrior Duty  (sing to me of the beauty)
Warrior Of The YPG

Warrior Seed

Warrior’s Blood

Warrior’s Lament

Warriors' Graves

Was Don Quixote Mad?

Wayward Child

We Are A Tear From Heaven's Eye

We Are Born With A Seed God-Sown

We Are Dancing In The Dark

We Are Humans

We Are Starlight

We Lonely People

We Who Are About To Die

Weary   (I am so tired and weary)

Weary   (I am tired….Life is heavy)

Wedding Poem For Christian and Sommer

Welcome To My Mind

West Wind

West Wind Blow

What Am I

What Happens To Other Living Things

What Have I Done?

What Hides Inside

What Is My Mother Now

What Is Waiting In Your Heart

What The Tiger Eats

What Was She?

What You Can Take


When Did I Awaken

When Great Nations Die

When He Touched Her

When I First Saw You

When Last The Sun He Spoke To Me

When Life Screams Out My Name

When Loneliness Comes

When Momma Went Away
When Shall I Take You

When She And I Were One

When We Met

Where Am I Going

Where Are The Cowboys

Where Beauty Lies

Where Charlie Hides

Where Demons Hide

Where The Stars Hide

Where Tigers Roam

Where Was I

Where Wisdom Hides


Whirling Change

Whisper Me Awake

Whisper Softly



Whispers On The Wind

Whistle A Wind

Whistle Along This Walk With Me

Who Will Stop The Rain

Who Will Take My Memories
Why      (Is there a reason I am here?)

Why?    (I wake in the night)

Why Are You Not Me?

Why Did You Go?

Why Did You Make Me, Lord?

Wild Horses

Wild Love

Wild Roses

Wild Wind Blowing

Will I Overcome Despair

Will Life's Red-Eyed Trials Defeat Me?

Will You Be Here In The Morning

Will You Stop The Rain

Will You Tell Me

Wind Flower

Wind Follower

Wind Music

Wind Rider

Wind Singing

Wind Whispers




Wine Of Happiness

Winning You

Winter Rain

Winter Sky

Winter Solstice

Winter Sounds

Winter Wind

Winter's Ghost

Wisdom In An Old Man's Eyes

Wish I Was An Angel

Wisps In The Wind

With My Eyes Closed

With My Verses I'll Seduce You


Woman In The Mist

Woman Of The Night

Woman Unleashed
Woman's Day

Wondering If I Should Carry On




Wordless Verse


Words, Come Heal Me

Words Fail

Words From My Pen

Words Spoken

World Of Wonder

Worlds   (Sometimes I look deep inside)

Worlds   (This world holds only lightly)



Wounded Warrior

Wounding Words

Wrap Yourself In Life



Yesterday Once Was Tomorrow

Yesterday Was A Good Day

You Are A Lovely Dream

You Are Kin

You Are Lightning

You Are More

You Came Through A Dream

You Complete The World

Your Back

Your Body In Love's Heat

Your Burning Skin

Your Eyes

Your Flesh

Your Foot

Your Friend

Your Hair

Your Hands

Your Lips    (I see the red flesh tremble)

Your Lips    (Your lips are succulent berries)

Your Skin

Your Star

Your Toes

Your Trembling Body

You Touch Me While I Sleep

Youth's Wisdom



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