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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

When Shall I Take You?
If I Loved You

By Carl Martin Johnson

If I loved you I would wake
With your smile in my heart.
The first beat it would take
Without you would not start.

When I looked into the dawn,
I would feel you there,
Else I could not carry on.
I would drown in my despair.

When the fragrance of new day
Filled my lungs with your sweet scent,
I would fall willing prey
To my longing’s dear torment.

If I loved you,
All this would be true.
If I loved you,
And I do.




By Carl Martin Johnson

It takes a spark to start a fire,
A loving look to raise desire.
So, put your lips on mine, my sweet.
Let us glory in our heat.

Let passion’s flame scorch our bodies first.
We will find love’s ways to quench our thirst.
Let our arms and legs entwine
Fleshy tendrils on Eros’ vine.

And when we have satisfied what our bodies crave,
When we have loosed lust’s chains that held us slave.
Then we will rest, face to face, skin to skin,
Until we can repeat our hungry sin.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I once knew a coward.
Cold fear held him in chains.
What should be man’s blood was soured,
Something weak ran in his veins.

His eyes he kept downcast.
Shame disfigured his face.
He drew disgust from all he passed,
As if he were a subhuman race.

At day’s close he watched the sunset.
He felt safer in the night.
The dark would hide him from threat.
It would protect him from the fight.

Somehow he found a lover.
Better said, she found him.
She thought she could discover
Value, though odds were slim.

He loved her in his way,
As much as a coward could.
He prayed that she would stay.
In his life she was the only good.

Then one day the tyrant came
Seeking sacrifice for his god.
A beauty for the offering flame
While cruel men applaud.

He hid when they came to take her
Despite her despairing cries.
In disbelief she watched him forsake her,
Scurrying away from her accusing eyes.

Slaves dressed her in silk garments
From her head down to her feet.
In this finery she would meet the torments
That her soft skin soon would greet.

That night he lay in wonder
That could exist such scum as he.
Was he some horrid blunder
That the gods did not foresee?

He could not be so weak, he thought.
Surely, he was, in part, a man.
There must be a way redemption bought.
A decent part in this life’s plan.

He slunk guiltily to her cell door,
With no thought in mind at all.
The guard slapped him to the floor,
Laughing as he watched him fall.

He whimpered, begging on his knees
To give his wife a last embrace.
The jailer spat and found his keys,
With repulsion on his face.

In her cell alone, they made no sound
Until time came for her to flame.
When the guards seized her arms they found
The coward’s face hidden in his shame.

Slipping past them, flew the coward’s hood,
Unworthy face still hid.
The veiled sacrifice now understood
That she must do as she was bid.

The figure stood tall, bound to the pyre.
Dark eyes all that could be seen.
They showed no terror as acolytes lit the fire.
In fact they wore a prideful sheen.

Those closest to the altar,
To the human offering blazing
Heard their sadistic cheering falter
At a sight they thought amazing.

The silk wrap burned, leaving a rift
Revealing a smoldering beard.
The lovely woman wrapped as a god’s gift
Was something else they feared.

The coward smiled and felt no pain.
His love had made him brave.
He thought of the life his wife would gain.
And the memory of him she would save.

Inside the heart of every man
Lies a hero buried deep.
With love’s touch he always can
Be awakened from his sleep.

By Carl Martin Johnson

I will chase you over the thunderhead,
Dodge the storm’s sharp lightning.
There is no obstacle I will not shred.
My ardor will be frightening.

The desert will not hinder.
Its hellish heat will not thwart.
I will die before surrender
In my quest to win your heart.

I am wild with love’s temptation.
Your scent intoxicates.
I will not limit my hunt’s duration,
Save the world incinerates.

I will stalk until I find you.
There is nowhere you can hide.
You must leave your family behind you.
I need you at my side.

My love fragrance fills the air.
Lift up your face and smell.
To me you are most fair.
See love’s story my eyes tell.

When the moon bleeds white through forest trees,
I will take you by the nape,
And sing love’s song into the breeze.
You will not desire escape.

All night my tribe will celebrate,
Elated that I brought you back.
For my breeding mate will rule our fate:
“The pack is the wolf; the wolf is the pack.”





By Carl Martin Johnson

Wake up now; I am leaving.
I’ve already stayed too long.
There is no use in our grieving.
We must both be strong.

What we’ve done we both wanted,
Fed by our passion and our love.
We will not let ourselves be haunted
From below or from above.

The bed is warm from our lovemaking.
The sheets are damp from our embrace.
There are those we are forsaking,
Yet I feel no disgrace.

I will go, but not my heart.
That is yours to keep.
We can never truly be apart.
What we have is much too deep.

Our secret will be kept,
In spite of how we feel,
And how we both have wept,
Because only together is life real.

One day I will stay.
It is you who are my fate.
I should have stayed away.
Now it is far too late.

You and I were meant to be.
We should have always been
You are the world to me.
Such love cannot be sin.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Roxanne, she’s God’s gift to man.
You never seen such a beauty.
She spreads love wherever she can.
Giving pleasure is her duty.

Sweet Roxanne don’t discriminate.
She loves all men the same.
Black or white, ain’t got no hate.
Hot lovin’ is her game.

When Roxanne walks,
The men just stare.
Ain’t a nobody talks
While Roxanne is there.

She got fire in them black eyes,
Firm flesh in all the right places.
Roxanne hypnotize with her thighs.
Just look at all the men’s faces.

Roxanne charge money,
‘Cause she got to survive.
But she got better honey
Than any other woman alive.

Roxanne, she got a heart o’ gold.
If you broke she don’t turn you away.
She won’t leave you out in the cold.
She’ll give credit ‘til you get your pay.

I first met Roxanne when I was young.
She was workin’ the corner of my street.
It was fine Roxanne got my bell first rung.
Never since found a woman could compete.

I asked Roxanne to be my wife.
She said, “I’m sorry, Pappy.”
“But I got a callin’ in this life,
An’ that’s to make ALL men happy.”

So I have to share my darlin’ Roxanne,
I know the girl got to roam.
I may not be her only man,
But I’m the one waitin’ here at home.

By Carl Martin Johnson


Shall I take you in the twilight hues,
When your body is painted gold?
In the cool grass, if so you choose,
Naked, unashamed, and bold?


Or shall we love at midnight,
As the cool breeze soothes our skin,
With the darkness to forbid sight,
And keep us hidden with our sin?


I could be with you in full day,
If that would give you pleasure.
Your wishes I will obey,
For your happiness I treasure.


I am yours to command,
My body and my soul.
Any time you take my hand,
You make my being whole.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Some beginnings never start.
They die before they live.
Leaving sadness for the empty heart
That has not learned to give.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Each night I sleepwalk into dreams.
Dreams are where we meet.
In a land lit cool by soft moonbeams,
Our passion the only heat.

Among diamond stars we dance.
The constellations play our song,
Angels sing the chorus to our romance,
They are our audience all night long.

We kiss goodbye when first light breaks,
Parting until I sleep once more.
I long for you while the world awakes
Knowing night will love restore.

I forget if you were ever real,
If the sun shone on your face,
Or were you a fantasy I was forced to steal,
To create a lover with your grace.

One night I will lay me down to sleep,
A sleep from which I’ll never wake.
Then you will have my soul to keep,
And our own world we’ll make.





By Carl Martin Johnson


Never fear an ending.
It allows new to begin.
Even love, in brief suspending,
Sees a restored flame again.


Endings bring renewal,
Transformations large and small.
A lump of coal becomes a jewel,
Something more precious after all.


Now a year is winding down.
Soon its days will end.
Rather than leave it with a frown,
Smile at the departing friend.


Then open arms for a calendar new,
The good things it will bring.
Fresh bright days for me and you.
More chances for our hearts to sing.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Like a whisper across my ear,
Her touch a secret passed.
It said she held me dear,
And prayed our love would last.





By Carl Martin Johnson


Let me kiss your fingertips
Before you run them down my chest.
Touch them to my hungry lips
Before they begin their loving quest.


Feel the contours of my face.
Learn me more than just by sight.
Every hill and line you trace
Will help you find me in the night.


Graze my shoulders with your nails.
Transmit your woman’s passion.
The sensation never fails
To draw forth erotic compassion.


Press them hard into my spine,
Mixing pleasure with the pain.
Have them tell me you are mine,
That we are bound by love’s sweet chain.


Move them gently inside my thighs.
Make my desire increase.
Know by my ardent sighs
That I am seeking hot release.


And when lust becomes unbearable,
I will surrender to your charms.
We’ll make love so wondrously terrible
We’ll fairly die in each other’s arms.





By Carl Martin Johnson

She lay naked in the day,
Face up to the late Spring heat,
Every tingling sense at play,
From her forehead through her feet.

She spread wide in the flowers,
Bright and yellow all around.
She would lie like that for hours,
Listening to sweet Nature’s sound.

Every bloom was a joyous thing,
A sun-dropped tear of purest light.
With the celebration that they bring.
Radiant and bright.

The breeze caressed her skin.
She sighed and closed her eyes.
There was coming a welcome sin,
One the tall flowers would disguise.

Insects hummed a love song.
Grasses stroked inside her thighs.
What she awaited would not now be long.
She could not hold back her sighs.

Throughout her body the warmth was spreading,
Conjured by Nature’s male sensations.
Her inhibitions were fast shedding
Into the earth’s sensuous vibrations.

To Life’s rhythm she moved her hips,
Prey to Nature’s strong seducing.
A wanton smile grew on her lips
At the ecstasy it was inducing.

She trembled in her ardor,
Spasmed luxuriously in delight.
Passion convulsing her ever harder,
Until consummation held her tight.

Then she eased into her sleep,
With Nature, ardent lover.
The ground beneath her rich and deep.
Nature’s embracing sky above her.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She left him years ago.
Left his bed but not his heart.
He never let it show.
Never let the teardrops start.

Many women sought his arms.
He gave in to a few.
He was not immune to female charms.
Though his love for her stayed true.

Then he found his love once more.
This time it would last.
It was what he had prayed for.
Their souls would now hold fast.

The grave dug at her side
Would be his final rest.
Next to his darling bride.
He was forever blest.


By Carl Martin Johnson


I’ve been searching for you.
I’ve prayed that you were there.
You’re not an illusion, are you?
‘Cause I need to make you care.


I’ve been looking for an angel with wings.
I’ve been hunting for the devil’s daughter.
I’ve wanted a woman who is both of these things.
With you now I think I’ve got her.


Sometimes I see Heaven in your eyes.
Sometimes I see fire.
There’s music in your passion’s sighs.
Life dances in your desire.


When our naked bodies meet,
And our love makes the comets glow,
The universe will feel our heat.
Then you’ll be mine, I know.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Put your hands on me, dear.
Can you feel my heart?
Come closer now, I want you near,
Not a single breath apart.

I tremble wildly at your touch.
For release I need no more.
My passion rising up too much
To keep it held in store.

Your love is traveling through me,
Exciting places where lust lives.
If you knew what you are doing to me,
You would be amazed what your touch gives.

You have brought me to my peak.
Now I explode in orgasmic delight.
You have delivered what I seek.
Your hands magic in my night.


By Carl Martin Johnson

She loved me though
We never met.
I want her so
I can never forget.

Her eyes. Her lips. Her hair.
Were painted just for me.
Never was there one so fair,
And mine for eternity.

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