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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

Mend My Heart


By Carl Martin Johnson

From a land that was not real,
In dreamtime the woman came.
Her gossamer gown did not conceal.
A soft whisper was her name.

She lay in flowers at my feet.
Her bright eyes seeking mine.
Full lips parting moist to greet,
To tempt me with love’s wine.

I knelt down, transfixed, by her side.
She reached up to touch my face.
Her hand took hold of mine to guide
Over every lovely place.

Through her robe I felt her heat,
The passion of her throbbing heart.
Vibrant life in primal beat,
Warming well her every part.

Behind my neck her soft hand slid.
Pulled me in ‘til our mouths met.
Then the magic that she did
Led to passion I can’t forget.

It was over when I awoke.
I opened my eyes and she was gone.
It was enchantment, a sorcerer’s joke.
I was left alone to carry on.



By Carl Martin Johnson

My love lives by the river,
Her feet bathe in its flow.
All I have I want to give her,
But she always tells me “no”.

She teases with her green eyes,
Her lovely breast exposes,
Allows a peek at soft white thighs,
Cheeks blushing pink as roses.

The sun glows golden in her hair,
Rippling in the summer wind.
I wish I could lie with her there.
I cannot, but I pretend.

But this night in my dreams
I will hold her in my arms.
Lit by soft moonbeams,
I will enjoy her lovely charms.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Each one a luscious berry,
Exotic, enticing fruit.
Arousing? They are very.
Things of beauty, more than cute.

I bring them softly to my lips.
Breathe their perfume, blossom sweet.
Taste their nectar in short sips,
Graceful ornaments of your feet.

Now I worship, one by one.
Suck them softly, but with ardor.
Increasing fervor before I’m done.
More affection, nursing harder.

I make you twist and moan,
Struggling to endure the pleasure.
You beg to be left alone,
But I know what you treasure.

Later in the night,
We will make our love complete.
Sharing the delight,
That began on your dear feet.
By Carl Martin Johnson

All beginnings have an ending,
Skyrockets a final burst
Sometimes we waste the time we’re spending
On quenching passion’s thirst.

Love’s race for us is run.
We’ve tried the best we could,
But our affair is done,
And I fear it’s done for good.

Human love maintains the race.
Without it Man would die.
Still, the smile on a lover’s face
Can turn downward, make you cry.

Romance is not the only thing
In Creation that has worth.
Other things can make the heart sing,
In the heavens and on Earth.

There are sunsets to be painted,
Poems to be written
Life must not be tainted
Only because we are smitten.

So let us quit things here,
Before it is too late.
Best now to shed a tear
Than to watch love turn to hate.

In years coming we may find,
While gazing at blue sky,
That this cruel break was kind,
Though we were good once, you and I.
By Carl Martin Johnson

She breathed in the comet’s tail
As it sparkled through the night.
Trying hard not to exhale
So she could keep her spirit bright.

He was late, but would come soon
To their new rendezvous
Under this sliver of new moon,
For an hour’s dream come true.

They had sacrificed their soul
On the altar of romance.
Now their only goal
Was eternal lovers’ dance.

For this love they cheat and lie.
They no longer had control.
To be apart would be to die,
Too unbearable a toll.

One day they would leave,
Though it rip lives apart.
Many held dear would grieve,
But one cannot deny one’s heart.

They would follow where love leads
Be it Heaven, Be it Hell.
They could not deny their needs
Though disaster they foretell.

A knowing voice inside
Tells them this is right,
Even as in shame they hide,
Under cover of the night.

By Carl Martin Johnson

How does a miracle like ours come true?
How could life
be so fine?
Who thought that I could be with you?
That I could make you mine?

At first you were just a glow
On the edges of my vision.
That’s what you still would be, I know,
But for your hard decision.

You showed to me your comely face,
Illumined by soft light within.
Surrounded by an air of grace
That whispered where you’d been.

I always knew that you were there.
You gave comfort when I had pain.
When I felt others were unfair
I knew your friendship would remain.

Then I slowly came to love you,
To look for you each day.
I was always thinking of you,
Praying you would come to stay.

You were an angel, beyond reach.
Still, I would try to know you.
I could learn, if you would teach.
Oh, how I longed to show you.

One night I sensed your touch.
Angel lips were brushing mine.
Pleasure, never dreamed of such,
As when I felt our souls intertwine.

We shared thoughts without speaking,
So close that we were one.
Found the joy all the world was seeking.
This was new love we’d begun.

But, though our spirits were united,
We needed something more.
Or our love would be unrequited.
It was not one we were created for.

Since I could not be like you,
You asked to be like me.
I think all Heaven knew
You and I were meant to be.

Your immortality was traded
For a short life at my side.
Now your angel’s glow has faded,
Yet your beauty is still inside.

Your body is as splendid as your soul.
Erotic prayer is our lovemaking.
Together we are a grander being whole,
And a new species we are making.

We have sparked a child, soon born,
Breath of Angel, Blood of Man.
He will be between our two worlds torn,
Or perhaps a bridging span.

So, my own angel, hold me.
We are part of God’s great plan
Let your spirit wings enfold me,
We are the dawn of a New Man.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I will take you to the field
Where the yellow flowers grow.
I will caress you ‘til you yield
That of you I need to know.

I will kiss your lovely ear,
Listen for your stirred reply,
Whisper words you want to hear
Until I hear your lover’s sigh.

When soft touches turn to fire,
And our bodies start to melt,
I will cover you with desire,
Fill every want that’s felt.

Then we’ll cool in evening breezes,
Your cheek against my chest.
We have done what our love pleases.
Now we grant our bodies rest.



By Carl Martin Johnson

You found me with heart shattered.
Please don’t betray my trust.
All the things that mattered
Lie broken in the dust.

It will mend if you are kind,
If you handle it with care.
If you kiss me you will find
Love still living there.

Perhaps it will grow again.
Glue my heart back whole.
Try hard and you might win
A caring, loving soul.

Chase me if I flee from you.
Run fast as ever you can.
Don’t let my melancholy overcome you.
Don’t let me spoil sweet Eros’ plan.

Convince me it is forever,
That our love will never die,
That you will desert me never,
That you will never make me cry.

I pray you are the lover
That Heaven sent for me,
That I will every day discover
Our great love was meant to be.

Now hold me gently, but with craving.
Carry me far into the sun.
It is both our hearts you’re saving.
We will not be two, but one.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Her midnight eyes seduced me.
Dark pools of liquid fire.
One look into them reduced me
To a slave of wild desire.

She found me in my sleepwalk,
Took my hand and drew me near,
Whispering to me in dreamtalk
That she held me oh so dear.

Through deepest shadows she led me
Into ivory moonlight.
In ceremony secret wed me,
And made our home the reign of night.

To the rhythm of witches’ chorus
We made love in the grass.
Sweet-voiced banshees wailing for us.
I hoped the hours would never pass.

But dawn forced night’s retreat
Back to the world of dreams,
Forcing my mind to meet
What is, and not what seems.

She dissolved slowly in my arms,
Her lilac fragrance fading.
I could not shelter her charms
From the day that was invading.

Her name I never heard,
Yet I felt we were united.
I did not need the word
To know I was invited.

With the sunrise she was gone,
Leaving eyes burning in my heart
When night comes again we’ll carry on
And this time never part.




By Carl Martin Johson

You passed me early today.
You walked close by his side.
I tried not to look your way.
He owned you with such pride.

Last night we lay together,
Your lips moist on my chest,
Your breath soft as a feather,
While your body I caressed.

My heart was torn inside.
How could you stay with him?
My love is too strong to hide.
Is yours only a whim?

Now you come my way again.
This time you don’t turn from me.
Your face reveals our lovers’ sin.
My desires near overcome me.

We burn with passion’s heat,
Fueled more intense by our lies.
But I will no more worry when we meet.
Truth is in your smiling eyes.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I’ll be beside you when you wake.
I’ll hold you when you sleep.
I’ll share every breath you take.
I’ll dry each tear you weep.


When you hunger I will feed you.
When you’re tired I’ll give you rest.
I’ll let you know I need you
And want you with me on Life’s quest.


In the twilight we’ll embrace.
I will kindle your desire.
The longing in my face
Will light your passion’s fire.


When Life’s light grows weak,
Our time here nears its end.
We will have no need to speak.
You’ll know this lover was your friend.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Full, warm-white overhead
Like an old friend smiling down.
Laughing soft as its happiness spread
Over the young man who lay on the ground.

The soldier leaned back on the grass,
Young face nodding back to the moon.
Watching the plump orb pass
Like a slow-moving circus balloon.

He dreamed without closing his eyes.
He did not want to lose the moon’s gaze,
While he conjured up old nighttime skies
Before war….in happier days.

The face of the moon was transformed.
Its features became that of a girl.
He teared and felt his heart warmed
By the memory of a pretty blond curl.

In his mind, he flew up to meet her.
They twirled dancing in the midst of the stars.
Like a princess he wanted to treat her,
As they spun between Venus and Mars.

Then he kissed her goodbye in his dream,
And came back to earth content.
He had ridden back on a moonbeam.
It was the best moment ever he had spent.

He thought up his thanks to the jolly bright sphere.
He had never had such a night.
He would eternally hold this night dear.
A reward at the end of a fight.

Now the guns boomed again all around.
Though they had seemed silent before.
It was odd, he had not heard a sound.
He would try again to mute their fierce roar.

When he pulled the sweet silence back,
He relaxed and looked once more above.
The glow of the moon in the black
Covered him in a blanket of love.

Heavy eyelids began to close.
He thought to rise lest he fall asleep.
Then he jerked like one who suddenly knows
There is an appointment he has to keep.

The blood had emptied in rivers
From the ragged stumps where legs had been.
His body quaked in cold death shiver,
Fighting a battle he could not win.

Still, he smiled up at the moon again,
Grateful for the help in his dying.
It was good to have a friend,
To make such a time less trying.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Some loves die hard,
Crash and splinter on the ground.
Lovers blood on every shard,
Pain and vengeance dripping down.

Sweetest nectar turns to bile,
Vinegar from passion’s wine,
Angry frown from joyful smile
Scars the face was once divine.

How fine the line ‘tween love and hate.
How could such beauty end?
No one who has felt love so great
Could ever be a friend.

Like all hard grief, this too will heal.
But for a time darkness will reign.
The heart too numb, too dead to feel,
And the mind will be insane.

Until one day the sun breaks through,
Shining bright from someone’s eyes.
What was felt once will then renew,
Love will grow where anger dies.

Before that time there is no cure,
No mending what’s torn apart.
The suffering one must endure.
Only love can heal the heart.

By Carl Martin Johnson

I could see only her ear.
Her face was turned away.
It was sufficient to endear,
Enough to make me stay.

She sat alone quite near
In the happy crowded park.
My view of her was clear,
In spite of the growing dark.

The ear was a delicate flower,
Pink petals through auburn hair,
Drawing me with soft power,
Like a gentle cherub prayer.

Graceful lines I yearned to kiss,
Whisper love words in the night.
She turned my sorrow into bliss
With such a lovely sight.

Then she stood and left my world,
And, though I never saw her face,
How her marvelous ear was curled,
Is an image I won’t replace.



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