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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

Speak Softly In The Twilight
Do You Feel Me

By Carl Martin Johnson

Do you feel me deep inside?
Feel the power of my thunder
Will your love stay open wide
While I fill you with my wonder?

Is shrieking gale your passion’s moan
Set burning by my lightning?
Has this maelstrom from zephyr grown,
Wondrous love, but frightening?

When this monsoon at last subsides
Leaving our world drained and still,
We kiss the wind our loveheat rides,
And sleep in the storm’s sweet spill.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Do lovers reunite
When both of them have died,
When they have reached the Light
When they’re on the Other Side?

Do they again embrace
As once they did on earth?
Or, overwhelmed by God’s bright face,
Are they immersed in their Rebirth?

Their own fire not reignited,
Will they be aware?
Their passion unrequited,
Although it seems unfair?

I prefer to think they love,
As on earth, but more intensely.
Shared with God, or grace thereof,
Their passion grown immensely.




By Carl Martin Johnson

If I’m not here in the morning,
I give my love into your care.
Should Death come with no warning,
For love to die would be unfair.

It has grown to be our child.
We have nurtured it from birth.
I’ll not see our love defiled
Just because I leave this earth.

Keep it warm, safe and secure.
Hold it close to your emotion.
With our souls may love endure.
Kept alive by our devotion.

Once by true love bitten,
Its spell cannot be undone.
Somewhere that is written.
With us let it be done.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Our full bodies touching,
Moving with passion’s tremor.
Our hands sweet parts clutching.
Inhibitions growing dimmer.

Lost in erotic throes,
We quiver with desire.
Poetry, not Prose
Feeds our lustful Fire.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Save a place in your life for me,
A corner of your heart,
A room where I can always be
Of you at least a part.

Just a place to rest my soul.
I won’t take up much space.
I’ll curl up tight until I’m made whole
Nurtured by your loving grace.

When you need me I’ll be there
To love you if you’ll let me.
I will never leave, I swear,
So please do not forget me.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Your lips against my skin
Set my loins afire.
Such delicious sin.
Such sensuous desire.

Your tongue across my chest
Tastes the hunger in my sweat.
With a spicy love we’re blessed.
We are in Eros’ debt.

Sweet flavors of pure lust
Excite our lover’s craving.
Our suppressed fires combust
Sending all our senses raving.

We savor every taste.
Each aroma gives us pleasure.
Nothing goes to waste
In this lovefeast that we treasure.

So, all of me devour,
And on your beauty I will dine.
We will feed our coupling’s power.
I’ll eat your passion, and you mine.



By Carl Martin Johnson

He was hard and strong.
A man by any measure.
He had been lonely long.
He had no one to treasure.

Then he suffered a defeat,
Yet, was happy to surrender.
He knelt at her lovely feet
To utter love words tender.

She was a delicate flower.
He was a roaring storm.
He gave their love power.
She kept his soul warm.

He saw dawn in her eyes,
Beginning life’s new day.
He felt desire arise
To change his warrior way.

He held her in the night,
Enchanted by her smiles.
Life now felt so right.
They would overcome all trials.

But an enemy stole past
To inflict on his love great pain.
Killing silently and fast.
While the warrior fought in vain.

It stole into his wife,
As he helplessly stood by.
He would have protected with his life,
But he could only watch her die.

Now violence has returned,
Though he directs its aim.
He fights only evil men.
To not give his darling shame.

They run from the warrior’s path
Lest he their head from body part.
Nothing soothes his dreadful wrath
Save her memory in his heart.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Take me to your bed.
Teach me what you know.
I am young, but can be led.
I am ready now to grow.

You are older, but a beauty.
Take me wisely in your arms.
My tutelage is your duty.
Bless me with your charms.

Show me all love’s truth.
By dawn I’ll be a man.
Take away my youth
As only woman can.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Taste me, taste my desire,
My passion’s spice over your tongue,
As your heat sets me afire,
While my love song’s sung.

Lick up my perspiration.
Let it quench your thirst.
Gorge on this feast of your creation.
In its sweet sauces be immersed.

Enjoy my ardor’s flavor.
Relish my fervor’s seasoning.
My carnal aroma savor.
Pleasure beyond all reasoning.

With hunger and thirst near sated,
I will fill you with my wine.
I’ll be your banquet celebrated,
Each morsel you taste be mine.



By Carl Martin Johnson

She was well-sheltered from the rain,
But she paid a heavy price.
Her heart endured the pain
Of her husband’s hands of ice.

She took a lover when she could.
To relieve her stifling troth.
Too late she’d understood
Her soul would have no growth.

Passing quickly was her youth.
A new wrinkle every day.
Cruel mirrors shouted truth.
Age could not be kept at bay.

Ellusive were her dreams.
Before she grasped them they were gone.
Lost with the night’s moonbeams
Dissolving in the dawn.

Then she lowered her head and sighed,
Drank to chase heartache away.
Since a girl, she had not cried,
And she would not start today.



By Carl Martin Johnson

When loneliness comes for you,
Treat him as a friend.
Only he will not ignore you,
Hold you gently ‘til the end.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Speak softly in the twilight
Before the sun has risen.
Before we’re seen in morning light,
Tell quietly of your prison.

Say what you hold inside,
Words fearful of the day,
Desires that you must hide,
Love secrets tucked away.

I will whisper magic verses
That will soothe away your pain.
Free forbidden feelings from curses,
And give you joy again.

Passion explodes as our eyes meet.
No words need be spoken.
We will make our love complete
Before the dawn has broken.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Have you seen my sweetheart, friend?
She’s been gone for years.
But my search will never end.
I wander through my tears.

I don’t remember why she left.
I only know she’s gone.
Now I face each day bereft.
It’s hard to carry on.

I may never find her.
If I do, she may not want me.
She may have put me well behind her,
Yet she will always haunt me.

Perhaps she is not real.
Only a construct of my dreams.
Then this sadness that I feel
Is more pathetic than it seems.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Is it really you I see,
Or are you buried deep within?
Do you show your self to me,
Unmasked by lovely skin?

How can I really know you?
How can I gain your trust?
I will do my best to show you
My love is more than lust.

Open up your heart.
I will treat it with great care.
Your inhibitions will depart,
And you’ll be happier, I swear.

My soul I too will bare.
All deceit will be forbidden.
No disguises will we wear.
Nothing will be hidden.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Come closer to me now.
I swear I’ll do no harm.
Loving well, I’ll show you how.
Let me be your magic charm.

I see beauty in your smile.
The spark of passion in your eyes.
Let me work with you a while.
I will fill you with surprise.

Let me whisper in your ear,
Magic words to capture hearts.
All men will hold you dear.
You’ll be master of loving arts.

Be my darling protégé.
Let me give you Eros’ power.
Then if you want me I will stay.
In our love’s sacred bower.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She breathed her heat into his ear.
Her tongue stirred hot the flame.
She had no thought of fear.
She had no sense of shame.

The love was wild and new.
She was hungry to begin.
What her heart felt was true.
She burned when skin touched skin.

She had made them one.
Single flare of passion’s fire.
What had as a spark begun
Was now a raging pyre.

She let her body with his melt.
Her flesh with his unite.
Pleasure never before felt
In the magic of this night.

Hot breath, ardor filled.
She could not hold it in.
This was what she’d willed.
It was her sacred sin.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I kiss the nectar from your lips,
Love juices’ tiny beads.
I drink them all with gentle sips,
Slaking my hard thirst’s needs.

Passion’s remnants unconsumed.
Love liquid still remaining.
Kisses that once bloomed.
Once my ardor draining.

Bits of honey tempting,
Resting on plump cherry flesh.
Inhibitions all preempting,
And my hungry lust refresh.

I lick the droplets dry.
Every one I savor.
For more I’d gladly die.
To taste their love-spiced flavor.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Your body in love’s heat
I hold in celebration.
But the ecstasy most complete
Is our souls’ copulation.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Wounding words were spoken,
Slicing out in haste.
Lovers’ hearts were broken.
Feelings laid to waste.

Tones were sharp and cruel.
Souls’ sweet juices spilled.
A brutal savage duel.
All affection killed.

Word whips lashed and flayed.
Hearts’ tender flesh ripped raw.
The price that would be paid
Was more than either saw.

And when the first pain ends,
Love will not be the same.
Though they make amends,
Each will the other blame.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Maggie was a jolly soul.
She wore a constant smile.
Always the first to console
When someone faced a trial.

She spread her world with cheer.
From her eyes shone morning sun.
All people held her dear.
Maggie was a special one.

Her children she adored.
She was a loving wife.
Harsh language she abhorred.
She had a happy life.

Maggie never cried.
She never had a frown.
Even when Fate tried,
It never wore her down.

But one day she was gone.
She simply disappeared.
Friends searched from dusk to dawn.
The very worst was feared.

Then the searchers found a note.
It said that she was leaving.
“Forgive me dears” she wrote.
She was sorry they were grieving.

She said life was getting short.
And she had yet to live.
Leaving broke her heart,
She must ask them to forgive.

Now somewhere Maggie’s free.
Someplace Maggie lives.
She will find out how to be
And take what destiny gives.


By Carl Martin Johnson

All the lovers in your past
Stream through my mind to haunt me.
I pray the visions do not last.
They only serve to daunt me.

I imagine your lovemaking.
Bodies joined as one.
The joy you both are taking
In the acts of pleasure done.

Passion’s secrets shared.
Uninhibited primal lust.
Erotic touches dared.
Heated loins combust.

I hear each ardent moan,
Feel your mating’s heated breathing.
View the wild abandon shown.
Aroused hormones seething.

Lying with your lovers, spent.
Soaked in copulation’s sweat.
Sated and content.
Knowing the night will bring more yet.

But my love for you is strong,
Driving jealousy away.
My hurtful thoughts are wrong.
I will not permit them stay.


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