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© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

The Rain Came
Monarch Migration
By Carl Martin Johnson

And the rain came,
Poured down upon my head,
Lightning shot red flame,
Thunder waked the dead.

But I knew the storm would pass.
The wind would sweep the sky.
I’d see flowers in the grass,
That without the storm would die.

So the tempest I’ll not fear.
The squall will never stay.
In time the sky will clear,
And the sun light up the day.


By Carl Martin Johnson

When I last walked this red clay road,
I was very young,
Seeking where life’s seeds were sowed,
Where my song could best be sung.

My thoughts were clear when I was younger,
Before life fogged my mind.
For that lost purity I now hunger.
It is so hard to find.

I’m heading to my boyhood home
To regain what I have lost.
I’ve learned nothing as I roam.
It’s not been worth the cost.


By Carl Martin Johnson

There is beauty in the winter sky,
Pale blue, crisp and cold.
It covers the world, but thin and high,
Inspiring to behold.

My soul flees up into its arms,
Inhaled by God’s own breath,
Dissolving into Heaven’s charms,
Bypassing mortal death.

When stars sparkle in the winter night,
Angels’ candles in the firmament,
I will return until morning light
By God’s own hand is sent.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I feel soft whispers all around,
Like a horde of rushing souls,
For a holy destination bound,
In flight an unseen hand controls.

Delicate wings caress my face
With a breeze of angels’ sighs,
Swirling by with dancing grace,
Golden clouds that dip and rise.

Tiny friends, carry my prayer
Softly to God’s ear.
You are messengers so fair
Your voice I know he’ll hear.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Where can I find sanctuary,
Shelter from the storm,
Relief from the weight I carry,
Fire to keep me warm?

I can meet Life’s hardest test.
God has made me strong.
But every mortal man must rest
When the journey grows too long.

Let me lay my burden down
To let my soul renew,
Lest I die ere a refuge found,
And death comes before I’m through.


Searching For Sanctuary
Beauty In The Winter Sky
Red Clay Road
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