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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

Love's Last Dance
The Poetry Of Your Fingers' Touch
By Carl Martin Johnson

Your slender finger tracing
A love note on my chest.
Sends my lover’s heart racing
To be so sensuously caressed.

Then your fingers play a love song,
Making my whole body dance.
My yearning growing so strong.
I must yield to the erotic trance.

My abdomen tenses and pulls taut
As your nails graze light my skin.
Too strong my passion to be fought.
Come too far, it must begin.

Your fingers like a poet’s pen,
An artist’s inspired brush.
I tremble everywhere they've been,
My body hot with sensuous blush.

You tap me lightly on the lips,
Sparking the fuse that leads to fire.
Your poetic fingertips
Have created a sonnet of desire.



By Carl Martin Johnson

No one can hear us now.
Softly then, dear, say it.
Let me hear you vow,
But more as if you pray it.

Tell me our torrid affair
Is worth the risk we’re taking,
That the loneliness we bear
Is worth the flame of our lovemaking.

Let me swear it to you now,
While our bodies touch in every part,
That I will stay with you somehow.
That you completely own my heart.

Your hot breath in my ear
Makes me tremble with desire,
Overcoming all my fear,
Fanning hot my fire.

So let us take the chance,
Risk it all for passion’s prize.
Wild and wanton let us dance
To the music of lovers’ sighs.




By Carl Martin Johnson

In the heat of the night you came.
I called out and you were there.
You ran to me without shame,
With no blame for our affair.

Screaming panthers sing our song,
Wild and hungry in the dark.
If what we have is wrong,
Bring on the Devil’s spark.

I lick the sweet sweat from your chest,
Like the dew on a ripened peach.
My body to yours tightly pressed,
Eager to learn what desire will teach.

Wrapped together in the jungle steam,
Casting aside all former vows,
In the heat of the night we gleam
With the fiery passion we arouse.

We will love hard until the dawn,
Then slip back to unloving arms.
Until in the new night’s heat we’re drawn
Once again to Eros’ charms.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Tread softly past my lair.
Tread softly lest I wake.
I will not fight you fair.
Your very being I will take.

I am the Dragon of Desire.
The beast beyond control.
My tongue lashes with sensual fire.
My breath will inflame your soul.

Step softly past my doorway.
My fangs drip the venom of lust.
Every day I will find one more way
To fill you with self-disgust.

I am He who takes your hand,
Who leads you in the dance.
Whose wings shadow the land
Of the dark side of romance.

Walk softly past my cave,
Lest you cause this demon to rise.
I lay low the honorable and brave.
I am reflected in a fallen man’s eyes.

Once my nostrils have your scent,
Once I have marked you as my prey,
Despite hours in prayer spent,
You will never get away.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She took one final look
As he walked slowly away.
The final page in love’s book.
She would not beg him to stay.

She lowered her eyes.
The fault was her own.
Hers were the lies
That at last were made known.

She had thought her love strong,
A thing precious and fine.
But she was not faithful long,
Lured by dance and red wine.

He had not been her first.
He would not be her last.
Still, her heart burst,
She saw her life fading fast.

Maybe, she thought, I can’t truly care.
I will always be lonely.
And no matter how often I dare,
My heart can beat for me only.

Still, she would try again.
Next time she’d be true.
Next time she would win….
….Not really, she knew.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I forgot to say “I love you.”
I let chances pass me by
While I stared at stars above you.
I just forgot to try.

Maybe you saw it in my eyes,
In an inadvertent glance.
Or in one of my soft sighs
While in your beauty’s trance.

I now forget your name,
Though I still feel your warm embraces.
Yes, I should have more shame,
But you’re lost in a sea of faces.

I should have said it, word by word,
Spoken clearly my affection.
That’s what you would like to have heard.
Me, too…upon reflection.

I’ll speak now, since I did not then.
Yet, I know you cannot hear.
If I could hold you close again,
I’d say “I love you, dear.”

By Carl Martin Johnson

It began as a soft fairy’s touch,
Lips in innocent attraction.
Not meant to lead to much.
Nothing like our fiery reaction.

Before our lips even met.
Something magic passed between us.
An ecstasy I can’t forget,
As if Life had suddenly seen us.

Into my lungs I inhaled deep
Your young breath’s flowered scent.
There I let it sweetly keep
‘Til I could not prevent.

I gave it back mixed with mine.
In sensuous rhythm sharing.
I felt something in us combine
Into a thing alive and caring.

We stopped then in shocked surprise,
Before we let our eager lips meet.
And still we did not close our eyes,
But watched the act complete.

Life’s heartbeat pulsed within us,
Feeding emotions yet unknown.
We could tell that what had been us
Was now greater; we had grown.

Our tongues leaped hungry to explore.
They caressed and intertwined.
Wanting, wanting, more and more.
Excited by what they might find.

You sucked my soul far inside.
We made love there and gave birth.
What we were before had died.
We were now of greater worth.

Our hot lips roamed free and entire.
Not a single part was missed.
We impassioned all with our fire
Until our whole body kissed.

Our fervor increased unrestrained,
Wild upon each other loosed,
Nothing held back, nor contained,
In the ardor we produced.

When at last we pulled apart
We were different, you and I.
We not only shared each other’s heart,
We saw the world through the same eye.

By Carl Martin Johnson

I felt you in a dream last night,
Kissed all your secret places.
The moonglow throwing amber light
Over the ardor on our faces.

We explored our bodies, head to toe,
Vibrations surging o’er our skin.
No greater pleasure could we know,
Our lust far beyond sweet sin.

We twisted together, writhed like beasts,
Teased and tempted without shame.
Made of each other lovers’ feasts,
Flesh glowing with erotic flame.

And now I take you when awake.
The dream we will act out.
Until fervor makes our bodies shake,
And in climax we cry out.
By Carl Martin Johnson

The music played inside my heart
When I held her close to dance.
I should have never let her part.
Should have kept her when I had the chance.

I wish that I could die like this,
With her wrapped warmly in my arms,
And just a quickly stolen kiss
While pressing close her charms.

We were young when I kissed her last,
Before I set out to look for Life.
I cannot go back and change the past.
She became another man’s wife.

I traveled far, saw every wonder,
All marvels that ever were.
Yet, no matter the sky I found myself under,
My thoughts were still of her.

Time went by, as time will.
The letters became fewer.
The fire we had began to chill.
I became a stranger to her.

She found solace with a good man.
They made a happy home.
I was the one, not her, who ran.
Something in me had to roam.

Later, I too took a wife,
One I treasured ‘til she died.
I know I led an exciting life,
Though I was never complete inside.

Now I am back, my first return
To the childhood home I knew.
I see the fiesta torches burn
In bright and happy hue.

And she knew me right away
When I asked her for a dance.
There was nothing else I could say.
I have missed my only chance.

When the music of this waltz is finished,
I will let her go for good.
But my love has not diminished.
I would change things if I could.

For me, there is nothing but this dance.
This is where my whole life stays.
I will be in an eternal lover’s trance
As forever the music plays.



By Carl Martin Johnson

You, Great Alexander,
Conqueror of the whole world known,
Found your heart’s commander
In the royal house you’ve overthrown.

You lingered over her creamy breasts,
Your eyes devoured her graceful thighs.
Of all your glorious life’s conquests,
She was your greatest prize.

You were amazed at your deep feeling
When you lay with her at night,
Looking up at the sky’s starred ceiling,
Peaceful respite from the fight.

Alexander, did you wonder
Why you ever left her arms?
You loved the war drums’ thunder
Less than Roxanne’s whispered charms.

Were her warm silks and jeweled gilt
More pleasant to your touch
Than your battle sword’s cold hilt
That the warrior loves so much.

Liquid amber were her Persian eyes.
Melon red her luscious lips.
She would your strong body oft baptize
With the nectar that from them drips.

When you lay beside her,
Passion’s flames consumed you.
There was nothing you denied her
Until deadly fever doomed you.

Should now your fellow gods demand
Your fondest joy as man,
Will you say the world at your command,
Or the kiss of your Roxanne?




By Carl Martin Johnson

You were a gentle breeze.
I was a hurricane.
I tried so hard to please,
But I only caused you pain.

You were a delicate rose,
Petals pink, full of perfume.

Why was it me you chose,
Whose touch would wilt your bloom?

In the tempest of our affair,
You were cast into wild sea.
I should have warned you to beware
Of loving a man like me.

Now you’ve run into the storm
To escape my savage embrace.
Though I never meant you harm,
You feared the passion in my face.

I have a warrior’s heart,
Violent, untamed and rough.
I ripped your heart apart.
I was not soft enough.

I cannot pull you back.
You have vanished in the wind.
My love was an attack,
A war I lost in the end.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I sit here on this park bench,
My feet cold in the snow,
Unbothered by my stench,
Or the hunger that I know.

In my hand I hold a flower,
Soft petals, orange and red.
I think back to the hour.
I recall the words she said.

“You are my man,” she told me.
“You are my love and life.”
She moved close to hold me.
She said she’d be my wife.

I said I would return soon.
There was gold I knew I’d find.
I swore by the stars and full moon,
She would never leave my mind.

But the gold mine was not real,
Just a dream that turned to dust.
So I had to borrow, beg and steal,
As a treasure hunter must.

Months turned into years,
And years turned into life.
My love shed all her tears.
She became another’s wife.

I left her Thanksgiving Day.
Now a million days have passed.
My love has gone away,
But my memory will last.

This bench may be my home.
My life a kind of hell.
A man condemned to roam.
But I have loved and well.




By Carl Martin Johnson

The smooth slope of your spine
Curves white like a desert dune.
Your skin, silk-soft and fine,
Glowing white in the summer moon.

We lie naked on tender grass,
Made warm by our love’s heat,
Bodies cooling as breezes pass,
Feeling sated and complete.

You sleep like a new wife,
Stomach down and arms extended.
Your sex absorbing renewed life,
From earth-energy neverended.

I slip a trembling finger along your breast,
Where it bulges lovely white,
Inviting more, but I let you rest.
For our couplings we have all night.

I lean across your sculpted back.
I graze you with moist lips,
Down in amorous prayer they track,
Moving slowly to your hips.

I breathe the perfume of your skin,
Scented opium to my brain.
I envision all erotic sin.
I am wondrously insane.

My hand strokes your supple thighs.
I feel the muscles that have held me.
In your sleep you whisper sighs,
Renewing the ardor that compelled me.

I will rouse you soon from dreaming,
As I am now aroused too well,
And sweet erotic thoughts are teeming
Summoned by your sweet back’s spell.
By Carl Martin Johnson

I bring you candy sweet
To soothe and dry your tears.
From the moment that we meet
You will give up all your fears.

You will snuggle to my chest,
Smell the odor of my skin.
I will stroke your lovely breast,
And our passion will begin.

Your dear heart has been broken.
He has left you in the dirt.
I will erase his harsh words spoken.
I will take away the hurt.

I will undo your garments gently,
Until we both stand skin to skin.
My hands exploring differently,
Not rough and harsh like him.

I will lower you into the flowers,
Kiss all of you with fire.
I will fondle you for hours,
Until you peak with hot desire.

When I take you, you will moan.
You will bless me for the pleasure.
You will feel no more alone.
My loins eruption you will treasure.

And when exhausted we lie still,
Uncovered with no shame.
You will not recall him, never will.
You will not even know his name.
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