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Hero's Legion
The Path

By Carl Martin Johnson

Some see crosses, row on row,
See names on a long black wall.
I see souls I want to know,
To embrace them one and all.

I know that we must each die.
Every man owes life a death.
Yet how we leave and the reason why
Mark a warrior’s final breath.

Look out on the Heroes’ Legion,
Brave lives gone but not asleep.
They are awake in Heaven’s region,
Where eternal watch they keep.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The autumn wind has found me.
It tells me summer’s gone.
Bright leaves are swirling ‘round me.
Time is moving on.

Now comes the butter-colored sun,
Flowing smoothly o’er my skin.
I feel the old year being done,
So the new year can begin.

Days grow short and cooler now,
The weather more a friend.
Life seems easier somehow,
As the old year starts its end.

Perhaps God made Fall to ease us
Into Winter’s bitter night.
Before the cold gales freeze us,
And rend with icy bite.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Raindrops crystal lensed
Fell soft upon my eyes,
Leaving my vision cleansed
Of the waking world’s disguise.

For an instant I could see things
Before forbidden to my sight.
The prismed droplets served to free things,
Expose shy wonders to the light.

The beauty overcame me,
Made me forget my pain.
I felt love of life inflame me,
Lying bleeding in that rain.

The dreamworld washed away,
But the memory I hold dear.
Ever since that day
Neither life nor death I fear.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Man shares this world with many things,
Some living and some not.
Each from the primal ignition springs,
Comprising what God has wrought.

I embrace each grain of being,
Every robin, every stone.
The world that I am seeing,
Tells me I’m not alone.

We are hurtling toward the Divine Ghost,
Our final destination.
I know Man is evolution’s host,
The reason for creation.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Who will brave the Wind God’s ire
When he hurls his mighty storm,
When he flings sharp lightning’s fire
With a will to do Man harm?

What weapon will you choose
To wield in hero’s duel?
What ammunition will you use
To combat the typhoon’s fuel?

Take no sharp steel in your hand.
No sword has ample blade.
If you will take a stand
Use that within which God has made.

The tempest has great power.
It can tear the world apart.
But Mankind will never cower
For we have the Human Heart.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The Ghost Wind blew the sun away,
And thrust in darkest night.
It did no good for men to pray,
Nor to flee in fright.

Its howling shamed the banshees’ screams.
Hell’s demons ran in fear.
Never in all mankind’s dreams
Did such sorcery appear.

If cursed fate placed you in its path,
Beg God your soul be spared,
For if you feel the Ghost Wind’s wrath
Satan’s evil lair you’ve shared.

These lines I write in warning.
Though our doom is likely sealed.
Waste no time in mourning.
This is apocalypse revealed.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The wave rolled thunder at the land
Driven hard by tempest’s power.
Deadly fist of the sea god’s hand,
More colossal by the hour.

Spitting white foam at its crest
Like a mad dog’s rabid maw.
All in its path it will digest,
Deep into the coastland gnaw.

Stand frozen at the storm surge might.
Too late for you to flee.
Pray God take your soul this night,
For you face eternity.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Can you stop the rain from falling?
The wind from blowing hard?
Are you fruitlessly God calling
While the world is torn and scarred?

Man is arrogant and vain,
Though his power may be great.
What the Divine has put in train,
Mankind must leave to fate.

Face bravely your demise.
You can’t undo what gods have written.
There is no human thing but dies.
We are all by mortality bitten.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The storm left us a rainbow
To repay the damage done.
We who here remain, though,
Would have preferred the sun.

Yet the colors ease our sorrow,
Bright and vivid hues,
Giving new hope for tomorrow,
Healing for the tempest’s bruise.

Best not look for reasons.
Nature has a willful mind.
She is mistress of the seasons
Without thought to humankind.

It does no good to blame her.
She will always have her way.
Perhaps one day we’ll tame her,
But that time is far away.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I’ll leave all dark thoughts for now,
Give my tired mind a rest.
Only joy will I allow,
And Mankind at our best.

More blessings I have than trials,
If I only stop to see.
Far fewer frowns than smiles.
More love than hate for me.

When I have refreshed my soul
With the beauty of this life,
Hopeful images will console
As I once more face living’s strife.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Could be I’m not awake.
Could be I’m only dreaming.
Could be each breath I take
Is truly only seeming.

No me it’s real.
I thirst and hurt and bleed.
All sensations I can feel.
All tenderness I need.

So I’ll savor this illusion
Until death interrupts my sleep.
Then I will store this fine delusion
With the memories I keep.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I can feel the cosmos’ beat.
I will sync it with my heart.
When the two pulses meet,
Only then will my life start.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I found a path in the dark wood,
Seemingly little used.
I saw no escape from where I stood.
My directions were confused.

I decided I would take a chance,
Since I had no other clue.
I’d been wandering in a trance,
My endurance nearly through.

I followed the trail all through the day,
And well into the night.
I trusted it to find my way,
To take me to the Light.

At last I glimpsed a spark
Dancing brightly through the trees.
It would lead me from the dark.
It would set my mind at ease.

Then the faint track ended.
The flame flickered and died.
These obstacles must be transcended
If my search be satisfied.

So I forged into the growth,
Making a rough path of my own,
Swearing a solemn oath
I’d not stop ‘til the Light be known.

By Carl Martin Johnson

I saw you kill my brother; I slew your only son.
We were enemies for years,
Now the bloody war is done,
And the widows shed their tears.

Which side had the right,
Perhaps history will show.
Was it worth the bloody fight?
I think we’ll never know.

Let us pray that we have learned
Few wars are worth the winning.
Carnage in battles earned
Between brothers is mass sinning.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Sing beauty in the morning sun.
Praise the joy of living.
For this day is the only one
You can be sure God’s giving.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Mighty Wind, feared Satan’s breath,
We bow before your power.
Bringer of havoc and death,
We salute but do not cower.

Fury ravaging uncaged,
Who dare survive your path?
Demon gale enraged,
Striking terror in your wrath.

Our lands you tear apart,
Yet we endure far longer.
None defeat the human heart.
Of we two, Man is the stronger.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The Great Wind roused sleeping souls from death,
And blew them past the living,
Who took them in with every breath
Of the harsh gale unforgiving.

The typhoon mixed the quick and dead,
All souls from Man’s beginning,
Filling each one with fear and dread,
God’s own mind set spinning.

The world could only cry and wait,
‘Til the blow tired of destruction,
Indifferent to mere Mankind’s fate
Was the power of the storm’s abduction.

Was she born a summer breeze,
Turned ravenous for worship and fame?
Did our kind the gods displease?
Do we have ourselves to blame?


By Carl Martin Johnson

He left this world too young.
He had just begun to flower.
A lifesong barely sung,
Though his heart was full of power.

See there where he slept.
His aroma in his bed.
Where his poor mother wept,
Not believing her son is dead.

That picture on the wall,
With the dog who passed before him,
And the girl, loved most of all,
Who forever will adore him.

In time the pain will weaken,
But it will never leave.
Yet his life will be a beacon
To us left behind who grieve.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Water blessed become damnation,
Inch by inch its deadly rise.
Rain pours down without cessation.
He who stays is he who dies.

Fertile ground now deadly sea,
Strangling life in wet embrace,
Dragging downward those who flee,
Swallowing they who lose the race.

Only God can stem the surge.
Best take to your knees,
Lest the entire world He purge,
And the deluge never cease.


By Carl Martin Johnson

The human heart on fire
Nothing can defeat.
That which Nature may conspire
Man’s spirit will ever meet.

Nor storm, nor flood, nor quake
Can drive us from the earth.
We bend but never break.
We humans know our worth.

Gods of chaos we defy.
You will not see us yield.
Life is our battle cry.
Pride our sword and shield.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Stand firm against the howling wind.
Stand firm against the flood.
Your heart’s courage has no end.
In your veins flows warrior’s blood.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Today I feel my living,
Each touch, taste, sound and smell.
Seeing all God’s giving,
But for how long I can’t tell.

Yet this moment will suffice.
It fills me with its wonder.
It will not greet me twice,
Therefore its marvels I will plunder.

Before this life I slept.
Or if awake I can’t recall.
I know not where that memory’s kept,
If I was aware at all.


By Carl Martin Johnson

That moon there’s the last I’ll see,
Smilin’ friendly through the trees.
‘Cause the enemy’s comin’ after me,
Like a killin’ hard disease.

He’s in the jungle not too far,
Holdin’ back to lick his hurt.
If he knew how damn few we are,
I’d be bled out in the dirt.

He’ll see come tomorrow’s dawn.
We got no place to run.
Now just three, the rest are gone.
Looks like we’re good as done.

‘Til then I still got that moon.
Sure a fine last sight.
I know I’ll be dyin’ soon,
But I’m alive tonight.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Sing to me of the brave,
Of their valorous deeds and worth,
Of innocent lives they save,
And the good they do on earth.

Few have the courage seed,
That blooms bright in the human breast.
But they are whom we need,
They are mankind’s best.

Duty is their prayer.
Honor is their breath.
We live safely in their care.
They guard, steadfast, to death.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Find joy in every morning,
Good cheer in each new dawn,
For one day with no warning
You will wake to find life gone.
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