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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

Your Foot
Tell Me That You Love Me
By Carl Martin Johnson

Flowing alabaster line
From your ankle to your toe,
Contours delicate and fine,
Exciting more than you can know.

Your perfumed skin enhances
The simple beauty of the sight.
Your goddess foot entrances,
Fulfilling fantasies in the night.

I touch your vibrant skin,
My breath your instep warming
Where to love do I begin?
Every part of you is charming.

I graze the arch with fingertips.
I find its shape exciting.
I follow closely with my lips.
Your taste is so inviting.

Each soft digit a fine ring wears,
Simple gold or ruby fire
Enhancing the beauty your foot shares
With the loveliness I see higher.

One by one, I suck them slow,
Enjoying your body’s flavor,
Feeling my passion stir and grow
As each ambrosial toe I savor.

My hungry mouth, wet and warm
Devours you with desire.
I dine long on your luscious charm.
And it sets my blood on fire.

I kiss your sweet foot once again,
Our night of love complete.
I have never had such sensuous sin,
As my loving of your feet.



By Carl Martin Johnson

It is not love, but passion
That drives me to her door,
To get my daily ration
Of what I’m hungry for.

I cannot break her hold,
Her damned erotic spell.
Her body is hot; her heart cold
She is not Heaven; she is Hell.

I rinse her perfumed sweat from me
When she throws me from her bed.
I curse the lust that overcomes me.
I beg the saints to strike me dead.

Like a dog I pant behind her,
Begging for a pet.
I wish to God I could not find her.
She gives me nothing but regret.

Her luscious breasts are Satan’s fruits.
Her body Eden’s garden
Growing lush from the Devil’s roots.
For my sin there is no pardon.

I feel all my muscles throbbing
With our coupling’s anticipation,
Though it is my soul she’s robbing
Of any chance at sweet salvation.

Every day I pray for strength
To break passion’s chains that bind me,
But when I press naked against her length,
I know that God can never find me.

Only in her heat do I find peace.
It will be so until I die.
Between her thighs my sole release,
Despite my tortured spirit cry.

I can only pray for death,
My addiction so complete.
As long as I have breath,
Real love and I will never meet.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Liquid crystal music drops
Splash their harmony in the pool.
I freeze as her chaste robe drops
Leaving her naked on the stool.

The door is open..Does she know?
I stand silent, in a daze,
While I watch in the dim light’s glow,
My manhood set ablaze.

She pours oil from a jeweled flask.
Spiced aroma fills the air,
As she bends to labor at her task
With a wanton sort of flair.

She slides a foot into the water.
I spy soft down between her thighs.
I feel my cheeks becoming hotter,
My manly fever starts to rise.

She slips into the perfumed blend.
I watch her loveliness submerge,
And her long smooth legs extend
Driving me wild with passion’s urge.

Firm mounds topped with desire
Rise above the water line.
Amorous fuel to my fire
At seeing a body so divine.

She luxuriates in warm anointing,
Arms stretched back and chest thrown out.
No part of her is disappointing.
I quickly smother a lustful shout.

Her hands move slowly down
To a place I cannot see.
Oh, God, please let me drown
There where she brews a beauty’s tea.

Now she writhes in hidden pleasure.
I wish my eyes inside her mind.
What great erotic treasure,
What sensuous scenes would I find?

She relaxes, sponging lithe limbs clean.
I envy the caressing tool.
My heart kisses what my eyes have seen.
I am forever her lover’s fool.

Dripping sweet I watch her rise.
Her expression now I see.
Is my voyeur’s visit a surprise?
Or was this an act she meant for me?




By Carl Martin Johnson

Michele walks softly in the sand,
With only starlight to guide her.
Wishing she could take command
Of the melancholy deep inside her.

She looks to beauty in night skies,
Begging the dark to love her.
Praying angels will hear her cries
And smile down from above her.

She hears waves murmuring in their foam.
Millions of lovers caressing the shore.
She wonders how long her heart will roam
Before she need wander no more.

She prays that soon the one will find her
Who can see into her soul.
Then heartache will be put behind her.
Her spirit will be whole.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I see the red flesh tremble,
As your lips come red apart,
Moving down my neck, so nimble,
Impatient for our love to start.

My left hand strokes your shoulder.
You travel down my chest,
Your mouth becoming bolder
Against my body harder pressed.

My right hand finds your hair.
My fingers comb and intertwine.
Our passions match in fervent prayer.
Our souls engage in lust divine.

I close my eyes in rapture,
While your nails trace hearts on my thighs.
I hold the moment capture,
Hypnotized by your deepening sighs.

Yours lips expose your teeth to chew,
Taking soft bites of my belly.
My body hardens at what you do,
Save my legs, which turn to jelly.

Such delicate parts, your lovely lips,
Yet what power they have to rouse me.
They drink me up with gentle sips,
Then with love’s absinthe they douse me.

I raise your lovely face to mine,
Our tongues each other taste.
Your love juice is precious wine.
I drink it without haste.

We will turn our urges loose
In a waves of ecstatic trips,
Intoxicated by Venus’ juice
Brewed by your lovely lips.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Now I hear the world’s fine song,
Its wondrous chorus in my soul.
Now the night is never long.
Now my world is whole.

You do not yet know I love you,
Although you may have guessed.
There’s none I hold above you.
I can’t believe I am so blessed.

My eyes may have betrayed me
When I looked into your own.
Fully enchanted they portrayed me
By the light with which they shone.

The spark of love has flamed.
I cannot hide the fire.
And I would not be shamed
Should the world see my desire.

Never in my life before
Has such love aroused my lust.
This time my feeling is much more.
I can feel my heart combust.

This love is my beginning.
With you I can breach any wall.
There is no question of not winning.
Together you and I will conquer all.




By Carl Martin Johnson

If one day I pass your way,
And you ask me to stop and stay,
I will never run away,
But hold you to my heart.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Tell me that you love me.
I don’t care if it’s not true.
Say you’re always thinking of me,
Whether or not you ever do.

If it’s not me on your mind,
I don’t want to know.
Life can be unkind,
But that’s too cruel a blow.

Yet I can feel you’ve gone.
I wish that I knew why.
I suppose I should move on.
It will do no good to cry.

So, tell me just once more.
Leave a memory I can cherish.
Say again what you once swore,
Those words for me will never perish.





By Carl Martin Johnson

It was a simple funeral rite,
Quiet and sedate.
Her body lay open to the sight
Of those who chose to wait.

The priest finished with his prayer,
And blessed the soul departed,
Drawing a holy cross in the air
As the viewers’ exit started.

Those who farewelled were few
Nor were there any tears.
She was a recluse they barely knew
For all these many years.

There was a beauty in her face
That death had only enhanced,
A residue of feminine grace
Which once held men entranced.

Alone as she had been in life,
None who were there had seen inside.
Had she been someone’s loving wife,
Been a strong man’s beloved bride?

She and her story would be buried.
She would never be brought to mind,
Nor would the name she carried.
All her history left behind.

The church had emptied the small crowd
When a man entered, old and bent.
His gentle footsteps were not loud,
As quietly up the aisle he went.

He had removed his battered hat
To kneel and sign the cross.
Then he stood and gazed sadly at
His life’s greatest loss.

A tear rolled through the beard
Of his scarred, unshaven face.
All the sadness he’d ever feared
Was now centered in this place.

He reached out his calloused hand
To touch her fragile skin,
Wondering why life had not gone as planned,
Begging God to start again.

He bent his stiff back to kiss her.
They had loved and that was good.
Until he joined her he would miss her.
With God’s grace, she understood.
By Carl Martin Johnson

Do you feel me in the night rain
Between wake and sleep.
In that part of your brain
Where the memories keep.

Do you imagine my touch,
My caress on your thighs,
While I tell you so much
By the fire in my eyes.

Does your smooth soft skin
Blush with heat
As you grow still and pretend
We are once more complete.

Do you quiver in rapture
As our dream bodies unite
And briefly recapture
Our love that took flight.

When others lie with you,
Do your thoughts turn to me.
Does your heart remain true,
Though your body can’t be.

And should we die before
We come together again.
Will our next lives restore
What, in this, should have been.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Sweet lust oozes o’er me
Luscious syrup of desire.
Come, lick my loins free,
Kindle love’s fire.

Take my hands in yours,
Guide them over each mound.
Our disease has no cures,
Save what our bodies have found.

Let our mouths taste the flavor
Of the passions we make.
Each nectar drop savor,
As our rapture we take.

Come, hurry, my obsession,
Let our lovemaking begin.
Here in Eros’ possession,
No pleasure is sin.
By Carl Martin Johnson

Montana wind cuts like a spear
Hurled down from Arctic ice.
It can freeze your heart and all that’s dear.
Only love can thaw its vise.

Montana Woman’s heart was warmed
By her love of a man.
Its lightning passion struck and stormed.
And the Arctic wind just ran.

Now another chill has come.
A cold that is born of fear.
Her man has marched to the warrior’s drum,
And left her lonely here.

Her eyes are the blue of winter sky.
Her hair like summer wheat.
She stands on the hill, too strong to cry,
To brave to concede defeat.

She looks far out across the plains,
Dispatching her soul to find him,
Keeping alive what hope remains
Sending her own angel to mind him.

He is missing now too many days.
Deep inside she knows he’s gone.
Still, day and night she prays.
It gives her hope to carry on.

Though her heart is breaking,
She smiles at what has been,
And the dreams she had ‘til waking
In the cold Montana wind.
By Carl Martin Johnson

Will I find your sweet face hidden
Beneath the painted mask of lust?
Will you come to me unbidden?
Or will I have to earn your trust?

I often feel you near me.
Feel your presence in a kiss.
Is it that you fear me?
Is there some secret that I miss?

I do enjoy the pleasure
The god Eros grants to me.
And hot passion is a treasure
Great as any gift can be.

My loins have oft been sated,
My lust satisfied, and more.
Still, my desire is unabated
For the reward that lies in store.

I sense you gently flowing,
Coming to me in my dreams.
Will my lust for love’s sweet knowing,
Be quenched in your amorous streams?

By Carl Martin Johnson

Are you real or just a dream
Conjured by my lonely heart?
Are you kind, as you would seem,
Or simply playing well the part?

Did I build you bit by bit
In the workshop of my soul,
From my ideal woman kit
Into a lovely whole?

Will you be there when I reach for you
To share our lovers’ wine?
Will the truth that I adore you
Be the spell that makes you mine?

Or will you fade like morning mist
When I take you in my arms?
Before we’ve even kissed,
Will you vanish with your charms?

Should I find that you’re a ghost,
Fruit of imagination,
I think that would hurt me most,
For you would be my own creation.

But I would dream a place,
A world for you and I,
To live in love’s embrace,
And dream until we die.





By Carl Martin Johnson
I walked this path a day ago,
But nothing looks the same.
I wonder, did new flowers grow
In the short time since I came.

There was a star in the daytime sky,
Much like the one I see
Above the trees, though not as high.
It looks much brighter now to me.

And the bird whose nest is in this tree
Is now a radiant blue.
Perhaps the change is not the world, but me.
It was last night that I met you.



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