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LOVE SONG Poetry   --  "Men and Women in Lust and Love - Poems of Love, Lust, Romance, and Heartbreak"


© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

The dancing girl
Will you be here in the morning

By Carl Martin Johnson

I went to see the dancing girl,
To watch her prance and sway.
There was such grace in her sensuous whirl
I could not tear myself away.

She danced until the stars came out.
Her steps brought forth the moon.
As she leaped there was no doubt
She would open Heaven soon.

Then she passed and spun around.
Her hand reached out to me.
I knew at once my heart had found
Love for eternity.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I loved you once and well.
You filled my arms and heart.
Now soft rings my death knell.
My next life soon will start.

I look past many years
To the tender passion shared.
Despite the pain and tears,
No happiness has compared.

I watch the warm sun set,
Wondering if you see it too.
Even in death l’ll not forget
The one love that was true.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The wind stole the flower from my hand
And swirled it to the sky.
I could not gift it as I’d planned,
So I bid it fond goodbye.

My current love may leave me.
Hearts are sometimes broken.
My darling may deceive me.
Harsh words may be spoken.

So I pray it lands on a lovely palm
That may one day touch my cheek,
While we are sharing heartache’s balm
As new love we both seek.


By Carl Martin Johnson

This rain is a soft rain,
Falling gentle on the earth,
Washing away my heart’s pain,
Giving Spring flowers birth.

Growing new love from a dead one,
Fertilized by lonely days,
As if my old love bred one
From a soul-kissed seed that stays.

I will watch it flower
While the soft rain drops,
And cherish every hour
Until the soft rain stops.


By Carl Martin Johnson

There’s a memory growing in my mind,
Of a place and time long past,
A small event I’d left behind,
One that slipped away too fast.

I see a face with clear blue eyes,
Lips parting in a smile,
A gentle kiss that, to my surprise,
Made me fall in love awhile.

Just now the picture faded.
It may never come again.
I wonder what I traded
For what I had back then.


By Carl Martin Johnson

She moved softly in the mist,
Gossamer white robe flowing.
Did she in truth exist?
I followed for the knowing.

Body shining in mist-dimmed moonlight,
Face and figure fair.
As I moved toward her in the night,
She gave no notice I was there.

I wondered was I dreaming.
Was she wraith or real?
So perfect she was seeming,
Deep love I began to feel.

Then she turned to face me,
And I looked into her eyes.
She came slowly to embrace me
Whispering sad and eerie sighs.

She pressed a locket to my hand,
And dissolved into the mist.
Nothing I could do but stand
Staring at the picture in my fist.

Every night now I return,
Hoping she’ll appear.
For her ghostly kiss I yearn.
Love overcomes my fear.


By Carl Martin Johnson

A raindrop kissed me on the lip,
And woke me from my sleep.
Others followed, but that first drip
Is the memory I’ll keep.

I think it was an angel’s tear,
Sent to me with love,
To let me know I was held dear
By someone up above.

I licked the drop and tasted.
It was nectar angel-sweet,
A divine kiss not wasted
From an angel I’ll soon meet.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I saw a love I did not know.
She passed me on the street.
I really should have said hello.
I should have tried to meet.

I often held her in my arms
A few lifetimes ago.
She once blessed me with her charms.
At least my heart tells me so.

Then she had a different face.
Yet her blue eyes were the same.
I felt both our souls in warm embrace
Re-ignite my deep love’s flame.

But I let her walk on by,
Just as I’ve done before.
My faint heart still makes me cry.
Guess I’ll wait a lifetime more.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I watched her as she slept,
Bent down and breathed her breath,
Inhaled her secrets kept,
In that temporary death.

I would have joined her in her dreams,
If only she would have let me,
Tied her fast with soft moonbeams
So she could not forget me.

But I dared not wake her,
Tear her from her dream-blessed sleep.
Wherever the night might take her,
A lover’s watch I’d keep.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Will you be here in the morning?
Will I turn and find you gone?
Will you leave me with no warning?
Will I be lonely in the dawn?

If so, I’ll not chase you,
But I will not forget
The joy it was to embrace you,
And thank God that once we met.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Her tempest swirls around me,
Setting all my soul afire.
Passion’s burning storm has found me,
Roaring hot with my desire.

Love hunger rules my days.
Carnal fervor owns the night.
My body writhes ablaze
With lust I cannot fight.

I am captured in her spell.
Tied fast in bonds of pleasure.
She’s an angel straight from hell,
But a demon whom I treasure.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Come and lift my heart.
Rescue me from sadness.
Hurry, do your part
To deliver me from madness.

You can lift this gloom,
Scatter clouds hiding the sun,
Make my soul’s flowers bloom,
Only you, my darling one.

I await your loving smile
To make my dark soul glow.
I will get through this trial
With your kind help, I know.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Speak softly to the wind.
Beg it carry your love’s sonnet.
Make the evening breeze your friend
That your verse may ride upon it.

Pray it caress your lover’s ear,
Sending music to her heart,
With words only she can hear,
Magic from the poet’s art.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The autumn moon spills down
Her light of golden cream.
In her beauty I will drown
As she pulls me to her dream.

I feel her soul wrap ‘round me,
In passionate lover’s charm.
I give thanks she found me
With her love soft and warm.

I know I’m not the only one
She graces with her light.
But I’m the man whose heart she’s won
On this fine November night.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Come and sit beside me.
Tell me why you cry.
I have joy inside me.
I can share it if I try.

You are human just like me.
I understand your sadness.
Sit and feel my empathy.
I’ll keep you free from madness.

I’ll infect you with my bliss.
We may die of our good cheer.
I spread happiness with my kiss,
So, sit beside me, dear.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Can you see through my disguise?
Know the face behind the mask?
Understand that I’m not wise?
I’ll admit it if you ask.

Only some of me is real.
I hide behind the word.
Afraid of what I feel.
Afraid I am absurd.

For you I will uncover,
Expose all to your eyes.
Be your friend or be your lover.
Throw off my sad disguise.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I cut our names into this tree
When we were only ten.
We didn’t know what life would be.
Our worlds have changed since then.

But the carving is still clear,
Though now we are apart.
I still hold you dear,
And your name stays in my heart.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Only love can warm life’s chill.
It lights a fire within.
It heals when the spirit’s ill,
And lets true growth begin.

Without love we are not whole.
There’s an emptiness inside,
A coldness to the soul,
As if it shrank and died.

Love is all that’s real.
The rest is an illusion,
Meant only to conceal
Life’s masterful delusion.





By Carl Martin Johnson


Treasure first love’s flame,

For one day it will die.

You will not know who to blame,

Nor the certain reason why.


First kisses taste most sweet.

First passion burns the strongest.

Of all loves you may greet,

Its memory will last longest.


And when age takes its toll,

First love still lights a smile.

Sweet recollections will console,

Burning warm again awhile.


By Carl Martin Johnson

My words are kisses to you
Wiping tears away.
Would that sadness never knew you,
And nothing gray would stay.

May my verses warm your heart.
I pray they make you smile.
Let all your cares depart,
If only for a while.


My love's tempest
To a love long past
Lift my heart
Wind flower
Speak softly to the wind
Soft rain
Autumn moonspill
The memory
Sit beside me
Woman in the mist
My disguise
Initials in the tree
My raindrop
Love's flame
A love I did not know
First love's flame
My love sleeping
My words to you
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