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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

Tears In The River (A Song)
Tasting Her

By Carl Martin Johnson

She stood waiting for the sun’s first kiss,
Eyes closed, arms open wide.
Her expression one of perfect bliss.
Only gods merit such a bride.

Her body dripped the morning dew,
Glowing golden in pre-dawn.
Her naked beauty in full view,
For my eyes to feast upon.

I wanted her quite madly,
Though I knew her not at all.
I would not have her, sadly,
In spite of passion’s call.

Yet I set free my imagination
Moving unseen to her side,
Exploring forbidden sensation
I would have no need to hide.

I began with her full lips,
Biting gently those sweet berries,
While my fingers traced curving hips,
And up her spine like fairies.

My tongue flicked her unknowing eyes,
Wandered to her sculptured ears,
Down to her downy woman’s prize,
My lust stronger than my fears.

I sucked every drop of sugared dew,
From her forehead to her toes.
What would happen if she knew?
Only God, or Satan, knows.

I held myself from becoming bolder,
Began to walk away in shame,
When I felt her soft hand on my shoulder,
And heard her call my name.

Do I dream, or love awake?
Am I seduced by my illusion?
What difference does it make?
I am content, real or delusion.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Her left eye held the moon for me.
In her right eye shone the sun.
Her smile was paradise to see.
Her kiss the only one.


Her breath was sweet perfume.
Her skin felt silken smooth.
She was a flower in full bloom.
A beauty sent to soothe.


And when she held me in her arms,
She made this poor man king.
Blessed with my lover’s charms,
Every day a cause to sing.


I feared such joy a dream.
Fantasizing, the way one does.
Then I awoke to dawn’s first beam,
To find a dream she was.




By Carl Martin Johnson

If you kiss me I will smile.
I will take you in my arms.
I will hold you for a while,
And sing about your charms.

I will be a happy man, if you kiss me.

If you kiss me I will glow.
I will set the world on fire.
I will let the whole world know
It is you that I desire.

I will be a happy man, if you kiss me.

If you kiss me I will laugh.
It would make me feet so good.
I will double right in half.
So, I surely wish you would.

I will be a happy man, if you kiss me.

If you kiss me I will sing.
I will warble a happy song.
And give you a wedding ring,
So you’ll be mine all life long.

I will be a happy man, if you kiss me.

If you kiss me I will die.
It would take away my breath,
Just the thought of you and I.
But what a happy death.

I will be a happy man, if you kiss me.




By Carl Martin Johnson

The night was cold, but never mind.
You were at my side.
I think God was very kind
To let me be there when you died.

We knew each other many years.
We loved young but moved apart.
Others gave us smiles and tears,
But love lay dormant in our heart.

Half a century until we married,
Before our souls became complete.
Then all the life we carried
Gave our love strength if not youth’s heat.

For a year we’ve been full blessed,
Believing happiness would never end.
We never would have guessed
How little time we had to spend.

The stars were plentiful this night.
Not competing with a moon
Made each silver point more bright
Like many tiny diamonds strewn.

You read until the late sun faded.
I sat at peace, no thought at all.
For no other life would I have traded.
The road was smooth until the fall.

You kissed me lightly as I slept
And awoke me from a dream
Of joy so pure I wept
Wakened eyes still fresh agleam.

I rose to fill your glass with wine.
When I returned you were gone.
Your lovely eyes had lost their shine.
Your soul decided to move on.

I wish I’d been taken, too.
I will be lonely from now on.
God knows how close we grew.
What is left, now you are gone?

I have held you all the night,
My last night to have you near.
Now I see the morning light,
And I must let you go, my dear.

I’ll pray to hurry to your side.
Please save a place for me.
It is not our love that died.
That will live for eternity.


By Carl Martin Johnson
It was the sound of golden sunbeams
On the ocean spray below.
Of happy childhood daydreams
And rolling in fresh snow..

Her laughter spread sweet magic
Over all who could hear.
To be deaf would have been tragic.
There were never sounds so dear.

I would gladly give my sense of touch
Taste, smell, and even sight.
None of those would I miss overmuch,
Could I hear her laughter every night.

Perhaps one day we will meet,
And I can tell her how I feel.
That all of her is sweet,
But it’s her laughter that’s most real.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She’s known men before me.
She calls them in her sleep.
She does not adore me,
And my love for her’s not deep.


Her thoughts are in other places
When she strains with our bodies’ quaking.
She is seeing other faces,
Yet I don’t mind that she is faking.


I have my own illusions,
Lovers who have gone.
They are not intrusions.
Our lovemaking goes on.


We give each other pleasure.
We don’t care about wrong or right.
With a companionship we treasure,
We can make it through the night.




By Carl Martin Johnson

A secret is treasure,
To spend or to keep.
Our love and our pleasure,
Is safe in our sleep.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I saw a tear fall from her eye.
I did not know the cause.
I was only passing by,
Yet it made me pause.

She was lovely and alone.
She looked so helpless to me.
My heart is not made of stone.
Her forlorn beauty drew me.

I wrapped her in my arms.
Wiped the teardrops from her cheek.
Entranced by the darling’s charms,
I could scarcely speak.

I decided to be brave.
To ask her to be mine.
To confess her love I crave.
To beg affection’s sign.

Before a word was spoken
She pulled free from my hold.
My heart was nearly broken.
Had I been too bold?

She ran to a handsome youth.
Perhaps he who made her cry.
I knew the cold hard truth.
Now the tear was in my eye.

A love quick found and lost,
And the morning was still new.
I had paid a heartbreak’s cost,
But I had more loving to do.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I sit here and cry,
Cry tears in the river.
My love told a lie,
And I can’t forgive her.

She warmed another man’s bed,
Though she promised me they would part.
River’s red now with tears I have bled,
Gushing from my wounded heart.

Run river, run red.
Carry my tears to the sea.
Wash away the words she said.
Sweep my memory free.

She said she just made a mistake.
He lured her back with his charm.
She didn’t mean for my heart to break.
She didn’t mean to do me such harm.

River, keep rolling past.
Wash away clean all my sorrow.
Move your dark current fast.
Take me on into tomorrow.

Hard images torture my mind.
The pain they bring won’t go away.
True love, I know’s, hard to find.
But this time I can’t make it stay.

Dark river, I am so lost.
Deep river, I need a friend.
I loved and I paid the cost.
Now tell me my heartache will end.




By Carl Martin Johnson
Her body, slick with passion,
Slid down his strong chest.
She loved him, in her fashion,
At least above all the rest.

But, even as she pleased him,
Her mind was years away.
While her mouth and fingers teased him,
She thought of another day.

Only a girl, but wet with thirst
For love’s first full encounter.
He was her love, he was her first.
He lay gently to mount her.

Youth and love fueled their lust,
As if never would it be sated.
She cried his name with each thrust
Into the fire they created.

He was the true love she sold
For a life of comfort and ease.
Now she saw herself lonely
When she grew too old to please.

Oh, the day was not yet.
She was still much desired.
And her future would be met
With the acceptance required.

Meanwhile her skills brought her gold,
Which she saved for tomorrow.
Against the time she was old,
Only gold to fight sorrow.

The boy she had forsaken
Would live on in her mind.
The love he had taken
She would never again find.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Old loves never truly die.
They lie dormant in the heart,
Where they sometimes spark to try
Fanning embers into new flames’ start.

Passion faded is not lost,
Only hiding deep inside,
Patiently waiting to defrost,
Return to heat what was denied.

Not forgotten, kisses warm,
Gentle breath along your breast,
Hands caressing with soft charm,
Groans of ardor unsuppressed.

In the night when sleep eludes,
A new love lying at your side,
The memory of old love intrudes.
From its temptation you cannot hide.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Walk into the storm with me.
Do not fear the lightning.
Inside are marvels for us to see,
Glorious, if frightening.


I will keep you safe from harm.
My love is a strong shield.
The dark clouds will cause no alarm,
To the tempest we’ll not yield.


Within lies beauty for us to find,
Wrapped in music of the thunder.
Bright magic things will fill our mind.
Kaleidoscopes of wonder.


The hurricane we will tame and ride,
Galloping forth on its glory wild.
We will marry in the storm’s fierce pride,
And raise its lightning as our child.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I whisper softly down your throat,
But no words are my mouth forming.
My breath on you in prayer rote
Sets your blood to warming.


My lips blow a gentle breeze,
Flowing smooth across your breast.
Your woman’s urges now I tease,
Putting your propriety to test.


With my kisses I caress,
Your loveliness explore.
All your treasures I will bless.
Your abundance I’ll adore.


I feel your vibrations growing.
Spine arching high in rapture.
I sense the pleasure you are knowing,
And the ecstasy you capture.


Soon you’ll surrender to sweet lust.
The joy of love will overcome.
You will offer me your trust.
To my charms you will succumb.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Kiss me if you dare.
I promise you’ll want more.
Love’s spark will quickly flare.
Passion’s firestorm roar.




By Carl Martin Johnson

There is an emptiness in my heart.
It’s the place where you had been.
I never thought we’d be apart,
But you won’t be back again.

You’ve moved on to something new.
I wish you happiness, I swear.
Although, to tell you true,
It is hard for me to bear.

I’ll still hold you every night,
In spite of your not knowing.
Oh, I would have put up such a fight,
Had I known that you were going!

Perhaps we’ll meet again.
Of that I am not certain.
I don’t know where I’ll be or when.
That’s behind Future’s curtain.

Against a lover I could compete.
I could vie for your affection.
But with your leaving so complete,
I would only find rejection.

Death, sweet final friend,
Has wrapped you in his arms.
As he will me, in the end.
None are immune to his charms.

Until then I will mourn.
You are gone, but not your love.
I pray we’ll be reborn
In some better place above.




By Carl Martin Johnson

The blind girl sat inside her mind,
Watching the souls go by,
Hoping that among them she would find
One that would make her spirit fly.

The world around her went unseen,
Although she knew it well.
She hid behind her blindness’ screen,
Secure within her shell.

Her eyes betrayed when she had sight.
Handsome faces led to pain.
She hoped now, in her constant night,
To fall in love again.

This time she would not see, but feel.
She would not be misled.
She would find a love that’s real,
If only in her head.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Wake me in the morning,
If you decide to go.
I’d like to have some warning.
Though might be better not to know.

Been a long while since we’ve spoken.
Not really much to say.
Guess what we had is broken,
But I’d still like you to stay.

Remember when times were good?
I can, if I try.
I’d go back there if I could,
Before love began to die.

In a few years, we’ll forget.
Other loves will fill the void.
Scars will have healed, and yet,
A thing precious was destroyed.

Or, maybe, let me sleep.
A few more minutes before sorrow.
The pain will cut me deep.
It can wait until tomorrow.



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