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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

She Walks In Darkness
The Limp

By Carl Martin Johnson

There was determination in his stride.
The limp he near concealed.
Though a trace he could not fully hide.
Perhaps a wound not healed.


He had a soldier’s bearing,
His expression not sad, but stern.
He moved as a man uncaring,
With the resoluteness battles earn.


There was a pin in his lapel.
It showed he’d won a Star.
Must have seen a bit of Hell,
Had a full taste of war.


He faced a couple on a bench.
His shadow let them know.
The girl turned to him with a wrench.
Her companion turned too, but slow.


The soldier stood there still.
The woman looked up paled.
She mouthed his name, but shrill.
Her lover’s voice just failed.


The soldier’s eyes were ice.
The woman shrank in shame.
Then the soldier nodded twice,
And returned the way he came.




By Carl Martin Johnson

The summer rain falls soft and warm,
Washing my hurt away.
I feel my wounded soul transform.
She brings me to life each day.


I am still in love with you.
That will never change.
At last, I love another, too.
Although that may seem strange.


She found me crying in the Spring.
Her kisses soothed my pain.
Now she wears my wedding ring
In the warm, soft summer rain.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I am tired and I am lonely.
I need a woman in my arms.
She needs not love me only.
I just want to share her charms.


For a moment I’ll forget
With a woman who is willing,
That I owe death a debt,
And all the blood and killing.


I won’t recall her face
The minute that she’s gone.
But I’ll treasure her embrace
In some shell-bursting dawn.


Her warm body’s all I’m after,
With a little faked romance,
Mixed with bawdy laughter,
And some soul-restoring dance.


So come, my short-time lover,
Let us in sweet lust play.
Help me, please, recover,
To fight another day.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Ride with me on a shooting star.
Away where we can glow.
Let us become what we are,
And let the whole world know.

We are stardust you and I.
Together we are golden.
Let us light up the sky.
We are to none beholden.

The world will look up and see
What magic love can bring.
We will show them, you and me,
What songs the stars can sing.




By Carl Martin Johnson

The widow and her pretty boys
Filed from the church each Sunday.
The one day she did not touch her toys,
Every other day was a fun day.

The widow was a lovely lass,
If really somewhat portly.
She had a well formed lovely mind (ha ha)
Her demeanor refined and courtly.

It is known she had healthy appetites,
Varied and not easily sated.
I have heard there were vicious fights
When her needs were left unabated.

She cared well for her retinue,
To maintain their youthful vigor.
In turn, they were made to pursue
Sexual stamina with great rigor.

But at last the widow’s life was spent.
T’was time to join Heaven’s choir.
Yet she refused to go without the saints’ consent
To keep her earthly desire.

On nights when the moon is glowing,
Her ghost seeks young men’s arms
Countless youths are seduced unknowing
By the buxom widow’s charms.

I was, myself, one of those, too
Ravished by her hungry shade.
One man, I fear, will never do,
Until a better man is made.

Now, I am near my soul’s release.
I die happy, but full drained.
We males best see our tribe increase,
If the widow be maintained.




By Carl Martin Johnson


No one can hear us now we’re alone.
No, no one can hear.
You have secrets of your own.
I have mine too, dear.


Let us share those things we hide.
Come, now we will share.
No need to keep those things inside.
Not if we really care.


Speak to me of your deep desire.
Tell me what you crave.
Tell me what sets you on fire.
With me you can be brave.


Tell me the fantasies you keep.
Reveal your wild imagination.
Thoughts that you have buried deep.
That give you hot sensation.


Tell me quick what makes you grin,
How I can make you smile.
I don’t care if it be a sin,
I’ll make you happy for a while.


My whole mind I’ll show you.
All my secrets you will see.
Then I will truly know you.
And you’ll know all of me.
By Carl Martin Johnson

She winked as I passed by,
Her figure fine, but face well-worn.
I was young, a little shy,
Between reserve and raw lust torn.

Wise was she, and took my arm.
“Pretty boy” she purred to me.
“I won’t do you any harm.
“I’ve got some things you’ll want to see.”

She led me upstairs to her door.
I entered an unschooled youth.
In a sensual hour more,
I would know more of Life’s truth.

Her hands were soft and knowing,
Her lips soon soothed my worry.
Her eyes were warm and glowing.
As we moved together without hurry.

First she loved me like a man.
Then she held me like a child.
Comforted as only woman can,
Leaving my boy’s heart beguiled.

When I awoke she had gone,
But she left a note behind:
“Dear young man, carry on.
True love you soon will find.”

“ I hope you spare a thought for me,
Once in a long great while.
I never found my own, you see,
But I won’t forget your smile.”

I had not thought of her for years.
Until today, stopped in her town.
The memory drew a few sweet tears,
Lighting my heart that had been down.

I hope she found love at last.
She was the loving kind.
Or if her time has passed,
I hope the angels will be kind.

By Carl Martin Johnson

There is panther in her walk.
Men and boys all make way.
She has a predator’s smooth stalk.
Beware if you’re her prey.

Should you catch her feline eye,
She may want you for an hour.
She will make a strong man cry.
His heart she will devour.

Her dark beauty serves her well.
Her sharp claws can hold you tight.
In her heart jungle spirits dwell,
And transform her in the night.

Many men she’s swallowed whole,
Left not a single bone.
She can digest a human soul.
You’d best leave her alone.

Only a man like me can tame her.
Dull her fangs and trim her claws.
No other man could claim her.
I am stronger than jungle laws.

But a panther she remains.
For a pet I have no need.
I will be the one who reigns,
Yet her passion will be freed.



By Carl Martin Johnson

She walks in darkness deep.
She is black liquid flowing.
She has rendezvous to keep
Lovers awaiting her charms’ knowing.

Her movement strong and lithe,
She glides swiftly through the night.
In passion soon she’ll writhe,
Drinking men’s spirits with her bite.

Her cat’s eyes explore their souls.
Wants and weakness she’ll uncover.
She will heat them with erotic coals
Turning coldest man into burning lover.

She fondles their desires,
Removes all sense of shame.
Engulfs them in passion’s fires
Like moths unto a flame.

Then she leaves them drained and spent
Of their honor and their gold.
Deaf to pitiful lament.
All her ardor now turned cold.

With dawn she disappears,
Curled into her banshee lair.
Immune to the cries and tears
Of the men whose hearts lay bare.

But each night she resurrects
To lure men to their doom.
And not one of them suspects
This flower is an evil bloom.




By Carl Martin Johnson

The sidewalk crouches at her feet,
Like a dog begging for a treat.
Heat flows off her in a giant wave.
She exudes what all men crave.

Her body moves in a sensual trance,
Like a panther in her mating dance.
Do you see her gliding past?
Don’t she make your heart beat fast?

She’s the kind of woman makes a man cry.
She’s the kind of woman makes a man die.
Her name is passion, her name is lust.
Don’t want to look at her, but you must.

She could be a gift, she could be a curse.
Could be the devil’s daughter or something worse.
Of all the women that ever were,
Never been a woman so woman as her.

By Carl Martin Johnson


I heard an old song yesterday.
It brought a memory to mind.
I saw a place so far away,
That it was very hard to find.


I was younger then, and innocent.
You could say I was naïve.
The time was precious that I spent.
Yet I’ve no cause to grieve.


On a shaded walk I held a hand,
Tender, smooth and warm.
So happy I could hardly stand.
In my world there was no harm.


Her brown eyes were moist and shy
When she looked into my own.
I was in Heaven, but did not know why
It was the happiest day I’d known.


I forgot that sweet girl over the years,
With the feelings I had, so pure.
My later loves were mixed with tears,
Until I found one that would endure.


She gave a fine moment to my time.
One of the best among them all.
We shared an instant so sublime,
Though her name I can’t recall.


We were children, pure and young,
With first love that could not last.
But it was a song wonderfully sung
A joyous moment in the past.




By Carl Martin Johnson


The sun was bright when first we met.
No dark clouds in the sky.
I know I would be with you yet,
Had I not the ill luck to die.


But I can recall, in this far place,
The joy you gave my heart.
Yours was lovelier than any angel’s face.
Your body a work of art.


They say dead men forget such things.
I have not, it seems.
I think of you and my soul sings.
Even in Heaven, a man has dreams.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She comes to me at night,
Sweet perfume in the air,
Bathed in the moon’s white light,
A softly whispered prayer.

She wears transparent evening mist.
In full view her precious charms.
Moist lips begging to be kissed,
Urging passion in my arms.

She slides smoothly to my side,
Skin soft as a morning rose.
A wraith-like, lovely midnight bride,
Wrapping me in passion’s throes.

After, spent, into her eyes I gaze.
They glow with starlight bright.
With a hot, pure love they blaze.
I am special in her sight.

Is she real or do I dream her?
Are they true love sighs I hear?
Does the moon magically beam her?
Is it illusion I hold dear?

She turns to me for my caress.
Her fingers touch my face.
Would I love her any less,
If it’s a specter I embrace?




By Carl Martin Johnson

Most loves just flash by.
A kiss and then they’re gone.
Hearts burst into flame, then die.
Lovers embrace and then move on.


Wounds they leave run deep,
Yet are often quick to heal,
Remaining hidden deep,
Until chance thoughts reveal.


From love to love we flit,
Seeking a final place to light.
But on every heart we sit,
Something is not fully right.


So we hunt again.
One day we’ll find our treasure.
‘Til then it is no sin
To ease life’s way with pleasure.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Alone now in the quiet.
Around you.
Your heart cannot defy it.
Love’s whispers bound you.

The world’s noise clouds my sight.
Blinds me.
I need the silence of the night.
There your love finds me.

Like a field of muffled snow.
Soft cotton.
Unspoken our lovewords grow.
Not forgotten.

Here we’ll stay in soundless dream.
With passion’s full-hushed scream.
Love keeping.




By Carl Martin Johnson

One step followed another,
Not knowing which way to take.
Left foot, then his brother,
Trading places in his wake.

He had awakened with the dawn,
In a house devoid of joy.
She would be forever gone.
There was no more to destroy.

They had built the house together.
They had raised their children here.
It could withstand any weather.
But it could not keep her near.

He would set the livestock free.
They would go where they were wanted.
He could have let them be,
But then, like him, they would be haunted.

He would walk instead of ride.
His old mare was far too lame.
He’d let pure chance be his guide.
To him it was all the same.

Maybe he’d meet up with her
Somewhere down the road.
Not really likely to occur.
Not that much good luck owed.

Best thing would be forgetting.
That would take a while.
He could do it he was betting,
All except her smile.

By Carl Martin Johnson


I woke up with you in my heart.
You snuck in through a dream.
Your full body a work of art.
Eyes glowing with starbeams.


You made a home inside my mind.
You said that you would stay.
That your life and mine were intertwined.
It was our fate to love this way.


But our bodies will not be denied.
They too must unite.
We’ll find a place for our souls to hide,
While we enjoy the night.



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