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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

Moondust And Teardrops
Lovers' New Year

By Carl Martin Johnson

Let us run away in the New Year.
Let us find a lovers’ place.
A place for us to hide, dear,
In a never-ending embrace.

We will leave the past behind us,
Make a future of our own.
Only passion will ever find us.
Only to God will we be known.

All chains that bound us will be broken,
Save those which bind our troth.
The moon shall be our token.
The stars will guide us both.

We will melt into each other,
Our two souls become one.
We will cherish one another
Until the world is done.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She worshipped at her looking glass
Until her beauty faded.
Once her looks had been world class,
But with the years, degraded.


Many men had been her slaves.
They had served her every whim.
Most now were in their graves.
All forgotten, save for him.


Of all those who sought her,
She loved only one.
It was his gentleness that bought her.
The kindnesses he had done.


He stood back from the others.
Looked on her from afar.
Her smiles upon his brothers
He saw as light from a distant star.


Never did she near him.
She was far too proud.
Her love made her fear him,
Her heart remained unbowed.


So he moved on with life,
Seeking another chance.
He found an angel for a wife,
A lovely partner in the dance.


Now the old woman was alone,
Little comeliness left to show
Only a love she once had known,
But her childish pride let go.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Taste me, let me feed you.
I’ll fill your body with desire.
You want me and I need you.
We are slaves of passion’s fire.

Sink deep your lover’s fangs.
Suck my blood inflamed.
I will endure the pangs.
Your hunger will not be blamed.

Make your feast my body whole.
Let your lust devour all parts.
Cast off your self-control.
Bow down to Eros’ arts.

And when your thirst is sated,
I will dine in turn.
Passion’s banquet celebrated,
Our souls in love’s flames burn.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I saw her beauty far too late,
Gold haze slipping away.
Without her I loathe my fate.
For my sins I’ll dearly pay.

Without her kiss I cannot live.
Why did I ever doubt her?
Only Hope my dreams can give.
They will die undone without her.

My grasp closed on vanishing mist.
She had given up on me.
My lips would not by hers be kissed.
Hope had cast me free.

My heart called out in pain.
It begged her to return.
To come back and remain.
Lest my soul in despair’s flames burn.

Defeat weighed close my eyes.
I could fight no more.
My shouts reduced to sighs.
My dreams strewn o’er the floor.

Then I smelled Hope’s angel breath.
Tasted her nectar on my lips.
As she saved my dreams from death
With her wine’s life-giving drips.

I took her in my arms.
I held her fast to me.
Life without her has no charms.
She sweeps away its misery.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Your past will always haunt me.
It sneaks into my dreams.
Although I know you want me,
I am insecure, it seems.

Do old lovers cross your mind
When we are in love throes?
Are their faces intertwined
With mine, the one you chose?

Do their caresses still thrill you?
Send shivers down your spine
Can you feel them as I fill you?
Your moans from their love…or mine?

When we lie side by side,
The fire of passion quenched,
Was it me, or one you hide,
Causing the sweat in which you’re drenched?

Come, comfort me, my love.
Tell me the past is gone.
That only me will you think of,
From this moment on.




By Carl Martin Johnson

He would wait until the dawn
Before he left without her.
By now he should be gone.
But he had no cause to doubt her.

She’d said her marriage bed was cold.
The man she’d wed become a stranger.
She felt she was growing old,
So she would risk desertion’s danger.

She promised she would leave him.
Her married love was gone.
No more having to deceive him.
She would come before the dawn.

They would go far away.
Find a place where no one knew them.
They would begin today
To have the happiness due them.

He wondered if she’d changed her mind,
Or if her husband caught her going.
He could not leave her behind
Without his really knowing.

Day’s first light was breaking,
As a silhouette appeared.
His heart was sorely aching,
Praying hard as the shape neared.

Was it his sweetheart come to meet him,
Or her husband out to kill?
What Fate sent to greet him,
Would be, he knew, God’s will.



By Carl Martin Johnson

My love’s touch ignites the passion
That lies smoldering in my heart.
I must beg her sweet compassion,
Else my body burst apart.

She must grant me sweet release
We must do what love commands.
If I am ever to find peace,
She must surrender to my demands.

I will with gentle hands entice
To warm her to my pleas.
I will use Eros’ every device
To bring her to her knees.

In return, I will please her.
Give her that for which she yearns.
I will not stop to tease her,
Save to fan the flame that burns.

We will rise to love’s far heights,
And amongst the stars explode.
Showering brightness upon the night,
And moaning ecstasy’s ode.




By Carl Martin Johnson

There’s a light in her window now.
That must mean she’s in.
I must find out how
I can see her once again.

I knew I could not hold her.
She wanted more than I could buy.
I just had two arms to enfold her,
And a love that wouldn’t die.

She needed jewels and gold.
She had beauty she could trade.
Eyes like ice, so cold.
But warm lips that could persuade.

She went away and had her pick
Of the wealthy and the famed,
A dream-like movie, passing quick,
That could not be reclaimed.

The toll that fast life takes is heavy.
When she left I tried to warn her.
Now she pays that lifestyle’s levy
By selling her beauty on the corner.

I have loved her every minute,
Waiting for her to know
Her life needs me in it.
I’m the one man who’ll never go.

When she comes out I’ll ask again,
As I do every year.
If her hand I still can’t win,
Next year I’ll be right here.



By Carl Martin Johnson

The moon looked back, full and creamy,
From the water, surface still.
The girl’s gaze held it, dreamy,
Hoping her heart’s emptiness would fill.

He had been the first,
Completely owned her heart.
Quenched her passion’s thirst.
They could not exist apart.

One day they fought, as lovers do.
Words said that cut and tore.
She yelled at him that they were through,
That she was his no more.

He left their town and went to war,
Died bloody in a foreign land.
Their wished-upon evening star
Had not blessed as they had planned.

The pollen fell from Spring tree flowers
Like moondust on the water,
While she dreamed of him for hours
On the shore where first he brought her.

Her tears dropped, making tiny holes
In the moondust on the pond,
And she prayed for lovers’ souls
To meet again in the Beyond.




By Carl Martin Johnson

He made the card himself.
He bought the red card paper.
Took his mother’s scissors off the shelf
To cut the heart into a taper.

Then he printed her name in gold,
Hoping he spelled it right,
Creased it with a careful fold,
And held it to the light.

It had to be just right.
He would die if she didn’t take it.
He would work on it all night,
If it took that long to make it.

He glued flowers all around,
So she would smile when she could see.
Also cartoons that he found,
And wrote on it: “Love, Me”

He took it to school next day.
When she accepted he was in heaven.
He had given his heart away.
That was love when they were seven.

Today he held that valentine
In his gnarled and wrinkled fist.
His star’s light had ceased to shine.
He had no reason to exist.

He had wanted so to follow,
But for her he would be brave.
Although his heart was hollow,
As he stood there by her grave.

The old man smiled, though he was sad.
‘Til he was with her life would be hard.
But he have thanks for what he’d had,
And it all started with a card.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Give me a kiss by moonlight,
And I’ll give you one by day.
Embrace me in the firelight.
When it grows dark we’ll play.

We’ll roll together in the summer grass,
Anointing our bodies with the flowers,
Watching the bright cotton clouds float past,
Running naked in the showers.

I will tickle your neck with a fresh leaf,
Stroke your back with a scented wildflower,
Make you tingle all over beyond belief,
Make your body feel its power.

The berries I pluck from the bushes
To crush gently on your full lips
Will match your feminine blushes,
From your face down to your hips.

When at last we are ablaze
With the red heat of our desire
We will make love for days and days
Until we finally quench the fire.

And, as our throbbing passion slows,
We’ll curl together and fall asleep,
Tending our love that it grows,
So moonlight promises we will keep.




By Carl Martin Johnson

No one knocked on her door
To let her know he had died.
No one saw her on the floor,
Where she had collapsed and cried.

She heard the news along the street.
At first she would not believe.
Not now, when life was so complete.
This was no time to grieve.

His parents did not know her,
Or that it was his child she carried.
When he returned he planned to show her,
And say they would be married.

Life dealt a lousy hand.
He would not see his son.
Fate was not theirs to command,
But she would do what must be done.

The boy would have his name.
He would know his father’s story.
He would share his father’s fame,
Tell his own son of his glory.

The hero’s flag over the casket
Would not be hers beside the grave,
But if she felt fear, she would mask it,
And show him she too could be brave.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Your eyes of amber golden
Seduce me with their smile.
I am to them alone beholden
For a trip to pleasure’s isle.

We are standing near the dance floor,
My blue eyes locked onto your own,
Together opening a secret door
To ecstasy before unknown.

Your eyes undo my shirt
While mine remove your dress quite slowly.
Revealing breasts, firm and pert
A delicious picture wholly.

I see you kiss my chest,
Eyes tracing muscles smooth and tight
Your sight moving down to rest
On the source of your delight.

You slightly turn your back to me,
Showing curves smooth and defined.
Your eyes inviting me to see
What I am about to have for mine.

Your eyes increasingly connect
While you put your body on display.
This is a movie you direct,
About lust and sensuous play.

Your temptation was too much.
My breathing almost stopped.
Our eyes are making love.
All pretense should be dropped.

Your head leans back, full lips apart,
And my eyes enter you.
We feel our passionate loving start.
Holding fast ‘til we are through.

I see your unfocused look,
As your desire is sated.
I don’t know how much time I took,
But while I finished, you waited.

Our eyes embrace and kiss,
A kiss that’s warm and long.
What our bodies may have missed,
For our eyes was very strong.

One day we may meet.
Then, perhaps we will not.
Could real love be as sweet,
Or even half as hot?




By Carl Martin Johnson

I caress you only with my tongue,
The only part of me to touch.
It carries every song I’ve sung
To the woman I love so much.

It traces light your delicate ear,
Outlines your wine-sweet lips,
Licks up the joyful tear
That from your closed eye drips.

Your open mouth I penetrate
To entwine hot with your own.
They feel our souls and bodies mate,
The seeds of our love sown.

In all the world no finer taste
Could my tongue ever know
Than loving you full and without haste
In the warmth of passion’s glow.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Paint your lips with fire.
Rouge your cheeks with passion.
Let your designer be desire,
Eros your chosen fashion.

Tempt me cruelly with your soft skin.
Reveal it slowly and in stages.
If this be wrong it is angels’ sin
Unchanged throughout the ages.

Let me breathe hot along your throat,
Until you stir with thoughts of pleasure,
While my mind sets sail on Venus’ boat,
Exploring the wild seas of your treasure.

I will feast upon your woman’s scent,
Taste your body’s perfumed heat.
I will gorge myself until I am content
On the sweet toes of your feet.

Then brand me with your lips aflame
Till we explode in fiery lust.
Throw off the inhibiting chains of shame,
To become the animals we must.

When the sun breaks into dawn,
When our love has left us spent,
Our souls themselves will carry on.
Our hearts will not relent.


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