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© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

Words Spoken
Life Lullaby

By Carl Martin Johnson

Once a word is spoken,
Its life is its own.
Lovers’ hearts are broken.
True feelings are made known.

Take care against harsh speech.
That sword can cut deep.
Be cautious of its reach,
If a good friend you would keep.

Before your words are heard,
Ensure they are not violent.
Often the best word
Is one that remains silent.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I may have passed her on the street,
A brief greeting in her eyes,
Felt my young heart skip a beat,
My emotion a surprise.

Perhaps she felt it too,
The moment our eyes met,
Though our hearts surely knew,
Now they’re both filled with regret.

And when my end comes near,
Her face I will recall.
For a moment I held dear,
The greatest love of all.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I studied my father’s face,
Just then as he lay sleeping.
I am sure I saw a trace
Of dreams that he was keeping.

Were his boyhood dragons slain?
Did he conquer childish fear?
Did he stand up to life’s pain,
And keep his honor clear?

Were all his goals achieved,
Or are some still out of reach?
Was the world as he’d believed,
Or was there more to teach?

One day soon he’ll die.
He is no longer young.
God help me, I will cry,
But I pray his lifesong’s sung.


By Carl Martin Johnson

This grand tree is my good friend.
I found it as a boy.
It gave me pleasure without end.
It was my favorite toy.

I shared my first kiss in its shade,
Made love on its leaves in fall.
Under its limbs one night I prayed
That I’d survive a warrior’s call.

Beneath its new buds in the spring,
I proposed to my dear wife.
On a branch I hung my firstborn’s swing,
And carved her initials with my knife.

Now the tree and I are old,
Having shared a great many years.
Its leaves of green and red and gold
Have seen my smiles and tears.

One day I’ll leave my friend the tree
To rest long in the ground.
Then some young boy, a lot like me,
Will love this tree we’ve found.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I’ve lived another day.
That’s all that I can ask.
I can’t forever stay,
So I must get to my task.

Wild horses cannot keep me
When I am called to go.
When the Reaper comes to reap me,
I must obey, I know.

In that case, I must hurry,
If I’m to get things done.
Because, you know, I worry
That this life’s the only one.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I hear you in the raindrops
Falling softly from the leaves.
I wonder when the pain stops,
How long a man’s heart grieves.

I see you in the dawn,
Where rose hue turns to blue.
I know that you are gone,
But my heart says it’s not true.

Come to me in my sleeping.
Take me to your dream,
To the place where there’s no weeping,
Beyond the far star’s gleam.



By Carl Martin Johnson

When life drowns me with tears,
When darkness holds my soul,
I thrust aside my fears
And give my heart control.

I find the wondrous thought
Of a God-child’s birth long past,
Then smile at what He sought.
That brings me joy at last.

For love was born that day.
It is with us still.
A Child to show the way
Our empty souls to fill.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Bright stars are angel eyes,
Watching mankind from above.
Looking down from Heaven’s skies
To guard us with their love.

The dark night holds no fear
With countless angels at their post,
Who hold us mortals dear
And protect from beast and ghost.

So look up and greet them.
Thank them for their care.
One day we will meet them
And join their watch up there.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Walk with me in the morning light,
When the earth is fresh and green.
When the early sun is warm and bright,
And no clouds can be seen.

Feel the dawn breeze on our faces,
Brisk and crisp and clear.
Stop to share loving embraces,
While swearing vows sincere.

We will fully own the day.
Make it just our own.
Another may not come our way.
The future is unknown.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I lie still and let life enter,
Take root inside and grow.
I can feel my tired soul center,
Riding on life’s flow.

I’m floating on the rapture,
Up far above the earth.
Even angels cannot capture
That to which I’ve given birth.

I close my eyes and feel the thrill,
Now beyond time and space.
I swear I will not stop until
I gaze into God’s face.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The bullet fired had killed him.
This was his final breath.
But it was not pain that filled him,
Nor any fear of death.

He looked up at the clear blue sky,
With black crows flying past.
He knew this was his time to die.
This moment was his last.

The sun shined warm on his torn face,
Caressed him like his mother.
He gave this world final embrace
Before he changed it for another.

Years of memories flashed by.
He found he could not hold them.
The young man gave it his best try,
But some other force controlled them.

Then the sounds of battle waned.
Strange music took its place.
As the soldier’s life force drained,
A smile spread on his face.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I stopped at the wishing well,
Tossed a coin to buy my dreams.
Will it work, I cannot tell.
I have so many schemes.

But life is barren without hope.
With hope’s promise we endure.
Its magic lets our sad souls cope,
Gives our fantasies allure.

I think I’ll throw a penny more.
Maybe that will help my chances,
It may well open fortune’s door,
And lead me where the dance is.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Into your life bring magic
To overcome the sorrow,
To drown the sad and tragic,
Give solace ‘til tomorrow.

Make reality your own
Let no dark thoughts intrude.
You’ll reap the wonder that you’ve sown,
And find your soul renewed.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Life sings out a lullaby.
Close your eyes and hear.
Through the earth into the sky,
It tells us Heaven’s near.

It finds harmony in a newborn’s cries.
Morning birds give chorus.
It is a tune that never dies,
Composed by angels for us.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The gate was open when I passed.
The old house stood unguarded.
What was once a home now loomed outcast,
Full of memories discarded.

I thought to enter and explore.
Its eerie allure was strong.
The weed strewn path to the front door
Seemed to beckon me along.

I felt her broken windows crying,
Reaching out for my compassion,
Like a threadbare great aunt dying
Who’d once dressed in highest fashion.

But I stopped at the last minute.
To enter would desecrate
The house and the ghosts in it.
So I slowly closed the gate.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Like prairie dust in the summer wind,
What I write will fade away.
All Man’s foolish verse will end.
Only words of gods can stay.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I begged the night to speak to me,
To tell me what she knows,
To show me what I cannot see,
All secret things disclose.

Then I heard her whisper low:
“There is nothing that I hide.
For everything a man can know
He needs only look inside.”


By Carl Martin Johnson

Breathe deep when you awake.
Give thanks that you are living,
And make sure that you take
All Life has for giving.

Too soon life’s sun will set.
Our time here is fleeting.
No time for regret
When the next world we are greeting.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The thunderstorm screamed out to me
Like a demon running wild,
From the borders of eternity
Damned Satan’s wayward child.

The tempest roared toward me,
Intent on doing harm.
I knew it would reward me
Not at all for my alarm.

So I stood firm and faced it,
Fearless though alone.
Instead of fleeing, I embraced it,
And made its strength my own.


By Carl Martin Johnson

God breathed warm across my face,
Sweet and clear and pure,
Gentle aroma of Divine Grace,
That lets Mankind endure.

Into my soul I inhaled deep,
And took His life inside me,
Waking what had been asleep,
Now He is there to guide me.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Drink the wine of happiness.
Let it drown your sorrow.
Ask all gods that be to bless
Today and each tomorrow.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Hope snuck up behind me,
And tapped me on the shoulder.
She had searched long to find me,
To make my lifesong bolder.

Her touch gave me new chance,
Chased away despair.
She brought me to life’s dance
And stayed my partner there.

Now I forever hold her near.
Only with her can I win.
When I need her she’ll appear.
I will bless her until then.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I wonder if she thinks of me,
That woman on the wall.
Now she’s a celebrity,
Do I cross her mind at all?

We loved when we were younger,
Then her warm heart grew cold.
She lost all passion’s hunger.
Her embrace turned stiff and cold.

Now adoring fans surround her,
No time for thoughts of me.
Still, I’m happy that I found her
Before she became a celebrity.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Stop and hear your heartbeat,
Life’s rhythm deep and strong.
You are dancing to its drumbeat,
Feeling certain you belong.

Sweet lullaby of living,
Trusted being’s comfort sound,
Assurance of life giving.
Life’s fervent chant profound.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I feel the gentle wind
Soothing past me in the dawn,
Telling me life has no end,
Though my own life will be gone.

One day the wind will come
To carry me away
Back where I came from,
And there is where I’ll stay.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Start the music and I’ll dance.
I’ll step lively to Life’s tune.
Be my partner…..Take a chance.
The band will stop playing soon.



By Carl Martin Johnson

The winter moon is cold and white.
Its beams are sharp as ice.
They slice through the darkest night
To frozen dreams entice.

It sees into my fantasies
And drains them of their heat,
Causing my trembling soul to freeze,
My sad tears turn to sleet.



By Carl Martin Johnson

The dawn broke red in the morning sky.
It was the last he’d see.
He knew he was about to die,
To find eternity.

The pain was gone at last.
It had ended in the night.
But life was ebbing fast.
He’d lost the will to fight.

The dead lay scattered ‘round him.
The enemy was gone.
Yet, now that death had found him,
He could not carry on.

He opened his eyes wide.
He took a final breath.
With that the soldier died,
And made his peace with death.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Let me share my hope with you.
I’ve much more than enough.
Embracing hope we all must do,
When life gets mean and tough.

Hope holds us together
On life’s rocky ride.
Hard times we can weather,
When hope flames bright inside.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I feel my hot blood rushing,
Surging through my being,
Love for this life gushing,
All inhibitions fleeing.

I live life hard and fast.
No fear holds me back.
From my first breath to my last,
I’ll do nothing but attack.

When my life is done’
It will not be ‘cause I fasted.
But from battles fought and won
As long as my heart lasted.


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