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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

The Secret Place
The Lover Who Saved Me

By Carl Martin Johnson

You kissed my lips to wake me
I was shouting in my sleep
From the horror where dreams take me,
The place black memories keep.

I looked into your eyes,
The terror drained away.
I saw bright and sunny skies,
A fine beginning to the day.

You took me in to nurse,
To keep the demons at bay,
To keep my life from getting worse
Than you saw on that first day.

You became my ardent lover,
Though our years were far apart,
In spite of what you might discover
In a troubled young warrior’s heart.

Around your eyes are lines,
Etched from years of caring.
The beauty each defines
Is tribute to your sharing.

I would stay with you forever,
But you tell me I must go.
My love for you will die never.
It is deeper than you know.

You say I must move on,
That you are too old to be my wife.
I know you will soon be gone,
Leaving me to find my way in life.

These days that we have had,
I will grieve that they are done.
For what I’m losing I’ll be sad,
Grateful, though, for what I’ve won.

You taught me to be brave,
To face my devils alone.
All your lessons I will save.
It’s because of you I’ve grown.

I will open my eyes one morning
To find a cold bed at my side.
You will give me no more warning.
A part of me will have died.

But the memories you cannot take
Of a love as strong as this.
And each day I will awake
To the sweet dream of your kiss.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Her lips were moist with lover’s dew,
Eyes misty in her ardor.
As the fire inside them grew,
She pressed him to her harder.

He smooths her breasts with tender hands,
Soft velvet with his touch.
Their bodies obeying love’s command.
Their wills in passion’s clutch.

She caresses him with gentle fingers,
Plays his body like a lyre.
Her breath on his hard stomach lingers,
Setting heart and loins afire.

She brings her lips up to his face.
Mouths meet in molten flame.
They become one in their embrace,
With an ecstasy beyond name.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I see you in the clouds at dawn,
When God first lights the sky.
All the lovely thoughts that you spawn
Bring joy to my mind’s eye.

You are the swallows overhead,
Delicately slipping past.
The white clouds where the angels tread,
Which rise, soft mountains vast.

A flower, red with Life’s own hue,
Full with scent and nectar,
Is only another form of you
To me, your love’s collector.

The night stars each shine your smile,
The moon your glowing eyes.
I lay lost in them a while.
Only with your soul’s kiss I rise.

In every marvel you are there.
All wonders since your birth.
But of all things you were most fair,
When you graced us on this earth.
By Carl Martin Johnson

Her body is bathed in moonlight,
Glowing silver on her skin.
I watch her naked in the black night,
And take pleasure in my sin.

She drips stardrops from her breasts.
They roll streaming down her thighs.
Past the flesh where womanhood rests,
Setting fire to my eyes.

That sweet nectar I long to sip,
To satisfy my thirst.
On my tongue I would have it drip,
Swallowing greedily until I burst.

Does she know that I am spying?
Does she feel my gaze’s touch?
Does she sense here in lust I’m lying?
Does she want me just as much?

By Carl Martin Johnson


Come inside a while.
Rest here in my heart.
Let me make you smile.
Let me take your part.


The world can be unkind,
So stay here in my embrace.
I will soothe your weary mind.
Bring a soft smile to your face.


We’ll create a world just ours
Where you and I will dream.
I’ll use all my magic powers
To set your life agleam.


When reality strikes again,
We will face it hand in hand.
The strength we have within
All life’s tempests can withstand.




By Carl Martin Johnson

That tear was the last.
The rest I’ll keep inside.
Though my sorrow’s not yet past,
What is left I’ll hide.

This is not my first pain.
It will not be my last.
This storm comes with hard rain
Yet I know that it will pass.

I can handle heartache.
After all, I am a man.
I might bruise, but won’t break.
I’ll jump up when I can.

My body’s scars bear witness
To the wounds I can endure.
If only that were the fitness
That could be a heartache cure.

My soul is bloodied, not defeated.
I will rise and fight again.
My life is not completed.
It’s a battle I will win.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Lightning cracked and thunder boomed.
The dark was split and shaken.
I was certain I was doomed,
That my life would soon be taken.

When a woman rode naked into my dream,
On a stallion deeper black than night,
Her body smooth as new drawn cream,
Eyes sensuous and bright.

From her mount’s unsaddled back she slid,
Standing shameless in full view.
No part of her female beauty hid,
Long hair shining in blue-black hue.

She walked toward me through the mist,
Her body gracefully flowing.
Wet lips yearning to be kissed,
My hunger for her growing.

Reaching out, she touched my face,
And the storm no longer frightened.
I was pulled into her embrace.
My arms around her tightened.

Her breasts with points erect
Pressed hard against my chest.
I felt our bodies and souls connect,
All organs of love caressed.

Her long fingers clawed my spine
As she moaned into my ear.
Our uniting near divine
Our coupling blessed and dear.

I licked the honeyed moisture from her.
Dew from heaven to nourish love.
I sensed a trembling overcome her,
From the ardor we were creators of.

At last we separated,
Drained, but more complete.
Our primal thirsts were sated.
The afterglow full sweet.

Then she led me to her steed,
And took me up behind her.
She is the woman that I need,
But it took a storm to find her.




By Carl Martin Johnson

You are a lovely dream I had.
A dream…not someone real.
I see that now, and I am sad.
Yet, the fault is mine, I feel.

I took a human being
And painted with my pride,
When I should have been seeing
The worth you had inside.

The sin is mine that we must part.
You are more than to me you seem.
I caused my own fool’s broken heart
By falling for a dream.

By Carl Martin Johnson

I’ll take you to a secret place
Made just for you and me.
Where we can share our love’s embrace
With no one else to see.

Even when we’re far apart
We can meet there in our mind.
There is no distance for the heart,
No place too hard to find.

You will be happy there, my dear.
I will hold you safe all night.
It’s a world where dwells no fear,
Where we are warmed by our love’s light.

We’ll lie naked in delicious sweat,
Licking the drops like morning dew.
Making love we won’t forget,
Making a single soul from two.

It will be our special world.
No one will ever know.
In each other’s arms we’ll stay curled,
Until we see the dawn light grow.

Dearest darling, take my hand.
We have magic, no need of wings.
We’ll fly off to our secret land,
And stay ‘till the morning bird sings.




By Carl Martin Johnson

In the desert I will meet you.
In the emptiness scorched by sun.
I will be on time to greet you.
Your will, darling, will be done.

We can talk atop the mountain.
Discuss our love in bloom.
Drink from passion’s fountain.
Smell ardor’s spicy perfume.

In the jungle I will find you
Amidst the birds of varied hues.
Turn ‘round, I’ll be behind you.
I’ll confess my love if you accuse.

Riding storm-tossed ocean waves,
I will bind your ship to mine.
No tempest I would not brave
To share your loving wine.

Should you spin off to a star,
For the heavens are an angel’s place,
No galaxy will be too far
To chase my love’s embrace.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I will touch you until you quiver
In all your magic places.
Sweet sensations I’ll deliver,
Spreading joy across our faces.

Spin, my lovely sweetheart!
Spin, my lady fair!
Thus will passion’s heat start,
And ardor’s aroma fill the air.

Feel the energy pass between us,
Before our bodies begin the dance,
Before the stars have yet seen us
In the throes of wild romance.

Whispering my breath over your neck’s curve,
I’ll electrify your senses.
I’ll set tingling every nerve
Until your whole body tenses.

Then, like a comet bursting,
We will flame the sky,
And satisfy this thirsting
Of sweet lust between you and I.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Her beauty preyed upon her.
Like a wolf, it ate her heart.
Every day it would feed on her,
Tearing her apart.

Men pursued her and admired,
Yet, she was weary of their gazes.
What had flattered, only tired.
She’d her fill of depthless praises.

She sensed a loss inside,
Where a core of substance should now be.
Nothing there that gave her pride,
That fulfilled a destiny.

Her mirror whispered to her
That her radiance would fade.
That time would soon undo her,
If a great change were not made.

Years of shallow, false affection,
Men granting her every whim.
Self-indulgence with no direction.
Outlook for true love very grim.

Was it too late to find a purpose?
To find love with meaning?
Or nothing beyond surface?
Only posturing and preening?

Tears streaked down her makeup.
She knew she had to try.
She thanked God for this wakeup:
“Please let me live before I die.”

By Carl Martin Johnson

Goodbyes are a blessing,
Though they leave us in pain.
They have us confessing.
That’s a growing heart’s gain.

We learn how to treasure
The best of life’s time
Of love, joy and pleasure.
The magic, the sublime.

We go forward to the new.
To exciting new growth.
What is done, what is due:
We value them both.

No tears should be shed
For that which is gone.
Until we are dead,
We must keep moving on.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She closed her eyes for an instant,
Then looked into the glass.
The face she saw was still distant
From the picture her mind held fast.

Time had creased the skin of youth
And years had dulled the gloss
Of raven tresses now, in truth.
She thought it sad, great loss.

She worried those she now met
Would not see what she had been.
How all men loved her, and could not forget
The brush of her lips, the ardor of their sin.

She turned away from the reflection
Her loveliness must remain in the past
And in the memory of the man whose perfection
Had made her a woman at last.

He would never see her old like this
Never know her wrinkled and frail.
For decades she has been in his heart
Where her beauty would never pale.

A last glance back at eyes now dim,
Once bright with her desire.
Still sparkling blue with love for him
Her soul still filled with fire.




By Carl Martin Johnson

If you love me, say.
Don’t let our time be wasted,
Lest we lose another day,
Without love being tasted.




By Carl Martin Johnson


I have seen your face in Winter,
Snowflakes on long lashes.
Sparkling eyes that bade me enter,
And relight my dead heart’s ashes.


I have seen your face in Spring.
Your smile outshined the sun.
Your beauty drove the birds to sing.
My fervent love you won.


I have seen your face in a Summer night,
Perfumed breezes blowing sweet.
Moon and stars the only light
Guiding our lips to meet.


Your face glowed in the Fall,
From golden hues in the air.
Perhaps then, most of all,
I found you exceeding fair.


I love you all the year.
Thank God, you are my bride.
But that which I hold most dear
Is the beauty I see inside.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I roll slowly down her cheek
From the corner of her eye..
She is too choked up to speak.
I cannot tell what made her cry.

The one who dropped before me
Said he heard she had been sad.
Well, it is emotions that pay for me,
Be they good, or be they bad.

This time the flow’s diminished.
She’s trying to hold us in.
I’m sure, though, we’re not finished.
It’s a struggle she can’t win.

Perhaps I’ll get a clue
On my way down to the ground.
Once I hit, I’ll be through.
No more me to be found.

My purpose will have been served.
Having helped her through this time.
I can only hope I was deserved.
A wasted tear is such a crime.

Now I’m falling past her hand.
I see what she tries to cover.
On her finger is a wedding band,
But she holds the portrait of her lover.



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