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I Am The Storm
Happy Morning

By Carl Martin Johnson

I awoke early this morning,
Feeling Life sweet in my veins.
A fresh and new me borning,
Free of my old pains.

Dawn sun kissed my face.
Morning breeze caressed me.
Wrapped me in a fond embrace,
As if the gods had blessed me.

No reason could I find
For the happiness I was feeling.
Pure beauty filled my mind.
The world its heart revealing.

Tomorrow will be the same.
I’ve found the cosmos’ heart,
It makes me glad I came.
Now I know that I’m a part
Of Life’s wondrous game.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Will good men make a stand
When invaders push us hard?
Before vandals raze our land,
Will they at last stand guard?

Will our way of life be ended,
Our progeny denied its fruits.
Will those we’ve carelessly befriended
Poison the Tree of Liberty’s roots?

The enemy’s within our gates.
Our good hearts support them.
We risk our children’s fates
If we do not abort them.

So take up shield and spear!
Fellow patriots unite!
Protect what we hold dear!
For God and country fight!




By Carl Martin Johnson

My body serves my soul.
That is the reason for its being.
Without it I’m still whole.
Its loss is my spirit’s freeing.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Billy Magic was a happy boy.
He spread cheeriness around him.
You could almost smell the joy
Anywhere you found him.

There were those who ignored him,
Though he tried to make them smile.
But the young ones all adored him.
They liked Billy Magic’s style.

Children felt him passing by,
Yet never saw him there,
Save those with a quick sharp eye
Who noted a whirling in the air.

The animals all knew him.
They went wild when he grew near.
Dogs and cats would jump right through him.
They could tell he held them dear.

From Billy gladness flew.
His soul was always giving.
Just as it used to do
When Billy Magic was still living.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I see a raindrop dripping,
Rolling down my windowpane.
I see its wet life slipping.
It will never come again.

It was born from a dark cloud’s womb,
Growing fatter ‘til it fell.
It chose my window as its tomb.
And went on to stormy hell.

It lived but a minute.
Did it fear death, I wonder?
Or was existence and all in it
Only a world of flash and thunder?



By Carl Martin Johnson

I escape into my mind
When I need to be alone.
That is where I find
A world that’s just my own.

There I find all I know,
All I’ve ever learned.
There is where I grow,
My memories deep burned.

God often meets me there.
He comforts my tired soul.
Our conversation is a prayer
That makes my spirit whole.

But I cannot forever hide.
I must return and do my part.
After my time inside,
I go back with a healthy heart.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Let my living have some worth.
the world better for me.
Let the time I have on earth
Give pride to her who bore me.

I will enter the demon’s cave
To destroy the evil there.
God grant that I be brave,
And for my own life have no care.

Against all enemies I will guard.
Never shall I yield.
Every child will be my ward,
Safe behind my sword and shield.

I take oath to do my best.
I will walk this life with pride.
Should I fail when put to test,
I vow I will have tried.




By Carl Martin Johnson

If I fall before you, Brother,
Pick up my gun and fight.
We must stand with one another.
Together we have might.

To those who would defeat us,
We must show our sharpened steel.
Dare the evil ones to meet us.
Crush their hearts beneath our heel.

We must fight while we have breath.
The enemy’s at the gate.
The struggle is to the death.
God of Love vs. God of Hate.



By Carl Martin Johnson

The day the soldier saw what’s true
Was the day he lost his eyes.
At first he thought his life was through.
But he was dealt a fine surprise.

He could no longer see the dawn,
Or the while glow of the moon.
His view of all outside was gone,
Yet he could better hear the tune.

What he touched with his finger,
Grass on his naked feet.
He let the sensations linger
The new experience was sweet.

Each breath that he took in
Passed his nostrils crisp and clear.
He could feel the life begin
Sense the energy appear.

This wound he would survive.
He would heal and learn to grow.
A new way to be alive.
Now his soul he’d come to know.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Today you I embrace,
Be you enemy or friend.
We share the human race.
We’ll be together in the end.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I saw the demon rage,
Tearing into tortured souls.
The monster fled his cage,
Freed from all controls.

His fangs were sharp with hate,
Eyes red with murderer’s blood.
Mankind has opened wide Hell’s Gate,
As Satan never could.

Weak spirits filled his maw,
Drained of Heaven’s grace.
Torn by tooth and claw.
Raw terror on each face.

He preyed upon Man’s sin.
Grew strong on human loss.
But the demon did not win.
I stabbed him with a Cross.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Some nights I choose a single star
And pin to it my dreams.
I select from the celestial bazaar
Of brilliant starlight streams.

I make the stellar light my friend,
Asking to share its spark,
And beg its magic fire will lend
To warm me in the dark.

It lifts me in embrace,
Setting my sad soul aglow.
I kiss its lovely face,
While I look on the world below.

I store its wonder in my mind,
Along with those before.
When my sad heart feels confined,
They will make my spirit soar.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I am the storm,
The roar of thunder.
Upon evil I rain harm.
Watch ye and wonder.

Run, demons, from my lightning.
Beware the white-hot flash.
To the godless I am frightening.
They know well my flaming lash.

Beware my awesome deluge.
Each drop a molten spear.
From their sting there is no refuge.
Their wounds bring mortal fear.

My wind is hurricane,
Sweeping tyrants from my path.
Inflicting grievous pain
With my all-righteous wrath.

I am the darkening cloud.
If you see me be afraid.
Run fast with your head bowed.
By me is God’s reckoning made.
By Carl Martin Johnson

I’m stumbling through this morning haze
Toward the sound of fighting.
I fear I’ve reached the end of days.
Coward’s fangs are biting.

The fog is thick..I can’t see.
That is for the best.
If I saw the weapons aimed at me,
I might not pass the test.

A round just took my brother down.
The medic’s at his side.
I wish I could crawl into the ground.
But I’m too proud to hide.

I’ll keep moving straight ahead,
Ignore the bullets snapping.
Tomorrow’s dawn may find me dead,
Or the Reaper could be napping.

By Carl Martin Johnson

A feather fell out of the sky.
I could not see the bird.
I pray God it did not die
Before its song was heard.

I hope it saw good on the earth
Wherever it flew past,
And pregnant beauty giving birth
To fine things that would last.

Sweet winds of freedom lift it aloft,
Above Life’s raging storm.
Landing sites secure and soft,
Safe from who would harm.

Never imprisoned in a cage,
Kept as pet or slave.
To captors showing God’s own rage.
For freedom’s fight full brave.

For, where dropped a feather flew a bird,
With wings all men admire,
Carrying it up to find the Word
Which will take Man with it higher.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Speak softly in the twilight
Before the sun has risen.
Before we’re seen in morning light,
Tell quietly of your prison.

Say what you hold inside,
Words fearful of the day,
Desires that you must hide,
Love secrets tucked away.

I will whisper magic verses
That will soothe away your pain.
Free forbidden feelings from curses,
And give you joy again.

Passion explodes as our eyes meet.
No words need be spoken.
We will make our love complete
Before the dawn has broken.


By Carl Martin Johnson

It was a rather homely bug,
Handsome only to its kind.
Deserving no more than a shrug
Before I banished it from my mind.

Then he turned my way and stared
With his many shiny eyes,
As if to say this life we shared.
That took me by surprise.

I nearly mouthed a greeting,
Not wishing to offend.
It seemed that this chance meeting
Would result in a new friend.

It appeared the bug was thinking,
If bugs can think at all..
Our minds were somehow linking
Like a weak long distance call.

Inside me I could hear
A kind of song the bug was singing.
The words not very clear,
But I got the message it was bringing.

I knew what friend bug meant.
We were both a part of Being.
Each here by God’s consent.
At last this I was seeing.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Her candle burned but brief,
Yet glowed golden comet bright.
Death snuck up like a thief,
Turning her day to night.

But the light she shared stayed on,
Leaving loving warmth behind.
Memory of her life like dawn,
Rising often in my mind.

A life’s length is not its worth,
Nor is age alone a treasure.
What a person’s done on earth
Adds up to their measure.

The unselfish aid they’ve spread,
The kindness that they gave,
Saves them being to us dead,
And stands monument over their grave.

I still see her smile
On every happy face.
I pray that in a while
I’ll again feel her embrace.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I blinked and life was gone.
And it does not seem right.
I just saw the dawn,
Now quickly comes the night.

There are lips yet to be kissed,
Fine words I have not spoken,
Memories I have missed,
Hearts to be unbroken.

I guess I had my chance.
Life’s not been unfair.
I would’ve liked a longer dance,
But I’ve had my music’s share.


By Carl Martin Johnson

All my fears have vanished.
I frightened them away.
To Hades they’ve been banished.
Hell is where they’ll stay.

There is no bullet that can hurt me.
What I am is deep inside.
My soul will live should my body desert me.
I will not end because I’ve died.

Yes, I can feel great pain.
But only in my soul.
Though blood gushes from my vein,
My spirit remains whole.

So, enemy do your worst.
I scorn your cuts and bruises.
With coward’s fear uncursed.
My soul defeat refuses.

By Carl Martin Johnson

There lurks a secret in my genes,
Going far back to the cave.
I dream prehistoric scenes
Where I’m more animal than brave.

Fear was brief and forgotten soon.
I attacked enemies with bloodlust.
To coward’s disease I was immune.
I viewed those who ran with disgust.

Imbedded in my DNA,
Hides a thing primitive and wild.
Though generations far away,
I am still the caveman’s child.

It lies deep in every warrior’s blood,
Part of us one and all.
From before old Noah’s flood,
We are bred from Neanderthal.
By Carl Martin Johnson

Do lovers reunite
When both of them have died,
When they have reached the Light
When they’re on the Other Side?

Do they again embrace
As once they did on earth?
Or, overwhelmed by God’s bright face,
Are they immersed in their Rebirth?

Their own fire not reignited,
Will they be aware?
Their passion unrequited,
Although it seems unfair?

I prefer to think they love,
As on earth, but more intensely.
Shared with God, or grace thereof,
Their passion grown immensely.

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