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Winter Rain
Promises To Keep

By Carl Martin Johnson

The winter rain pours down.
Too warm yet for snow.
Quenching thirsty ground,
And the sleeping plants below.

I watch the gray clouds cry.
They seem to share my tears.
Are they as sad as I?
Do they share my fears?

Behind clouds burns the sun.
In my heart flames the Light.
Soon sorrow will be done.
Life will be all right.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Last night I found a memory.
It was hidden in my brain.
I dug it out so I could see
What bits of my past remain.

I saw myself as a young boy,
Innocent and naïve.
But full of life’s early joy.
For that loss now I grieve.

As I grew the child was lost.
The joy was left behind.
I grew wise, but at the cost
Of the innocence I cannot find.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Now and then I miss her.
I hope she feels the same.
My lips still long to kiss her,
And softly say her name.

All young love is fleeting,
But memories will stay.
While our hearts keep beating,
We cling fast to first love’s day.


By Carl Martin Johnson

You cannot stop the rain.
Once started, it will fall.
In life there will be pain.
Accept it and stand tall.

Hard times can make you strong.
Do not let life defeat you.
Trials, though they be long,
Are blessings sent to greet you.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I looked up at the winter sky,
Its color thin and blue,
Watching below as old loves die,
So life can begin anew.

The bitter cold soaked through my heart,
Made me long for warming sun,
But I knew soon Spring would start,
And new love be begun.


By Carl Martin Johnson

How is it I am being?
What first gave my mind spark?
In the life that I am seeing,
What gave light to the dark?

I have a conscious mind,
Yet I am only mortal.
In the end what will I find,
When I pass through death’s portal?


By Carl Martin Johnson

Welcome to my mind.
My secret world is waiting.
You will like what you will find
In the wonders I’m creating.

I have visions just my own.
But I will share with you.
We’ll birth a universe unknown,
And make it all come true.


By Carl Martin Johnson

From the rising of the sun,
Until its light is finished,
I will make my race well run,
Nor will my effort be diminished.

Each day I will treasure,
And use it best I can.
It will be my sacred pleasure
To work toward God’s plan.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Make your lifeflame bright.
Let its heat warm all around you.
Soon enough will come the night,
But now the light has found you.

Share your dazzling blaze.
Wildfire in the dark.
When you end your days,
Even death can’t quench your spark.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Wild spirits own the nighttime sky.
Hear their lonesome wailing.
They do not live but cannot die,
Sad ghosts on nightwind sailing.

Should you hear them do not fear,
Rather make of them your friends
Mankind these wraiths hold dear
And will help you gain your ends.

But take care your goal is pure,
Lest you wish to share their lot.
For here because of sin’s allure
Are these souls that God forgot.



By Carl Martin Johnson

The jungle was a friend to me.
She sheltered me from harm.
She hid me from the enemy,
Softened the monsoon storm.

I was soothed by her dark night.
Her birds warned me of danger.
They roused me for the fight,
Should they detect a stranger.

The tropic forest was my friend.
I have had none better.
Though our love came to an end,
I will not forget her.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The path I walk is just for me,
Though I don’t know where it leads.
I pray into eternity,
As all of mankind pleads.

I beg you not to trail me.
It may be I am lost.
If my directions fail me,
You, too, would bear the cost.

Like me, you’ll take your own road.
Its twists and turns are yours.
Our lives are each a lone load,
As long as breath endures.



By Carl Martin Johnson

What is a man’s life worth?
What makes him deserve breath,
Give meaning to his birth,
And his days until his death?

If honor is his guide,
If he serves his fellow man,
Then he may die with pride,
For he has done all he can.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I know that Spring is near.
Gray Winter cannot last.
I look forward to its cheer.
I feel it coming fast.

Bright colors will delight.
Mild breezes will prevail.
Sweet fragrance in the night,
As God’s angels all exhale.

From the dead land life will rise,
Emerge in renewed birth.
No life forever dies
In the cycle of the earth.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I fell into the quiet,
Soft silence all around.
I took great comfort by it,
Refreshed by what I’d found.

I closed my eyes to see
What lay hidden deep inside,
What was truly me,
The self I often hide.

There glowed my true being,
No more than an infant soul.
That which I was seeing
Was a spirit not yet whole.

I saw I must yet grow
To be a man complete.
Then this life’s secrets I would know
Before I walked the next life’s street.


By Carl Martin Johnson

That small cloud there is mine.
I claim it for my own.
On its mists I’ll build a shrine
To all the love I’ve known.

The temple soon will blow away
Like the vows my lovers gave.
No oaths of love can ever stay
Though sworn until the grave.


By Carl Martin Johnson

There are promises I’ll be keeping
Before my day is done,
Before night finds me sleeping,
Before my race is run.

So, wait for me, sweet Death.
Be not in a hurry.
One day you’ll take my breath.
You have no cause to worry.



By Carl Martin Johnson

There are spirits in these woods I walk.
I feel them as I pass through.
It’s as if they want to talk,
To whisper secrets true.

I wonder that they don’t strike fear,
Rather sympathy in my heart.spi
I often ask them to appear,
Yet they remain apart.

I don’t know what they want from me,
Perhaps only a prayer,
Or simply mortal company
From those who wander there.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Fight hard to live each day
With as much honor as you can.
Try in every way
To show that you’re a man.

The world loves one who leads.
Be him if you are able.
Satisfy humanity’s needs.
Be a hero in life’s fable.

But if you can but follow,
Be brave and do it well.
Let not your chest be hollow.
Make there great courage dwell.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Spirits float into my dreams,
Gently whispering to my soul,
Lighting the darkness with moonbeams,
Making all that’s broken whole.

They leave me at first light,
Although I beg them stay.
They are creatures of the night,
And forever flee the day.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Meet me in the morning mist
Before the dawn burns through.
Before the sun the earth has kissed,
I want to be with you.

I’ll lie with you in fresh Spring flowers.
I’ll love you all the day.
I’ll sing you loving verse for hours,
And kiss your cares away.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Deep inside lies a memory
Where I see happiness glow.
I keep it there in trust for me
To visit when I feel low.

It always cheers when I am down,
Reminds me life is fine,
Blooms a smile from unhappy frown,
This great memory of mine.

It makes my cold heart warm.
Harsh anger it can end.
Calms ill temper’s storm.
This memory is my friend.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Grab Life and devour it.
Gorge on living’s feast.
Let your hunger overpower it.
Feed well your inner beast.

Not a single crumb to waste.
Savor every bite,
Then all of Life you’ll taste,
Before you bid goodnight.


By Carl Martin Johnson

In each of us lies a greatness seed
That sprouts when it’s required.
It blossoms when Mankind has need,
When leaders are desired.

Close your eyes and look inside.
You have that seed in you.
One day when your worth is tried,
You’ll find my words are true.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Hope burns bright within.
Its flame I feed with prayer.
One day I will win,
Because it’s burning there.

From despair’s harsh wind I shield it.
I keep it warm and bright.
Nor will I ever yield it,
For by its light I fight.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Reach up from despair’s dark pit.
Reach up to the sun.
If you will not quit,
Your battle will be won.

Charge headlong into the fray.
Let not life defeat you.
Clear all obstacles in your way,
Until fortune comes to greet you.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Winter’s ghost is passing.
It’s the last snow of the year.
From the dark clouds that are massing,
I can see it is soon here.

This will be the last storm.
Earth’s penance is complete.
Icy fields will fast warm,
And the air will blossom sweet.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I smell Spring coming sweet,
Flowered breezes in the air.
Fresh green grass beneath my feet.
Birdsong everywhere.

No more skies of gray.
Sunshine clean and bright.
Clear blue in the day.
Dazzling stars at night.

Awakening my soul.
Inspiring pen to verse.
Making human spirits whole,
And lifting Winter’s curse.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Hope woke me this morning.
She kissed me on the cheek
To give me loving warning
I would find that which I seek.

She brought my heart renewal,
Cast sunshine through the gloom.
Hope is life’s strong fuel.
She makes our spirits bloom.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Johnny was a soldier born.
He trained and went to war.
His music was the battle horn.
His beauty mark a battle scar.

Johnny fought both hard and well.
His comrades called him brave.
He fought until at last he fell.
Now Johnny’s in his grave.

Since then I hate the thought of war,
Though the battle may be won.
For my heart is marked with its own scar.
Johnny was my son.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I am trapped inside a cage of doubt.
My soul cannot break free.
I shake the bars but can’t get out.
Indecision is holding me.

I must forge on or lose my chance.
It will not come again.
Life is inviting me to dance.
To refuse would be a sin.

Oh, heart, summon courage now,
Or ever be ashamed.
Either embrace Life somehow,
Or let cowardice be blamed.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I reached out to the sun,
Seeking warmth and light.
But I found that life was won
In the cold dark of the night.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Strong hands.
Rough hands.
Building hands.
Fighting hands.
Caring hands.
Praying hands.
Man hands.


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