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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

I lost someone
By Carl Martin Johnson

I lost someone today.
Someone I held quite dear.
We’ve each gone our separate way.
What we had is dead I fear.

Not all love lasts forever.
Some loves crash, some burn out.
Angry words heart bonds sever,
With a whimper or a shout.

Now I must endure the sorrow,
As many have before me.
Hoping that tomorrow
Will send another to adore me.

The memories will fade,
Though I hope they fade out slow.
The life together we would have made
We will with others know.

Our days together I will treasure,
The good moments and the bad.
Times of pain and times of pleasure
Leave me grateful, and a little sad.



By Carl Martin Johnson

She was stretched naked by his side,
Her body glistening in the full moon’s light.
That she loved him gave him pride,
Though they met only in dark of night.

When dawn came she would go,
Leaving him once more alone.
He wanted no other, even so.
She was the deepest love he’d known.

She belonged to another man,
A man she would not desert.
She said she would leave if she can,
When it would not cause him hurt.

That day would never come, he knew.
Their love would always be like this.
He should tell her they were through,
But he would die without her kiss.

His fingers venured to explore her,
Down her back, over her thigh.
It was his curse that he adored her.
He could never say goodbye.

He was aroused but would not take her.
The moment had him in its spell.
It would be broken should he wake her.
He wished to fix this memory well.

Her back rose slightly with her breathing.
He grazed her shoulder with his lips.
He could feel his passion seething,
As his hand moved over her soft hips.

She writhed into her waking.
They moved together now,
Frantic in lovemaking
In the time she could allow.

Then she left with a wordless smile,
And he shed the tear he’d hidden.
He would not see her for a while.
Could not meet ‘til he was bidden.

One day she would not come at all.
Their affair would reach its end.
He would brace himself for that fall,
And take the love she gave ‘til then.





By Carl Martin Johnson

If you speak softly, I will hear you.
I have not yet gone away.
If I could I would stay near you,
But it is not for me to say.

We have talked much through the years.
We have both our conscience bared,
Exposed our triumphs and our fears,
More than most others dared.

Your counsel will be missed
On the journey I am taking.
Words from sweet lips I have kissed
I am unwillingly forsaking.

I have but a minute before I’m late,
If you want to tell me something more.
Otherwise, it must wait
Until you, too, have pa




By Carl Martin Johnson

I will kiss you soft and deep.
I will make you moan.
I will find the lust you keep,
And mix it with my own.

We will rise on Passion’s wings,
Arch our backs and touch the sky.
Feast on all that Eros brings
In answer to our cry.

And when at last we are gorged,
All our energies so willingly spent,
The amorous chains our loving has forged
Will bind us close in sweet torment.

For we will never quench our fire.
The undying spark soon grows to flame.
A raging bonfire of desire,
Hot as the love from whence it came.





By Carl Martin Johnson

I let the prize slip through my grasp.
I let the chance pass by.
Why did I not reach out and clasp
The gift, or at least try?

This one will not come again.
What held me back from winning?
To have lost such beauty is a great sin.
Why am I so prone to sinning?

Bright stars sometimes shine through the cloud.
We rarely get to see one.
How could I be so foolishly proud,
To ignore the offer of a free one?

I howl like a cat on a hot tin roof
When I think what I have lost.
My bleeding soul is grieving proof
That I have learned, but at what cost!




By Carl Martin Johnson

Fall with me into passion’s bed.
Let your musk inflame my loins.
We will spend urges love has bred,
As my body with yours joins.

Your soft parts I will touch,
Caress until you moan.
No request from you too much,
No erotic art unknown.

Graze me with silk fingers.
Bring me fully awake to love.
Every kiss of wet fire lingers,
Fueling desires I’ve been dreaming of.

Forbidden pleasures we’ll devour
Until our blessed lust is sated,
Entwined, writhing hour by hour
In carnal paradise we’ve created.

Our hot energies will rise
Like a rocket of red fire,
Until we burst into the skies
Of our amorous desire.

Then we will lie still, close and wet,
Our bodies content and gorged,
In the bed where love and passion met,
Where Venus’ crown was forged.





By Carl Martin Johnson


Your softly spoken lies
Seduced my naïve trust.
You hypnotized with your eyes,
And played my schoolboy’s lust.


I believed your every word,
How we would never part.
I savored all I heard,
Until you broke my heart.


I wish that I had died
Before I learned the truth.
Before you tore me up inside,
Destroying the illusions of my youth.


Now your whispers haunt my sleep.
You have gone, but the pain lingers,
The torment running deep
Like venom from scorpion stingers.


But I will put you behind me.
You did not kill, but made me stronger.
One day true love will find me,
And I will hurt no longer.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Touch me.
Let your fingertips run smooth
Across the muscles of my chest.
Let their tender motions soothe
Scars from battles blessed.

Touch me.
Your lips are full and warm.
Move them soft across my brow.
Let them draw out thoughts of harm,
And only visions of love allow.

Touch me.
Moist eyes caressing all my length,
Down my body complete,
Admiring my hard muscled strength,
Stopping only at my feet.

Touch me.
Stretch your body beside mine,
Silk on silk our skins will glide
Love’s sensations, sweet and fine.
There is no part of us we’ll hide.

Touch me.
With that which is most you.
Your soul into mine flow,
Making one worth more than two,
Then paradise we’ll know.

Touch me.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Let me wander free.
And you sail on.
What we had cannot be.
What was there once is gone.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I had a love, seems long ago,
I thought would never end.
It’s my fault it’s gone, I know,
And it will never come again.

Youth and passion ruled us,
My darling one and I.
But our emotions fooled us.
Anything can die.

I was defeated by temptation
Risked a diamond for a shiny stone.
A moment’s celebration,
Then I found myself alone.

Some wounds bleed forever.
Some wounds never heal.
No sorcerer could be so clever
As to numb the pain I feel.

In the dark rooms of my heart
The walls are cold and bare.
But of my life there was a part
When real love once lived there.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Slick silken strands of your sleek hair,
Across my neck slip shining,
Setting sun reflects reddish flare
Over the glossy threads entwining.

Down my back you sway your tresses.
Electric charge runs down my spine
Thousands of gentle, soft caresses,
Each telling me you are mine.

Slowly now you spread your locks,
A lustrous wave upon my thighs,
Turning my buttocks into rocks
From the breath your body sighs.

You rise and I turn over.
I see loving in your eyes,
Your hair, soft-sheen rover,
Muffling trembling passion’s cries.

I pull your face down to me,
Part the scented curtain of your hair,
Draw your hidden beauty to me,
And kiss your lips so fair.

I tense as you tease me,
Dragging your sable robe toward my feet.
You know all the ways to please me,
To inflame me with your heat.

I roll with you in rapture,
On your back I am astride.
Your goddess’ mane my fists capture.
Now the stallion will his mare ride.





By Carl Martin Johnson


If I kiss you, will you love me?
May I take your hand in mine?
I will bless the stars above me.
My happy smile will shine.


I will bring you a yellow flower.
I will plant the seed right now.
It will grow big in an hour.
Alice’s rabbit showed me how.


Then I’ll climb up Jack’s beanstalk,
For the gold egg-laying goose.
And we’ll sneak off to where queens talk,
To see if they have secrets we might use.


I know I’m not the only one
Who wants you for his own.
But I’ll give you both the moon and sun
To set before your throne.


If you will love me, too,
Life would be so fine.
And we should hurry to make this true,
‘Cause we are almost nine.





By Carl Martin Johnson

Whistle along this walk with me.
Let’s travel as a pair.
If you laugh and talk with me,
Where we’re going I won’t care.

I’ll brew a drink from happiness.
We’ll stay drunk on its wine.
Run naked in the sun’s caress,
And on moondrops dine.

At night we’ll find a star,
Make friends and talk ‘til dawn.
We’ll find out who we are.
Who we’ll be when night is gone.

Come on….time to go.
We have lots of things to do..
What exactly I don’t know.
I don’t care if I’m with you.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Heat rises as our bodies slide.
Smoothly, lovesweat oiled,
In unbearably delicious glide,
Around each other coiled.

Our writhing in the darkness glows,
Making light to see
Our convulsions in the passion throes
Of sweet sexual jubilee.

My burning mouth moves over your flesh,
Searing every inch of skin,
Inflaming your long legs to thresh
In delightful, wanton sin.

I smother your torso with my own.
I press you to the floor.
Sparks of love into flame have grown.
We hear the bonfire roar.

We spin round and round our carnal pyre,
Lustful pantings fan coals to white.
This, our own love ardor’s fire
Will become a blazing star tonight.




By Carl Martin Johnson

By the time you read this letter,
I will be far away.
I could have done this better,
But you might have made me stay.

I might be back someday,
If the fates are kind.
If I don’t lose my way.
If I don’t lose my mind.

I tried hard as I could,
Smiling to hide my frown,
To settle down for good,
Not to let you down.

It breaks my heart to leave,
Yet I’ll die if I remain.
And while now you may grieve,
I must go…or go insane.

I’ll not ask you to wait.
I probably won’t return.
If I did, it would be too late.
This is a bridge that I must burn.

So our memories we’ll keep.
All the loving times we shared..
And at night before we sleep,
They’ll be proof that we once cared.

By Carl Martin Johnson

He hurt you with his cheating.
He made you hide and cry.
You felt your broken heart stop beating.
You prayed that you would die.

Then the sadness turned to hate.
You were knocked down but not dead.
To be a victim was not your fate.
He no longer ruled your bed.

You knew you were alluring.
You could tempt most any man.
You would not seek true love enduring,
Only to use your beauty while you can.

The one you found was strong.
Not handsome, but quite willing.
You would not need him long,
And the adventure had turned thrilling.

You did things in that night
That you had never done before.
You cared not wrong or right,
You gave leave to your inner whore.

When you peaked and screamed aloud,
Your body wet and heated,
You felt neither shamed nor proud,
Only revenged on the one who cheated.

Now you lie beside a stranger,
Vengeance taken, but unsure.
Only now you see the danger,
And doubt this was a cure.

Could you go back to your lover?
Still want him? Yes, you do.
But from this could he recover?
Knowing you had also been untrue?

You rise quietly and dress.
You leave with numbness in your heart.
Should you, or should you not, confess,
Or leave it all for a clean fresh start.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Your skin is flawless beauty,
Unblemished, soft and clean.
You have a goddess’ duty
To strike awe with what is seen.

You stand in splendid nakedness before me.
I fall in worship to my knees.
You will do what I ask for me,
And you know that I will please.

My kisses cannot be controlled.
All your loveliness they seek.
Every part of my body bold,
Yet my self-control is weak.

You lean back and sigh.
I please with my mouth’s prayer.
Your tremors do not belie
Ecstasy you can hardly bear.

Your fingers entwine my hair.
I am your worshipper endeared
To his sweet goddess fair.
Now all inhibitions disappeared.

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