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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


Below is a list of my LOVE SONG poems in alphabetical order, just click on them to read.

© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

A Character In Your Dream

A Kiss

A Kiss By Moonlight

A Kiss Goodbye
A Lovely Woman Died

A Love I Did Not Know

A Man Of Gentle Temper

A Plea To Passion

A Poet For Your Lover

A Poet To His Muse

A Pretty Woman's Tear

A Private Sin

A Secret

A Star For You
A Teardrop

A Woman In My Arms


Alexander's Woman

All My Loves


Alone At The End Of The Dance

Alone Is Who I Am

Are You Real?

Arousing You

As She Passed By

Autumn Moonspill


Back Door Man

Bayou Night

Be My Friend

Beauty In Dawn's Mist

Black Cat

Blaze Of Our Hearts

Blue Dress

Blue Skies In My Mind

Breathe Her Name Softly

Breathe Your Love

Breathing Out Her Heat


Brief Candle



Candy Man

Celebrate This Breath

Chasing You

Coloring My Dreams

Come A Little Closer

Come Back, Hope

Come Dine With Me

Come Drink My Wine

Come In From The Cold

Come Inside

Come To Me, Muse

Come With Me Into My Dreams



Damn The Lies!




Deliver Me From Evil


Desire's Dragon

Desires And Demons

Devil Walking
Dewdrops On September Morn

Diana's Bed

Did I Cause That Tear

Do I Know You?

Do You Feel Me

Don't Say

Dream Lover
Dream Lust


Dreaming I Bought Mona Lisa

Dreams That Disappoint

Dressed Only In Our Laughter



End At The Beginning



Eyes Of A Blind Poet



Fading Beauty

Far Away

Farewell, My Lovely

Feast Of Love

Feel Me


Find Me


First Love's Flame

Fleeting Loves

Flower In Full Bloom


For You


From Afar


Get Back Temptation

Go Your Own Way

Good Sins




Haunted By A Face

Have You Seen My Love's Heart?

Have You Seen My Sweetheart


Heat   (Heat rises as our bodies slide)

Heat   (Heat is cursing through me..)

Heaven's Portal


Her  (The sidewalk crouches at her feet

Her  (Her soul glows through her eyes)

Her Baby's Father

Her Beauty Betrays Her

Her Eyes

Her Laughter

Her Lips  (Her lips were moist with...)

Her Lips  (I found heaven on her lips)

Her Look

Her Song

Her Touch

Her Walk

Hide In My Heart With Me

Him Or Me?

Hold Me

Hold My Hand

Holding Back The Dawn

Hollywood Lights

How Could You Know
Hunting For Love



I Am Sin

I Did Not Want To Wake You

I Dreamed You Alive

I Dreamt A Dream

I Have Seen Your Face In Winter

I Left A Letter For You

I Looked Out At The World Today

I Lost Someone

I Saw You

I See You

I See You In The Dawn

I Touch You

I Want Your Touch

I Will Lie With You In Flowers

I Will Meet You

I Will Worship With My Lips

I Write To Touch Your Heart

If I Loved You

If I'm Not Here In The Morning

If We Kiss, Will Then You Tell?

If You Are Leaving

If You Kiss Me  (A Song)

If You Love Me, Say

If Your Soul Unites With Mine


In A Dream

In My Heart

In The End

In The Glow Of Dawn

In The Night Rain

In Your Eyes

Initials In The Tree


Inside You

Is It You


Jolly Maggie

Just Get Me Through The Night


Kiss Me Beneath the Autumn Moon

Kiss Me If You Dare

Kiss Me In The Morning



Lifetimes Ago

Lift My Heart

Lips Of Fire

Lonely Days Are Gone

Lonely Man's Mask

Look And See Me

Look For Me In The Sunset

Look Into My Eyes

Looking For You

Lost Chance

Love And Cold

Love, Briefly

Love I Have Not Met

Love In Anger

Love Is Today

Love Late

Love Lust

Love Walks Away

Love Words

Love's Flame

Love's Last Dance

Lover Friend

Lover In The Night Storm

Lovers In Heaven

Lovers' New Year


Mama Grande

Memory Of Love In Spring Grass

Memory Of Thanksgiving Past

Mend My Heart



Midnight Eyes

Mix Your Words With Mine

Mommy's Star

Montana Wind

Moondust And Teardrops

Morning With My Love

My Angel Lover

My Disguise

My Lips Will Give You Pleasure

My Lost Soul

My Love Sleeping

My Love's Touch

My Lover's Tempest

My Mouth Will Serve And Praise

My Passion Refined

My Raindrop

My River Lover

My Tattered Face

My Tongue's Touch

My Words To You


Nectar On Your Lips

New Eyes

No One Can Hear Us

Not Magic


Old Song

Old Love


Only Love Endures

Our Bodies Touching



Passion Of Lovers' Souls

Passion's Bed

Passion's Dragon

Passion's Flame

Past Lovers  (Your past will always..)

Past Lovers  (All the lovers in your..}


Phantom Lover

Polly's Eyes


Puppy Love

Put Your Hands On Me



Red Dress Woman



Ride A Star With Me

Ride Me

River Girl

Rock Me In Your Arms

Roll Past Me, River

Romancing Life

Rose Moon


Run Away With Me

Running In The Shadows




Save A Place

Secret Love   (My lover is not mine)

Secret Love   (My lover's lips are..)



Shared Smile


She Bathes In Moonlight

She Comes To Me In Moonlight


She Moves In Beauty

She Walks In Darkness

She walks on the wild side


Sinning Fun With You

Siren Song  (In the depths of night)

Sirensong  (She calls me in the night)

Sit Beside Me


Slip Softly Away

Smiling Eyes

Soft Loving

Soft Rain

Softly Spoken Lies

Some Days

Some Loves Die Hard

Someone To Hold Me

Sorrow, My Love

Soul Lovers

Speak Softly

Speak Softly In The Twilight

Speak Softly To The Wind

Spirit Kiss

Star Lover


Starlight Love


Stealng You

Stolen Love

Strength From Sadness

Summer Rain

Sweet Lust  (Sweet lust oozes o'ver)

Sweet Lust  (Sweet lust overcame)

Sweet Silence 

Sweet Sin

Sweet Words


Take Me

Take your breath away

Talk To Me

Taste Me  (Taste me, let me feed you

Taste Me  (Taste me, taste my desire

Tasting Her

Tasting My Love Words

Tasting You

Tears At Twilight

Tears In The River  (A Song)

Tell Me

Tell Me That You Love Me


Temptress Night

This November

Tigress, My Lover

To A Love Long Past

To Be Alone

To Risk In Love And Lose

To See You

To The Woman I Forgot To Tell
    "I Love You"

To The Woman Who Took
     My Youth


Together For Eternity

Toll For Me, Bell

Touch Me    (Touch me. Let your
     fingertips run smooth)

Touch Me  (Touch me softly with..)

Touch Me In The Morning

Touch Me Softly

Touching You

Touching You In The Morning

Tumbling Teardrops


The Bath

The Beginning

The Blind Girl

The Break

The Button

The Courtesan

The Coward

The Curve Of Her Back

The Dancing Girl

The December Woman

The Dream Place

The Dried Flower

The Ear

The Ember

The Fall  (She made sure I'd see her)

The Farm

The Farmer

The Fire In Her Eyes

The Hard Man's Soft Love

The Heat Of The Night

The Hooker

The House On The Bad Side Of

The Kiss

The Last Tear

The Limp

The Long Curve Of Your Spine

The Look

The Lover Who Saved Me

The Meeting Place

The Memory (There's a memory)

The Mexican Woman

The Muse

The Muse As A Girl

The Old Beauty

The Old Man's Scars

The Panther Inside You

The Picture

The Poetry Of Your Fingers' Touch

The Price Of Refuge

The Quiet

The Red Dress

The River
The Searcher

The Secret Place

The Shared Umbrella

The Soldier's Moon

The Space In My Heart

The Sparkle In Your Eyes

The Sunrise In Your Eyes

The Tear In Your Eye

The Teardrop

The Thief

The Valentine

The Widow And Her Boys

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