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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

I Dreamed You Alive
The Farm

By Carl Martin Johnson

Dying sun held the pale blue eyes,
Though he was looking past.
Seeing through life’s thin disguise
Into reality at last.

The land beyond was hard,
Worn with use, like him.
Rolling plain, gnarled and scarred.
Like his face, strong but grim.

Half a century she’d been there
Making bleak years worthwhile.
Driving off the care
With the sunlight of her smile.

Their cabin was a palace,
If to others it seemed plain,
Where they drank from their love’s chalice,
Sheltered from living’s pain

Their land to them a great estate.
The day’s toil left them glad.
They felt no anger or hate,
Only blessed for what they had.

Now, at last, she’d gone.
He hoped to something better.
He’d known she would move on,
And that he never would forget her.

He gazed over the dirt,
Saw it now as just a farm.
Its red clay cold with hurt
That no sun could ever warm.

The day was glowing down.
The nights would now be long.
But he would not sink and drown.
For her sake he’d be strong.

He would never drop a tear.
She would want him to be brave.
The woman he’d held dear
Was not there in that grave.




By Carl Martin Johnson

There’s gypsy blood in my love’s veins.
She runs free-willed and wild.
No one puts my love in chains.
She is Nature’s feral child.

She makes love with a panther’s screaming,
Claws raking bloody down my back,
Smoldering eyes with pure lust gleaming,
Her passion a predator’s attack.

Her lines are fluidly sleek.
Her body firm on mine.
She’s not a woman for the weak.
Her ardor is not benign.

Her glance can set my loins aflame,
Fueled to inferno by her kiss.
My lust is full, no sense of shame,
Only sweet, erotic bliss.

Her lithe legs wrap around my waist.
I’m held fast for my gypsy’s pleasure.
All love’s nectar we will taste.
All animal desires we’ll treasure.

I thank the gods for her gypsy blood,
Her wondrous spicy wine.
I drown each day in passion’s flood,
Her lusty torrent only mine.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I am lost in the Garden…Find me!
Don’t make me wander lonely.
I see nothing before or behind me
Save weeping and anguish only.

Surely happiness is near,
Hidden in these groves of sorrow.
Must I shed tear after tear,
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Let your love reach out to me.
Give me comfort from my grief.
Let me taste what joy can be.
From my pain give me relief.

Now through melancholy mist I see you,
Chained to heartache, just as I.
Come closer and I will free you.
Fly with me to Love’s blue sky.

Under Passion’s sun we’ll heal.
Our hearts will mend back strong.
Never again sadness feel,
Full sweet eternity long.




By Carl Martin Johnson

A cloud rolled over me as I slept.
But it was not a cloud of sorrow.
It was there to soothe a soul that wept,
Promising sunshine on the morrow.


It stroked me gently with angel floss,
Soaked up my tears of heartbreak.
Bandaged the great wound of my loss.
Gave me strength to conquer my soul’s ache.


I could not recall my lover’s face.
Her beauty faded in the mist.
No hurt from memory of her embrace,
Or pain from when we kissed.


When I awoke the cloud was gone.
It had stolen all my grief.
Spirited it off in the golden dawn.
The cloud a most welcome thief.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I will give to you a starburst.
Touch my love and feel its fire.
I will slake your body’s thirst.
I will satisfy your desire.

Close your eyes and come with me.
Visit magic lands.
From your inhibitions I’ll tear you free,
With my lips and with my hands.

Ecstasy will flood your being,
Forbidden places be engorged,
All restraint sent quickly fleeing.
Our bodies union in passion forged.

Lie back now in abandon sweet.
Devour the pleasure love can give.
Make your taste of life complete.
We have only this once to live.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I see the sunrise in your eyes,
Reflecting beautifully the dawn.
Nature cannot, with all her tries,
Equal the artistry with which you’re drawn.


I love you as the night the day.
Your light gives me rebirth.
Your smile a brilliant pearl array,
Shining joy over my earth.


I know Heaven when you look at me,
Our souls melting into one.
Life together is our destiny,
And now it has begun.


When the sun at last goes down,
And night’s deep dark I face,
You will never see me frown,
If I sleep warm in your embrace.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Your gown is made of starlight,
To mound and hillocks clinging.
Your charms there in the soft night
Set my ardent loins to singing.

I’ll find a gossamer cloud to bed you,
Smooth and gentle to your skin.
Over its white fleece I will spread you,
And let the angels watch our sin.

My hands are yours to serve,
My fingers fondling slaves,
Exploring every curve,
Preparing your body for what it craves.

I’ll turn you feverish with desire,
Suck the breath between your lips,
Set your sweet-oiled breasts afire,
Spread the flames down to your hips.

I will whisper in your ear
The secrets of my ardor,
Pressing my body near,
Ever closer, ever harder.

Soon we both will glow,
Burning blue-hot in our rapture.
Our lovemaking will grow
Into a beast too wild to capture.

When our lust at last is sated,
We’ll lie contented side by side.
And the love we’ve celebrated
The gods will look upon with pride.




By Carl Martin Johnson

You were bathed in milky moonlight,
Your body proud in gown of lace.
With the temptation of your eyes bright,
You lured me to the chase.

How quickly you gave in to capture.
I know you wanted me to win.
You were as anxious as I for rapture,
The delicious beauty of our sin.

You guided my hands where they best pleased you,
Sweet music your sighs of ardor.
I excited and I teased you,
Moving swifter, moving harder.

You felt the hunger in my caress,
The hot stirring in my loins.
You shed your translucent dress,
To let our feverish bodies join.

I bent to kiss your breasts,
Mounds firm and tips erect,
Like dear Eros’ banquet guests,
Creamy and star-flecked.

My body, strong and hard,
Pressed into your inviting hips.
You released all of your guard,
That I might taste honey from your lips.

Now this world we have created,
Where love rules all our dreams.
Where you and I are celebrated,
Under starlight and moonbeams.

By Carl Martin Johnson

I dreamed you in the night,
An illusion to fill my heart,
Lovely and passionate sprite,
Creature of a dreamer’s art.


While I sleep you’re mine to hold.
You nestle in my arms,
Whispering “Be Bold”,
Offering me your charms.


By white starbeams we dance,
To music nightbirds sing,
Moving slow in lovers’ trance,
Across an angel’s wing.


In soft darkness you are real.
The love you give is true.
In these moonglow hours I steal
A life for me with you.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Eyes lit bright with passion’s fires.
White hot the flames have grown.
You have demons, you have desires.
I have some of my own.

This is the night, my Angel in Red,
That I make your volcano explode,
Hot lava of your blood erupt in our bed.
This night we reap the carnal seeds we have sowed.

I see you now imagining things
That will make our pleasure intense,
In your thoughts your whole body sings,
Exciting to extreme every sense.

Tonight, my love, your desires will meet mine.
Passion’s sweet demons run free.
Drunk and unashamed with our lovers’ wine,
In wild abandon we’ll be.

There will be no imagining too far,
No demon of lust cast aside.
We will be all that we are.
Eros will not be denied.




By Carl Martin Johnson

The same table every night,
Weather fair or rain.
In the corner on the right,
Expression a blend of hope and pain.

Sixty years this vigil kept.
Her dress had never changed.
People had all come to accept
That she was harmlessly deranged.

In her heart she held a dream.
It was the only world she knew
You could see her blue eyes gleam,
Because to her it was all true.

Her love had said to meet
So they could run away.
She had her suitcase at her feet.
The same one every day.

Her smile brightened as she recalled
His words and tender kiss,
How his young charm had enthralled
On an evening just like this.

She thought she had misheard the day,
But she was certain of the place.
So every night here she would stay
Awaiting his embrace.

He would come one day she knew.
Her heart was full, anticipating.
His love for her was true.
She would make sure she was waiting.
By Carl Martin Johnson

I taste you with my eyes.
Know your beauty on my tongue.
A lacy sweet surprise,
Like cotton candy when I was young.

I see starlight in your voice
When love phrases leave your lips.
I watch as syllables rejoice,
Setting sail on poet’s lips.

I hear your body’s scent.
It calls me to your arms.
Such a musical event.
A symphony of charms.

I touch your searching gaze
As you study the morning sky.
My heart feeling the secret ways
The world filters through your eye.

I smell the perfume of your soul.
Its pure fragrance soothes my own.
Now I’ve embraced you, part and whole,
In every way that’s known.
By Carl Martin Johnson

I will win your heart,
Though now you may reject me.
I have made an awkward start,
But, I will convince you to select me.

Many men would be your slave.
You are lovely, so I cannot blame them.
To compete I must be brave,
If I’m to be the one to shame them.

Flowers I will shower,
Poems I will pen.
I’ll do all in my power
So you forget all other men.

I know you think me wild,
Unsuited to be your mate.
But you have me so beguiled,
I will pursue a milder fate.

The twinkle in my eyes
That you said was devilish fire,
I will make you realize
Is really the flame of my desire.

I will love you until I die.
I’m only pleading for a chance.
I will never say goodbye
Or cool the glow of our romance.

Let me be your man.
Say you will be my wife,
And I will give you all I can,
My heart, my soul, my life.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Do you feel me, feel my skin,
As our bodies lie here trembling?
Feel the beauty of our sin
Which forces our dissembling?

Our lips are touching but no more.
We breathe each other’s air.
Passion burns within our core,
And in moments we will share.

We use fingertips alone
To trace the contours of our faces.
We let escape a tortured moan
As they roam to other places.

We luxuriate in our lust,
Each delicious moment savored.
When we move, and soon we must,
We will taste how love is flavored.

Now let that which we feel run deep,
Quivering, straining for release.
Unspoken promises we’ll keep,
Then our bodies will find peace.




By Carl Martin Johnson

The lonely tear summed up his life.
There was nothing more to say.
His spirit had deserted with his wife
When at last she went away.

Her love had filled now empty space.
Numbness stilled his heart.
There was nothing that could take her place.
Grief was tearing him apart.

He could not fathom why she left.
No mortal love was greater.
It was a cruel and shocking theft,
And yet he could not hate her.

He looked out at vacant skies,
Over the road she’d taken,
Wishing he could close his eyes,
And when they opened he’d awaken.

He knew she did not want to go.
But could not stop her, though he’d tried.
All the joy he ever know
She took with her when she died.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I loved you for an instant.
For a time you made me smile.
Your heart was never distant.
We had Heaven for a while.

But time and space created
A wedge between our hearts.
We saw that we were fated
To live our lives apart.

So I recall what we had sadly,
Yet fondly too, in parts.
Just briefly we loved madly.
For a time we shared our hearts.




By Carl Martin Johnson

When you look, do you see me?
Can you see my heart’s desire?
Do my eyes to you seem dreamy?
Are they sparkling with love’s fire?

Do you see how much I want you?
Does it come out when I smile?
Like Love’s ghost, do I haunt you?
If I confessed, would it be worthwhile?

You are my life’s full reason.
You alone that I adore.
Every day of every season
I will only want you more.

So, I hope that soon you’ll see.
You will notice and love too.
Then I will give you my heart’s key,
And forever worship you.



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