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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

Sorrow, My Love
My Passion Refined
By Carl Martin Johnson

I loved often as a young man,
Sowing seeds in many fields.
My passion driving as only youth’s can,
Many courtings, many yields.

Now my passion is refined.
Simple lust will no longer do.
It must be closely intertwined
With a love I know is true.

By Carl Martin Johnson

I looked out at the world today.
It was all fresh and new.
I want to run away and play.
But only if you’ll come too.





By Carl Martin Johnson

My lover’s lips are warm and moist,
Though I have never kissed them.
She’s never heard my love words voiced.
And she has sorely missed them.

We are by our thoughts united,
Our minds embrace as lovers do.
The passion we have ignited
Is real love, strong and true.

I know her face and lovely charms
I have caressed her tender soul.
I’ve dreamed of her lying in my arms,
As we make each other whole.

One day our bodies will join in bliss.
Then the universe will quake
To see the power of our kiss
And the wondrous love we make.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She was a princess in her dreams.
Her handsome prince was on his way.
By night she climbed moonbeams
To find the cause of his delay.

He would come, she knew.
She could feel it in her heart.
Her wish would soon come true,
Then her real life would start.

She would dance in a great hall
In their castle by the sea.
She would all their guests enthrall
With her grace and dexterity.

This disease that held her fast
With his sharp sword he would slay.
Free her from this bed at last,
Let her twirl in Life’s ballet.

He would come if she closed her eyes.
He would not leave her sad.
She knew he would heed her cries,
Her prince was all she had.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Like fluid panther soft she glides.
In the city jungle she is queen.
Her body’s beauty she never hides.
It is art meant to be seen.


Lean muscles under satin skin,
Flowing smooth like ocean swell.
Tempting thoughts of delicious sin,
Leading to Paradise, not Hell.


The streets’ lights slipsliding down her back,
Sleek and animal, pure female.
She is huntress, on her male prey’s track.
Pleas for mercy will all fail.


Stand you in awe and admire.
Watch the panther stalk.
Worship the moving liquid fire
In the magnificence of her walk.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Look into my eyes.
You’ll find all Mankind in my soul.
So it should come as no surprise
That without you I’m not whole.




By Carl Martin Grande

The rain washed clean her golden hair,
And rinsed her smiling face.
She seemed a goddess standing there.
How the boy longed for her embrace!

Her white blouse was clinging wet,
Showing full each firm, plump breast.
Such beauty he would not forget.
His young heart she had possessed.

She moved before him as in a dream,
Laying her clothes aside,
Lowering her nakedness into the stream.
In his lust the boy nearly cried.

Before now he had never seen
A naked female form.
She was perfection, smooth and lean.
His own body was growing warm.

From his hiding place on the clear stream’s bank,
His moan gave him away.
She looked up, and his heart sank.
He started to run, but she said “Stay!”

She laughed at his alarm,
Beckoned him come near.
Her lovely female charm
Overcame his boyish fear.

Then she led with gentle touch
Until a man came from the boy.
And to his mind there was never such
A day so full of joy.

He will often reminisce,
Now he’s old and gray.
About the nymph who shared a kiss
By a crystal stream that day.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Sweet lust overcame me.
I succumbed to hot desire.
There is no god can blame me
For surrendering to her fire.

In our bodies burns such heat
Our kisses burst to flame.
Each time our eager loins meet,
We explode and bear no shame.

The sight of you ignites me.
Lights wild passion’s fuel.
Thought of our tryst excites me.
To deny me would be cruel.

We’ll gorge on the erotic feast,
Ravage each other’s beauty.
Set loose the carnal beast.
Our pleasure is our duty.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I must love you from afar.
You will never be my bride.
I know the way things are,
My feelings I must hide.

You warm me with your glance
When we pass from day to day.
But it seems, in this life’s dance,
Our song will never play.

We lie with others in the night,
Yet together when we dream.
Only then comes our delight.
Only then can our hearts scheme.

I pray we’ll live again,
Next time with better fate.
Then your love I’ll win.
But in this life it’s too late.



By Carl Martin Johnson

In the end, it’s just we two.
Only us my friend.
Just me and you.




By Carl Martin Johnson


Will you hold my hand?
Today I need a friend.
I’ll face life’s hard demand,
But my vigor has reached its end.


I need to know you care,
That you will stand behind me.
Help me this load to bear.
Be close when troubles find me.


With you I can be strong.
You fortify my soul.
At your side I belong.
Only with you am I whole.




By Carl Martin Johnson


In the gold light of the dawn,
Her pink breasts dripped with dew.
The old day had moved on.
She stood naked in a day brand new.


Early sun rays fired her hair,
Life gleamed bright in her eyes.
She bathed her beauty unaware
She was such a lovely prize.


Splashing in the cool, clear water,
She cleansed from feet to thighs.
She was perfect, Nature’s daughter.
I fought to hide my ardent sighs.


Each morning I’ll return
To watch the nymph at play.
I will let my passion burn
Until at last she smiles my way.



By Carl Martin Johnson

My Sorrow walks beside me.
She shares these dark days.
She does her best to hide me
From the sun’s happy, hurtful rays.

I cannot bear the joy
Or brightness of the day.

Smiles and laughter just annoy,
Now my love has slipped away.

At my love’s deathbed Sorrow met me.
She promised she would stay,
And never would forget me,
Now my love has gone away.

Sorrow lies with me in sleep.
She wraps me in her arms.
Pulling me down and deep,
Into the dark waters of her charms.

She dances me into nightmares
Where those like me despair,
Trading memory’s gloomy wares
Amid darkly dazzling prayer.

Faithful mistress she will remain.
I will never be alone.
She fills my heart with white-hot pain
Where once love’s gold light shone.

She is my beautiful Sorrow,
Shading me from all light.
Until God’s pity I borrow,
And join my love in endless night.



By Carl Martin Johnson


Running in the shadows,
Seeking shelter from sunny skies,
Hiding in the shadows
From your love. From your lies.

I will weaken if you find me.
I will lose my hard disguise.
I will let your beauty blind me.
Damn your love! Damn your lies!

Though you’re the one that’s cruel,
It’s myself that I despise.
You make me such a fool,
With your love. With your lies.

What sort of demon could it please
To hear my anguished cries?
To see me begging on my knees
For your love? For your lies?

God help me, I can clearly see
How a weak soul dies.
Your betrayal is killing the spirit in me.
Damn your love! Damn your lies!




By Carl Martin Johnson

Wake me up when it’s all done
This lovely life I’m dreaming.
Is it near over or just begun?
Real or only seeming?

Will I awake to sadness,
Or a new world filled with cheer?
Life is mostly madness,
Yet I hold it very dear.

In what opera fate may bring,
I will write the chant.
That’s the tune that I will sing.
No one dare say I can’t.

Be this life parallel
To another just as true,
Can I elect in which to dwell,
I’ll choose the one with you.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Breathe soft your love upon my skin.
With that same love anoint me.
Our sweet lust is no sin,
So come, don’t disappoint me.


Sip gently at love’s dew,
Our passion’s perspiration.
The nectar that we brew
Is of our ardor’s celebration.


Feel the energy, feel it surge.
Fueling the hot fire of our need.
Let it feed our bodies’ urge.
That invitation we will heed.


And I will breathe your breath.
Let your aroma fill me.
Pure ecstasy, near death,
Yet, love for you can’t kill me.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Her eyes are passion kaleidoscopes.
They take on all true love’s hues.
In them I see all my hopes,
All I could not bear to lose.

There I glimpse a starburst bright
In the dark behind her lashes.
It lights up my lonely night
With her heart’s loving flashes.

I chase them deep into her mind,
Where I see beauty growing.
Among the loveliness I find
Her care for me full showing.

I would stay here if I could.
Her soul and mine in rapture.
Nothing could feel half so good
As the desire we two would capture.

I must leave, but will return
Every time I meet her gaze.
And I will see our love-lust burn
In all love’s perfect ways.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Mama Grande was my lover
A lifetime or two ago.
Why she finally blew my cover,
I’ll never really know.

She was generous with her treasures
Which she displayed in fashion bold.
I never tired of her womanly pleasures.
Nothing about Mama was ever cold.

I slept cradled in her bosoms ample,
Protected there from all earthly harms.
Nestled between two mountains, a good example
Of my placement in sweet Mama’s charms.

But Mama coveted riches,
And the reward for me was large,
So she sold me to the sons-o’-bitches.
Robbery with murder was the charge.

Looks like I’ll swing tomorrow.
They’ll hang me high an’ dandy.
I won’t miss this vale of sorrow,
‘Cept for Mama Grande.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I’m your wild stallion, break me!
Crush me in your arms.
I’ll do all that you make me.
Command me with your charms.

I want no soft caress.
Give me the deep rake of your claws.
Let us writhe in brute excess,
Bound only by love’s laws.

Should you leave a gentle bruise,
It will be from passion’s pain.
This erotic play we choose
Gives me no cause to complain

Wrap your legs around me tight.
Allow me no retreat.
Scratch, my love, and bite.
Rough loving leaves no defeat.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Toll sadly for me, bell.
Peal softly for my sorrow.
Here in pain I dwell,
With no hope for tomorrow.

She loved me full, I know.
But grim Death’s pull was stronger.
I still beg her not to go,
Though she answers me no longer.

Her lips, once warm, are cold.
Her rosy cheeks now pale.
I beg God she be paroled,
Yet all my prayers fail.

Hot tears pour from my eyes.
Rain that brings no life.
My love hears not my cries,
As I’m slashed by grief’s sharp knife.

I know I must endure,
‘Til you toll my funeral, Bell.
This heartache with no cure
That is worse than any Hell.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She recalled the blazing flame
Of love’s splendor in Spring grass.
She could not forget his name,
Nor would the memory ever pass.

For her it was the first.
Her lust was tinged with fear.
But she slaked her body’s thirst
With the lover she held dear.

She had gazed into his eyes.
His love was clear to see.
As she whispered her love cries,
She could not know what was to be.

Their passion would lose heat.
Their fiery union would grow cold.
The taste of love, once sweet,
Would become stale and old.

Yet the memory stayed fresh.
She could visit it when she tried.
Her heart could still feel love’s hot flesh,
Though the reality had died.




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