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The Revelation

By Carl Martin Johnson

Was that you I heard singing?
I’d like to sing along.
I love the happiness you’re bringing,
But I don’t know the song.

I was joyously surprised.
It was the sweetest sound I’ve heard.
I would have harmonized,
Had I known even a word.

I think you’ve found the tune
That lifts the human heart.
I wish you’d teach me soon,
Even if it’s only part.

Please don’t fly away.
I will rest under your tree,
And learn to sing it while I stay,
If you can teach a boy like me.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I dreamt a dream of our embrace,
Of skin against hot skin,
Of your sweet breath across my face,
As our world began to spin.

Storms of passion burst.
Lightning lit our fire.
Erotic monsoons slaked our thirst.
Thunder beat rhythm to our desire.

Then a wild explosion found us,
Left us lying wet and spent.
With each other’s arms around us,
We were exhausted but content.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I climbed up to the mountain peak
To see the world around me.
And to find the truth I seek.
There the Vision found me.

I saw a world I had not known,
Though it had always been there.
I was the first time I was shown
What beauty there was in there.

I saw inside all living things,
Even into the soul.
I learned why the morning robin sings.
What makes the universe whole.

The net of love that holds it all
Glowed brightly all around.
I could hear the angels call.
I floated on the sound.

I drank the music that I heard.
It was Heaven’s wine, and strong,
Played by the orchestra of the Word.
I know it was God’s song.




By Carl Martin Johnson

She left him years ago.
Left his bed but not his heart.
He never let it show.
Never let the teardrops start.

Many women sought his arms.
He gave in to a few.
He was not immune to female charms.
Though his love for her stayed true.

Then he found his love once more.
This time it would last.
It was what he had prayed for.
Their souls would now hold fast.

The grave dug at her side
Would be his final rest.
Next to his darling bride.
He was forever blest.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I think the sky above me blue.
Gray clouds I chase away.
White plump ones I let through,
So I can watch them play.

The sun’s brightness warms my heart,
Burns away Life’s gloom.
Gives each new day a fresh start.
Makes my soul’s garden bloom.

When dark storms appear,
I close my eyes and smile.
Soon the skies will clear,
And stay so for a while.

I keep happy weather in my mind,
Just the way I’ve said.
So the world will always find
There’s blue skies in my head.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Shall We the People compromise,
Or shall we stand and fight?
Shall we submit to enemies’ lies,
Or shall we do what’s right?


If we take the coward’s way,
More than our honor’s lost.
If principles do not hold sway,
Our children will pay the cost.


The enemy is within our walls,
As well as outside our gate.
We must answer when duty calls,
Or it will be too late.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I sailed out on Life’s cold sea,
With the white bright moon above me.
Embarking on an odyssey
To find someone who’ll love me.

I searched the stars above my head,
Hoping they would guide me.
I found that I would be misled
Unless the Way came from inside me.

Many long years I wandered,
Following my heart.
Now I see the time was squandered,
Only a false start.

Oh, there was many a kiss.
Some led even to romance.
But never more than this,
Though I enjoyed the dance.

Once more I looked within.
This time not to heart, but mind.
I knew I must try again
To see what I could find.

I saw the Gardens where love grew.
Each human soul a vine.
Some were healthy, green, and true.
Some were dry like mine.

Selflessness was what I needed
To make my love vine flower.
It was knowledge I quickly heeded.
And quickly felt the power.

Now a lover waits for me.
She will not be hard to find.
And she will adore me,
If only I am kind.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Christmas is a lonely time,
When you’re living on the street,
And you’re trying not to turn to crime
Just to get something to eat.

My coat is torn and thin,
But I’ll make it if there’s no more snow.
I can sleep in the park again.
There’s some places that I know.

I’ll walk past the pretty lit houses first.
The decorations ease my hunger.
Wish I had some wine to quench my thirst.
I had the best when I was younger.

That family there looks a lot like mine,
At least the way I remember.
Back then the world was very fine,
In that faraway December.

Better not to reminisce.
That life’s gone for good.
Lots of things I once had that I miss.
I’d go back there if I could.

But tomorrow’s Christmas Day.
Things will be all right.
I have my memories anyway
To keep me warm this Christmas Night.




By Carl Martin Johnson

The rain washed clean her golden hair,
And rinsed her smiling face.
She seemed a goddess standing there.
How the boy longed for her embrace!

Her white blouse was clinging wet,
Showing full each firm, plump breast.
Such beauty he would not forget.
His young heart she had possessed.

She moved before him as in a dream,
Laying her clothes aside,
Lowering her nakedness into the stream.
In his lust the boy nearly cried.

Before now he had never seen
A naked female form.
She was perfection, smooth and lean.
His own body was growing warm.

From his hiding place on the clear stream’s bank,
His moan gave him away.
She looked up, and his heart sank.
He started to run, but she said “Stay!”

She laughed at his alarm,
Beckoned him come near.
Her lovely female charm
Overcame his boyish fear.

Then she led with gentle touch
Until a man came from the boy.
And to his mind there was never such
A day so full of joy.

He will often reminisce,
Now he’s old and gray.
About the nymph who shared a kiss
By a crystal stream that day.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I’ve found a thing inside me
That is more than just a man.
I think it tries to guide me,
Urging me toward a plan.

At times I feel it glowing
Like an ember in my soul,
Igniting a flame of knowing,
Leading me to become whole.

It is part of me, but new.
A seed just germinating.
I only felt it as it grew,
Sensed the change it is creating.

I know I am evolving,
Growing beyond my human being.
All my questions are resolving.
Soon the Great Truth I’ll be seeing.

By Carl Martin Johnson

He sits quiet at the table,
Afraid to join the conversation.
He would talk if he were able.
If he had the concentration.

His mind was somewhere far,
In the blood, cordite and heat.
While his Dad lit a cigar,
He was in an Afghan street.

He stayed locked in his head,
Away from the table chatter,
With thoughts of buddies dead,
And other things that matter.

He prayed his mind would clear,
Leave him the man he was before,
Lose the war-made fear
That froze him to the core.

He would fight this fight.
He knew that he would win.
He would be all right.
He would be himself again.
By Carl Martin Johnson

I heard the Cosmos scream.
A cry of deepest pain.
She was waking from a dream.
Confronting Life again.

For eons she’d been sleeping,
Leaving Man alone.
Now it sets her weeping
To see how weak her child has grown.

He was designed to advance,
To become better, greater.
To write the music for Life’s dance.
To become his own creator.

But the Cosmos will remake him.
It is not too late.
She birthed and will not forsake him,
And the world he will create.
By Carl Martin Johnson

Touch me softly with your fingers.
Run them slowly down my chest.
Fire of our lovemaking lingers.
The flames will rise again with rest.

Your lips part to take my tongue,
To let your sweet one play with mine.
To the winds all inhibitions flung.
Our mouths wet with lovers’ wine.

Rake your nails across my flanks.
Please me with the pain.
While I whisper my hoarse thanks,
As my strong thighs flex and strain.

Then let your hands roam free.
Bring me slowly to ecstasy’s peak.
Unlock my passion with your key.
Give us both the joy we seek.

By Carl Martin Johnson


Jimmy’s sleeping…let him lie.
He went to a far place to die.
His momma and darlin’ gonna cry.
So sad.


Tell me now…tell me why
Poor Brother Jimmy had to die.
We could quit war if we’d just try.
I’m mad.


Jimmy fought hard….Jimmy fought well.
Gave the enemy a taste o’ Hell..
Now Jimmy’s gonna rest a spell.
Too bad.


Tell me now…tell me why
Poor Brother Jimmy had to die.
We could quit war if we’d just try.
I’m mad.


Jimmy was a good man….Jimmy was brave.
Jimmy's gonna rest in a hero’s grave,
‘Cause of all the life he save.
Be glad.


Tell me now…tell me why
Poor Brother Jimmy had to die.
We could quit war if we’d just try.
I’m mad.


Little Jimmy Johnson…..just a boy,
Traded his bat for a killin’ toy.
Never brought Little Jimmy no joy.
Took the life he had.


Tell me now…tell me why
Poor Brother Jimmy had to die.
We could quit war if we’d just try.
I’m mad.


By Carl Martin Johnson

He would wait until the dawn
Before he left without her.
By now he should be gone.
But he had no cause to doubt her.

She’d said her marriage bed was cold.
The man she’d wed become a stranger.
She felt she was growing old,
So she would risk desertion’s danger.

She promised she would leave him.
Her married love was gone.
No more having to deceive him.
She would come before the dawn.

They would go far away.
Find a place where no one knew them.
They would begin today
To have the happiness due them.

He wondered if she’d changed her mind,
Or if her husband caught her going.
He could not leave her behind
Without his really knowing.

Day’s first light was breaking,
As a silhouette appeared.
His heart was sorely aching,
Praying hard as the shape neared.

Was it his sweetheart come to meet him,
Or her husband out to kill?
What Fate sent to greet him,
Would be, he knew, God’s will.
By Carl Martin Johnson

Thus did God make flesh the Word.
Made it born a child.
Now its beauty could be heard.
God saw His Son and smiled.

Man was changed that day.
One of our kind was divine.
He would show the rest the Way.
He would be the Sign.

And the star that heralded the birth,
Shone down crystal bright,
Proclaiming to the Earth
That God had sent the Light.

By Carl Martin Johnson

The wind blew past my ear,
Spreading secrets in the night,
But I heard no words of fear,
Rather that the world had been put right.

It said a child had just been born
Who would be Mankind’s new guide.
The dark cloak our hearts have worn
Can at last be cast aside.

I will steer my caravan that way.
This babe I must see.
If it is true what the breezes say,
He will change our Destiny.

By Carl Martin Johnson

No one can hear us now we’re alone.
No, no one can hear.
You have secrets of your own.
I have mine too, dear.

Let us share those things we hide.
Come, now we will share.
No need to keep those things inside.
Not if we really care.

Speak to me of your deep desire.
Tell me what you crave.
Tell me what sets you on fire.
With me you can be brave.

Tell me the fantasies you keep.
Reveal your wild imagination.
Thoughts that you have buried deep.
That give you hot sensation.

Tell me quick what makes you grin,
How I can make you smile.
I don’t care if it be a sin,
I’ll make you happy for a while.

My whole mind I’ll show you.
All my secrets you will see.
Then I will truly know you.
And you’ll know all of me.

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