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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

Red Dress Woman
By Carl Martin Johnson

Love that woman dressed in red.
She soft and sweet and take me to bed.
An’ then she go home.

She jump on me an’ make me glad.
I feel good ‘cause she so bad.
Then she go home.

All night long she break my back,
Make me hear my young bones crack.
‘Fore she go home.

Woman put a smile on my face.
Love me fine all over the place.
No, don’t go home!

Red Dress Woman grab my heart.
When she go, it break apart.
Now she gone home.
By Carl Martin Johnson

A panther lurks inside you.
She lies asleep, do not wake her.
She is there to guide you,
But careful, lest you shake her.

I see her sometimes in your eyes
When you sense danger near.
Your beauty is a fine disguise,
Swift death under soft veneer.

You guard your cub and mate,
You do not let them stray.
There is no beast so great
Would dare take them away.

Your beauty, hot and sleek,
Darkly smoldering erotic fire,
Is that which all men seek.
No man could more desire.

I feel the night cat when we kiss,
Purring deep in expectation.
Pulsing danger I would not miss.
You are pure animal celebration.



By Carl Martin Johnson

She tossed him a warm glance
That he saw her briefly hold.
Her smile said “Take a chance!”
It was coquettish if not bold.


He felt his manhood stir.
Every sense at full alert.
He was entranced by her.
Her sensuality almost hurt.


His eyes followed her away.
And he knew she was aware.
She was experienced at flirting play,
Took as a prize his longing stare.


He could almost swear he knew her.
Had held her in his arms,
That he had been a lover to her,
Seduced by her womanly charms.


Tomorrow he’d come again,
Hoping she’d not be on her man’s arm.
He would tempt her to sweet sin.
He would offer loving warm.




By Carl Martin Johnson

He touched her softly in his mind,
Fingertips roving naked thighs
Their souls in passion intertwined,
Sharing silent ardor’s sighs.

Her spirit flowed into him
To fertilize his thought.
Without her energy running through him,
He could not find the words he sought.

Her lips were full and wet,
Her tongue tasted of youth.
He could never repay the debt
For her seducing him to truth.

Her skin was smooth as moonlight cream,
Under the stars spread wanting.
Poet and muse in sensuous dream,
All Eros’ realm were haunting.

Inside the muse grew a wondrous thing.
A pregnancy of verse.
Soon birthing lyrics for the world to sing.
Poet the transcriber, muse to nurse.

The poet sucked his muse’s breath.
It was more than love they shared.
They were united in life and death.
For eternity they were paired.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I will whistle up a wind,
A wind to carry us away,
To a land where we’ll pretend
Every day’s a holiday.

Where the sun kisses us good morning,
The rain is gentle when it drops,
Smile bloom without warning,
And birdsong never stops.

I’ll run with you along the shore,
White sand squeezed through our toes.
All of love’s ways we’ll explore,
More content as our love grows.

When at last we need to sleep,
We’ll lie among soft flowers.
Our rest will be pure and deep,
Warm dreams will fill the hours.

Our lives are very short,
But joy-filled they will be.
We will make them works of art.
Close your eyes and come with me.




By Carl Martin Johnson

You touch me while I sleep,
Gently, for fear of waking.
But my slumber is not so deep
I can’t feel the love you’re making.

My arousal you can feel,
Though you believe I’m dreaming.
Into my dream you’ll steal,
And set love’s juices streaming.

Your lips will feather kiss
Every erotically sensitive part,
Heating full my loins in bliss,
Setting afire my lover’s heart.

I will hold back and pretend
While I bear the delicious pain.
Tortured, yet fearing its end.
Of pleasure only can I complain.

Soon I will give in.
I’ll join you in the game.
Our spark of nighttime sin
Will grow into passion’s flame.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Hey! I saw a sin flit by,
One I’d really like to do.
Though I would not even try,
Unless it's done with you.

We would so enjoy commission,
I know we’d do it again,
Gladly performing acts of contrition
For such a delightful sin.

Of course, we may risk damnation,
But I don’t think God will mind.
This sin’s more of a celebration,
Among people of our kind.

Come on then, let’s do it!
We have tomorrow for regret.
We’ll help each other through it.
It’ll be our best sin yet.




By Carl Martin Johnson

My lover is not mine.
She sleeps in another’s arms.
I drown myself in wine
To forget who enjoys her charms.

But she lies with me in dreams,
Where our naked bodies touch.
Intertwined amongst moonbeams.
Fleeting moments our hearts clutch.

Her breath is sweet with lust,
Eyes dewy with ardor’s tears.
We share complete love’s trust.
No inhibitions and no fears.

As she gives in to her man’s desire,
Lets him satisfy his needs,
Thoughts of me set her afire,
And her woman’s torn heart bleeds.

When they are done she turns away,
Her body’s pleasures wasted.
She begs the angels for the day
We share love we’ve only tasted.

I look up to the skies,
Seeking solace from my pain,
Cold drops of sadness in my eyes.
Hoping I don’t love in vain.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Tell me, have we met?
Perhaps in a life long past?
I’m sure I’d not forget
If our love was meant to last.

Is that why I’m drawn to you,
Why I want to touch your face,
Why I feel certain that I knew you
From a past and distant place?

Look close into my eyes.
Are we together there?
Real love never dies.
It’s always alive somewhere.

I do not know your name,
Yet our souls have reunited.
Can’t you feel the growing flame
That has once again ignited?

Though we now have other mates,
That will not keep us apart.
We are prisoners of our fates,
Slaves to the love in our heart.



By Carl Martin Johnson

We meet in shadowed places.
Our love must be well hidden.
We cover our embraces,
Because our kisses are forbidden.

Yet the feelings are so strong,
Our secret we barely keep.
Oh, my darling, just how long
Can we hide passion so deep?

I burn when you are near.
You set my loins on fire.
It must be obvious, I fear,
How you consume me with desire.

Our eyes, they dare not meet,
Or the world will see our lust.
Many will say we cheat,
Though we do only what we must.

We wish to cause no pain,
But we cannot stay apart.
Your images flood my brain.
Your love controls my heart.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I stand in the shadows, waiting.
Hiding in the dark.
Planning, contemplating
How to make your passion spark.

How could you know my pain,
How my heart can scarcely beat,
How I grow daily more insane,
My loins aflame with lustful heat?

I watch you from life’s edges,
In the dimness, thirsty for light,
Seeing your lovers’ pledges,
As they court you in the night.

I hold back tears as they stroke you,
While they ignite your woman’s fire.
And, though the moonless black may cloak you,
I hear you succumbing to desire.

How could you know that I am dying,
Of all happiness bereft?
Your wantonness sets me crying,
But I will take whatever’s left.

Only look in my direction.
Show sympathy in your gaze.
Give me a shred of your affection,
And I will set us both ablaze.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Lay your head upon my chest.
We will brave the world together.
First though, dear, you rest.
We may face stormy weather.


But our strength we will unite.
Nothing can beat us both.
We are a team in Being’s fight.
I give my solemn oath.


What can block our way,
Now our hearts are bound?
There’s no dragon we can’t slay
With this love we’ve found.


Press your ear down to my heartbeat.
Hear our wed hearts sound as one.
We two will never part, sweet.
All our battles will be won.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I’m an ember from Life’s Great Fire,
Sparkling past like a burning jewel.
I use hope, love and desire
For my pure, eternal fuel.

I go trailing diamond dust.
Silver and gold I fly
Where I will and where I must,
Spreading beauty through the sky.

Come now, and set your soul free.
Join me in my flight.
Together, my love, you and me,
Will brighten the blackness of night.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Clothed only in bright laughter,
You and I roll in the rain.
We’ve caught the rainbow we were after.
We are joyously insane.

Inhibitions cast aside.
No limits to our pleasure.
Passion’s mounts we ride
In pursuit of erotic treasure.

Then we lie, energies spent,
Under cleared and starry skies.
Bodies and souls content,
Devouring each other with our eyes.

We fall asleep among the flowers.
Their perfume blessing dreams.
And for many peaceful hours,
We soak in white moonbeams.

In the gentle light of dawn,
Skin basking in golden glow,
We awake to carry on,
For through us the world will grow.
By Carl Martin Johnson

I have no love just mine alone.
All the love I get is shared.
It is the only kind of love I've known,
So it cannot be compared.

Sometimes I am given days.
Mostly only hours.
To explore love’s warm and passionate ways.
To smell its fragrant flowers.

I must have women many
To make a lover complete.
But I feel lucky to have any
Like these who make my life so sweet.

I pass by their homes at night.
I see the windows glowing.
Yet to me it still seems right,
The secrets we are knowing.

I believe that I am blessed,
Not cut off from true love’s flow.
For my soul is oft caressed.
All my lovers help me grow.

By Carl Martin Johnson

I may never see you again,
But today I love you dearly.
All our kisses may be sin,
Yet with you I see life clearly.

I know we were meant to meet,
To be lifted from our sorrow.
Now we are at last complete,
Though we have no tomorrow.

You will return to another’s bed.
He will hold you in the night.
But you will think of the things we’ve said,
When his body presses tight.

When you writhe and in passion scream,
Will your heart call out my name?
Will it be my face in your lust’s dream,
Lit soft by true love’s flame?

This moment now is our forever.
It is our eternity.
Let us swear our soul’s will never
Set one another free.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Your nails carve red rivers down my chest.
You are tigress….I’m your prey.
You tell me I can have no rest
Until you have your way.

You sink your teeth into my shoulder.
I writhe in pleasure from the pain.
I rise up as you grow bolder,
But you shove me down again.

With your knees you pin me firm,
Your naked weight against my skin.
I begin to squirm,
But your fierce eyes declare you win.

Your hungry mouth attacks my own,
Lips burning me with their heat.
Lighting passion never known,
My body throbs with loving’s beat.

I am drained, but your beauty thrills me,
So your torments I’ll endure
I care not if it kills me.
My love is madness with no cure.

By Carl Martin Johnson

I will take your breath away.
I will leave you wild and gasping.
You will, I’m certain, beg me stay,
Reaching out and grasping.

I will come back if you entreat me,
To the passion of your charms.
Rise up if you will meet me.
I will not deny your arms.

I see your eyes are wide
With the love that we have made,
Like a newly-bedded bride,
Your inhibitions all allayed.

Once again we will return
To joyous abandon pure,
Letting our bodies burn,
Hot as we dare endure.

Close your eyes now and breathe deep.
You will need it to survive.
But your dream will need no sleep.
You’ll rejoice to be alive.




By Carl Martin Johnson


To risk in love and lose
May cause your heart great pain.
But if it is fear you choose,
The chance may never come again.



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