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© Carl Martin Johnson, All rights reserved

Night Fighter


By Carl Martin Johnson

He had always been a dreamer,
Spent his life roaming ‘round.
Too honest to be a schemer.
He loved all the world he found.


Women were drawn to him,
And he loved them in return.
The better they all knew him,
The hotter fire would burn.


But the dreamer kept on moving,
Searching for Life’s truth.
Life’s value needed proving,
And he’d the ideals of youth.


For years he kept the quest
Yet the answer was evasive.
He could not stop to rest
Until he found a thought persuasive.


Then he stopped pursuing.
His life was close to ending.
He saw what he was doing.
His life he was fast spending.


He found what he’d been after.
His trek had been all wrong.
The dreamer saw with laughter
The Truth was in him all along.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Share the sparkle in your eyes.
Shower happiness around.
Let the world see sunny skies.
Feel the joy that you have found.


Inside you burns a light.
Gloomy darkness its glow scatters.
While your cheery soul fuels it bright
To illuminate what matters.


I am grateful that you love me,
And I know your love is true.
God in Heaven above me
Has blessed my life with you.


You lend existence worth.
You make the cosmos smile.
Angels sang at your birth.
Now you make each day worthwhile.




By Carl Martin Johnson

I know I chose wrongly.
I took Lucifer to follow.
I thought he would lead strongly,
But his promises were hollow.


Michael’s sword was fiercely wielded.
His legions drove us down.
At last our armies yielded.
Michael saved the Crown.


The Father’s love I blame.
He cursed us with free will.
Now to my eternal shame,
My brothers I can kill.


It was a gift to help us grow,
But I make no celebration.
It has brought me only woe.
I elected my damnation.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Who will stop the rain?
Gentle drops grown to deluge.
Each a tear caused by my pain.
Is there no refuge?

Clouds have burst and inundated,
Drowning sparks of joy.
Am I to sorrow fated?
Will this rain my dreams destroy?

I will break these skies apart.
Rip clouds open to find sun,
Let its gold light fill my heart,
Then the rain will not have won.



By Carl Martin Johnson

All his friends had finished dying.
His wife was long years gone.
Sometimes he felt like crying.
Yet he carried on.

Home was an unpainted bench.
But it was a place to sleep.
Thanks to the old man’s stench,
It was his alone to keep.

This day the flags were waving.
He could hear the bugle play.
He shed the lone tear he was saving
For Memorial Day.

He would join his brothers soon.
He knew they’d saved a place,
Once again lead his platoon.
This time with God’s grace.

He was a warrior still inside,
As he’d been when young.
His heart still filled with pride
For the song his life had sung.


By Carl Martin Johnson

He bit and slapped and scratched.,
As my K-Bar blade sliced in.
Like a demon newly-hatched,
He fought hard to stop his end.

Our mouths were close to kissing.
I smelled his fetid breath.
Blood foam from his throat was hissing.
He was shaking hands with death.

He looked long into my eyes,
One warrior to another.
The best way a soldier dies,
At the hand of a warrior brother.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I was an angel long ago.
I flew in Heaven’s skies.
Their sacred tongue I used to know,
And still hear when a newborn cries.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Are you going somewhere?
If so, can I come too?
I’ve been here and over there.
I want someplace new.

My heart is filled with stale old dreams.
I need some fresh and bright.
I’ll find them in a new sun’s beams,
Or in a future moon one night.

My blood is so dried and cold.
I need change to fire my heart.
Or I’ll just grow stiff and old.
I seek a brand new start.

So, please, take me along.
New fantasies I’ll share.
Our road will be a song
Of adventures we will dare.



By Carl Martin Johnson

I will live until I die.
No day will I leave wasted.
Adventures I will try.
No wine will go untasted.

I’ll not glow, but flare.
Living bright, albeit brief.
I’ll have had my share.
Death will not bring grief.

Life, I’ll ride you hard.
Be my great wild steed.
Though your bucking leave me scarred
There’ll be roses where I bleed.



By Carl Martin Johnson

Life is coursing through your soul
In veins only angels see.
Hear each soulbeat’s dulcet toll
Marching you to destiny.

Its warmth will make you glow.
Its energy excite you.
Use it well and you will grow.
Its fuel will ignite you.

You’ll see you are transforming.
You’ll know your evolution.
Grasp the new life you are forming.
Become the world’s solution.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I sit sometimes and wonder
If my life is done.
Times of storm and thunder.
Times of sun-drenched fun.

Death is the price we pay
For the days we spend on earth.
We start dying on the day
Our mothers give us birth.

I have had my share of years.
Time to relinquish my lifespace.
And, instead of shedding tears,
Invite a new soul to my place.


By Carl Martin Johnson

In deepest dreams I walk alone.
Wandering restless door to door.
Seeking ever to be shown
The path toward what makes me more.

Those that open I pass through,
Searching for the truth.
Hoping I will find a clue.
I am my own life’s sleuth..

I suspect great Mind awaits.
So much more to know.
Only a weak man hesitates
To find what makes him grow.

So locked doors I break open wide,
Behind them I’m enlightened.
What is hiding there inside
Leaves my dim soul brightened.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I am folding back the dawn,
Retaking shelter in the night.
In the black my fear is gone.
I am ready for the fight.


The light can cost me dear.
Exposing secret places.
Means my death if I appear
Before I see enemy faces.


Like the Jaguar, I am stealthy.
No one sees me ‘til I strike.
Hunting me is not healthy.
In this jungle I’m ghostlike.


Pursue me if you can
Under this moonless sky.
But know here I’m more than man.
To find me is to die.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Darling, go your own way.
With a sad heart I’ll go mine.
Let’s make this the last day
We share sweet lovers’ wine.


We had affection deep,
If not the eternal kind.
Now let our romance sleep,
So real love we can find.


We mated hard in heat,
With passion that made us scream,
As we let, burning, our skin meet
In a wild erotic dream.


Left to wonder where it went
When the fervor passed,
Orgasmed and content.
We should have known it could not last.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Your fingers traced my lips,
Feeling for a loving word,
For a sensuous verb that drips,
One you taste before it’s heard.


A drop of passion fell,
Cupped nectar in your palm.
It would my passion tell,
Soft spoken erotic balm.


You gently touched my tongue.
Your sweetness I could savor.
Your body, fresh and young,
Through fingertips spread flavor.


You found poetry in my sigh.
My breath carried a sonnet.
You sense it if you try.
My heart flows out upon it.




By Carl Martin Johnson

Pray, but do not beg.
Give God a good friend’s greeting.
No need to bend your leg.
It’s a Loved One you are meeting.


Feel the Divine Embrace.
Let your spirit merge with His.
Look with love upon His Face.
He is That Which Is.


In His image you were made.
He did not create you slave.
Therefore be not afraid.
He built you to be brave.


Have a loving conversation.
He has made you strong.
Through trial and tribulation,
At His side’s where you belong.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Death, one day you’ll guide me.
For this I will not fear you.
You always walk beside me.
But, step soft so I’ll not hear you.

I trust you, Death, dear friend.
For passage to the other side.
All mortal life must end.
When you seek me I’ll not hide.

I will sense your icy breath,
With its gently flowered scent.
When I feel your kiss, sweet Death,
I’ll know my life is spent.


By Carl Martin Johnson

I lay gazing at the sky
As silent raindrops fell.
Shed from the Divine Eye
With secrets each to tell.

They fell upon my lips,
Seeking there to form the Word.
As the drops I took in sips,
From my throat some truth was heard.

My mouth went wide to swallow,
To quench my parched soul’s thirst.
Filling the place once hollow,
And the poem not full versed.


By Carl Martin Johnson

She smiled as she passed by,
Putting my sad heart in danger.
Coquettish twinkle in her eye,
Making a slave of every stranger.

I stood frozen in my awe.
Her beauty paralyzed me.
Face and body without flaw,
Her notice had surprised me.

My heart leapt when she turned.
Her glance gave me new life.
With pure hot love I burned.
Thank God, she’s now my wife.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Joy was hiding in my heart,
Though she took some time to find.
She fueled my life’s restart.
Spread sunshine through my mind.

Her bright light was there waiting.
What hid her glow from me?
Why had I been hesitating?
The path was clear to see.

Now I take her hand.
She guides me past my sorrows.
The happiness she’s planned
Will fill all my tomorrows.


By Carl Martin Johnson

Breezes fan a spark to flame.
Gentle rain blows to a storm.
Rivers are greater than whence they came.
Single bees become a swarm.

Butterflies from fat worms grow.
Acorns to great oak trees.
A simple flake to fields of snow.
Small waves to raging seas.

Life is grand transformation.
Observe the world with awe.
Applaud the celebration
That comes with Nature’s Law.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Beneath these mounds rest well the brave
Who for us gave their lives.
Hopes and dreams in every grave
Yet their nation thrives.

It is up now to the living
To honor what they’ve done.
Was these men who did the giving.
We must treasure what they won.

So say a prayer tonight,
As you lie safely in your bed
For those who fought the fight,
Our sacred warrior dead.

By Carl Martin Johnson

There are those who look up at a star,
Yet do not see its light.
Just a white hole very far,
A pinprick in the night.

The radiance escapes their eye.
They cannot grasp its being.
A harsh glare in the sky
Is all that they are seeing.

Look beyond the glowing
To the fuel that makes it burn.
The flame springs from the knowing.
That knowledge you must earn.
By Carl Martin Johnson

I inhaled God’s mind just then,
Just a tiny piece.
I pray it will guide my pen
So my words’ worth increase.

I have no genius of my own,
But He has lots to spare.
He sits on the Poet’s Throne,
Words of beauty in His care.

My foolish verse must make Him smile.
I am only man and vain.
I’ll be with Him in a while.
I’ll try then to explain.

By Carl Martin Johnson

Sweet scents, Life’s perfume.
Flowers in the Spring.
Smells of living in full bloom,
With joy only Life can bring.

Breath of angels floating by,
Heaven’s fragrance in their wings.
Sunfresh odors from the sky.
The bouquet God to Man brings.
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Gazing At The Sky
Death By My Hand
As She Passed By
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Am I Done
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Smelling Life
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